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  1. Well, Cedar Fair can't control everything it's employees and the people who have been contracted to build the ride take video of, especially on days when construction is halted, besides with all of the movies, and povs already out, they are probably more relaxed about it.
  2. Pre-Cal and everyone associated with it can burn for all I care.. that was the worst ever. They made me drop that class and take a tutoring class just so I can graduate this year!
  3. That is really neat, I love seeing how people in other countries live, it's awesome! Wow our founding fathers sure did a good job with coming up with our holidays... like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, did they know he was going to get shot or something???
  4. Hahaha, I saw this story on the AOL welcome screen and laughed at it then! That is hilarious!! I bet he feels great having his picture plastered all over TV and the internet... heck our local news station even ran a small segment on it!
  5. It is a very emotional thing to do, especially if its someone you know and love and have seen everyday for the past 11 years. It's really hard to make the decision sometimes but you have to look at everything and weigh the pros and cons and see which one comes out better. Yes you will miss them, but they may be better off and not in pain even though they are no longer in your company. Like everything else though, if it does turn out for the worst, time heals all wounds, and i'm sure Parker will know that you loved him dearly. I miss both of my dogs Spencer and Lucy, they were awesome, but both were very sick very near to each other, and both were put down within 2 months of each other. I will never forget them though, and I know they passed knowing that they had a good life, in a good home. Good luck with whatever decision is made.
  6. I freakin love Log Cabin syrup now, that is the only brand my dad and I swear to buy! The only person I've met that is famous really is Blake Shelton, but I lived next door to Albert Einstein's secretary until she died of realllly old age a couple of years ago...
  7. Wow man, Congratulations!! My nephew was in the NICU too for around a month or so and he too was entangled with the embilical cord, but he came home and is growing like nobody's business! Congrats again man!
  8. Other than The Green Mile series, this is my favorite Stephen King book, you'll like it if you keep reading it. There are a lot of Stephen King books that I can not get into though... like Bag of Bones, From a Buick 8, etc.
  9. I put "no preference" but most of the cities came up 'Pacific Northwest' which is fine by me, I've always thought I'd like to live there... hahaha, I was surprised that Greenville, SC came up on anybody's list, especially that many... Ogden, Utah Where Utah Comes Together Anchorage, Alaska City of Lights and Flowers Provo-Orem, Utah Living and Learning at their Best Missoula, Montana Cosmopolitan Mountain Town Fort Collins, Colorado The Choice City Loveland, Colorado Rocky Mountain Splendor Tacoma, Washington Port City of the Cascades Palmer, Alaska The Pioneer City Kent, Washington The Heart of Puget Sound Idaho Falls, Idaho High Tech meets the Great Outdoors Lewiston, Maine Cities on the Riverbank Divide, Colorado Boomtown in Wonderland Spokane, Washington Northwestern Jewel Saranac Lake, New York Heart of the Adirondacks Dillon, Montana Big Sky Country Springville, Utah Utah’s Art City Leavenworth, Washington A Taste of Bavaria Petoskey, Michigan A Northern Paradise Plymouth, New Hampshire New England’s Recreation Haven Kalispell, Montana Treasure in the Valley Olympia, Washington The Evergreen Capital Ketchikan, Alaska Alaska’s First City Littleton, New Hampshire Friendly, Traditional Town Spearfish, South Dakota Naturally Inviting
  10. Jones Green Apple totally gets my vote!! I'm drinking some right now, it is awesome!
  11. too School House Rockish for me... not really the music, just the cartoon and message...
  12. Charon isn't really Pluto's moon, they revolve in and around each other, while a true moon orbits around a planet...
  13. Yea its still down here, has been for like 2 days, except for a little while earlier today when it was up!
  14. There is this gum no one around here has heard of before that I bought the other day and it was great, it is called Stride, it is the best tasting minty gum ever!
  15. Haha^ idk but the one on the right side, 6th row down, 5th over looks like Stella Artois...
  16. I've never been to Louisville, but I've lived in Charlotte's shadow my whole life and can't complain, I really love it here, you are right in between the woods and the beach, and most people are friendly lol. You are a short drive from almost everything you could want to do too. With that said, I can't wait to get out of SC for a while, I was thinking Prescott, AZ lol...
  17. Well it sucks that the Pavilion is closing down, I'm just glad that Joe's camel toe is out of view in that picture...
  18. What is it that makes a beer taste/smell skunky in the first place... St. Pauli Girl reeks of it...
  19. I am sorry for all of you who have been through these situations. It is indeed a horrible feeling to know that someone that you have talked to or been friends with, or been related to and loved can be gone in an instant. Last year a really nice girl at school went to a party, got high, and overdosed on a "pole" and marijuana, she was also drunk. Later that night they found her slumped over in the car, so they drove her to the hospital, but she was already dead. It hit really hard in our school because we had only had it happen once before a long time ago. She is very sorely missed. It's really awful to hear all these stories, but all of us will experience a time like this at least once in our lives.
  20. The last drink I had was a glass of sweet tea, im not in love with it, but its ok!
  21. We totally don't prank our friends that way...
  22. Daniel here, only one other Daniel has posted!
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