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  1. "Why does the sun shine? (The sun is a mass of incandescent gas)" - They Might Be Giants
  2. OMG I HAVE EATEN THERE!!! HAHA great billboard! It might not be in California but it is just another sign here in South Carolina!
  3. I use some Lacoste deodorant I got in a Lacoste cologne set...
  4. The Mindbender at SFOG when it was grey. Great loops and best of all no OTSRs! From hometown.aol.com/bobcoaster/images
  5. My last coaster was Hurricane: Category 5 at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion.
  6. I drive an automatic and am trying to learn a stick but can't get it down. My dad keeps trying to teach me but i totally can't get the whole press the gas in a little and let the clutch out a little to compensate with the gas- yea anyway itll be forever till i get it...
  7. The Ninja at SFOG broke down for a while and we were the first ones back on (which is not saying much) but I always find Ninja to be fun when you sit in the back- never sat near the front though...
  8. Its 1:15 a.m. here and I am still in my school clothes... Abercrombie T-shirt Plain FTL undershirt Old Navy Blue Jeans And some cheap black boxers from wal-mart...
  9. Napoleon Dynamite!!!!.... Freakin' Awesome the funniest movie ever! It made no sense at all but it was hilarious. The Grudge was retarded I couldn't watch the whole thing it was extremely boring to me. Meet the Fokkers was hilarious as well, not as funny as Napoleon, but still was funny
  10. The closest park is Paramount's Carowinds but don't visit as often as I visit SFOG.
  11. Have been to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole in Wyoming, can't think of anything that a family with younger kids, that Disney is known to cater to, will do out there in summer. We went in summer and there wasn't much to do, we white-water rafted down the Snake River, and horse-back rode in the Grand Tetons which were both awesome but both weren't targeted to younger kids... so I guess Disney is planning to start catering more to adults than to the family. IMO I don't think this will go to well.
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