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  1. YUMMMM^ My router is messing up and I don't know how to fix it, linksys sucks at helping with re-installation...
  2. I really like that picture too, I am not very photogenic, all my smiles end up looking forced... hahaha
  3. Yummmmmmmmmm my favorite seafood is squid/calamari!!
  4. There is some guy in Massachusetts that has the same name as me that is an actor for the Fiddlehead Theatre, he is the only one I know of! Daniel "Not a fan of having an adjective as my last name, and not a good one at that, even though its not said how its spelled!" Gravely
  5. This is neither a mosquito or a daddy-long legs, I'm not sure what it is though, we have them here too! They are annoying, they do look like GIANT mosquitos though!! post 7-11
  6. Very well written Eric!^ I never have really thought that much about Revolution, but it really is an important part of coaster history!! I hope I get to ride it someday, regardless of OTSRs or not!
  7. The Shining one is great!! Hahaha, and Texas Chainsaw isn't bad!
  8. I have a Motorola V262, its not a good phone!
  9. I hate pigs and elephants!!! I don't know why, I just hate them, they are stupid, gross, and stink!! Like Robb!
  10. HOORAY!! No more annoying threads by SOBS until monday!!!
  11. "Hes tradin' in his Chevy for a Cadillac, ac, ac, ac, ac...."
  12. Julie that does not look like you!.... but DEEEEEEP lol thats awesome, I love blank expression pictures! You know who you look like there?- Julia Louis-Dreyfus!
  13. I thought that was great^!!! I laughed so hard when I saw that!!!
  14. OMG Its uncanny, seriously!!!!! WOAH thats awesome!!!
  15. FLASH.... AHHHHHH HE'LL SAVE EVERY ONE OF US!!!!!!!!!!!! 700!
  16. I heard Kite Flyer was gruesome!^ You think Kite Flyer, oh that sounds like a kid book, but NOOOO lol!
  17. I haven't ever been a big reading fan either, and just recently started with having something to read on the side... first was The Green Mile by Stephen King, and then I read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King, which I really liked, I started Everythings Eventual by him but it sucked and I stopped. After those I read The House of Thunder by Dean Koontz, which was OK, and now I am reading Ice Bound which isn't good at all so far. I also have to read The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne for english, and its too hard to understand, thank you Sparknotes!
  18. Let me just say one thing as I am a Christian as well, she in no way speaks for any Christians, this is one psychotic woman! She thinks that everything at these peoples house is "dark-sided" I mean they had a star hanging on the shed in their backyard and she thought it was dark-sided!! She said that she didn't want ANYTHING from these people and she didn't want them to have anything to do with how they spent their money, but at the end, after she tore it up, she decided on taking the money because it went to her bypass surgery!! I also particularly liked the line "Get the hell out of my house, in Jesus' name I pray!" VERY Christian-like she is!! GARGOYLES, WITCHES, ITS THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Ouch, bet that kinda hurt the ears with it that close!! Way to go Don for actually getting that in a picture too!
  20. BOOBIES!!!! Seriously though, I always ask for just money, and stuff that they think I'd like, unless there is something I know I want!
  21. Yes, what a beautiful church that is! Sorry about your allergies, and the heater on the plane not working! It had to be cold! I am an aviation fan
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