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  1. LMAO Bawls??? You just had some bawls? Thats great...
  2. Well Hypersonic XLC is at KD, so I was thinking of a coaster there!
  3. ^^Oh, it's a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows, wheels, and it looks like a big Tylenol.
  4. LOL who is the guy that lives near WOF?? I bet it was him!!
  5. I am excited most about Goliath because it is closest to home, and probably the only one I will ride next year unless something awesome happens!!
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't wait till I make it!
  7. Night Chrissie, sorry about whatever happened! ITS FREAKIN COLD HERE... 45 degrees, but it was like 26 this morning so yea!!
  8. Like NOW!!! HOOOOORRAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Zane!!!
  9. I don't think there is anything wrong with breaking 200 pages if you have already broken 100 pages!!!
  10. I can't remember which of the flavors was my favorite, I went to the one at the WOC in ATL, Beverly wasn't that bad at first, then it just went downhill from there!
  11. LOL we bypassed Sacramento on our trip, actually we tried to get out of Calafornia as fast as possible, jk, some woman flicked us off on 5 outside of Sac though, she pulled in front of us coming down the ramp, and flicked us off, lol, anyway, awesome pictures!!
  12. Ohhhhh..... I thought it stood for "Tits Touch tha Carpet"
  13. JARED IS MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea.....
  14. Whats the special seat? The special seat/s are the ones in the second to last car, and in the last car, the ones that aren't over the wheels specifically, but they all ride well!
  15. Southwest Chipotle Cheese Steak rules all from SUBWAY!!! Irish Hockey looks awesome!!! Awesome stick! looks like a baseball bat with a bent end!
  16. OMG tell me about it!!!^ lol when the kids used to throw the balls in the trash bins lol!!! I remember watching that show on sunday mornings... They can't bring it back though cause RIP, Bozo died December 8th, 1997, and I just found out...
  17. Wow, look at those onions that...look...mysteriously...like...a...........volcano.... :shock:
  18. My parent's friends who are very religious and try to be as good as possible, and at least don't curse whatsoever, were eating a pasta dinner one night when their 4 year-old son perked up out of the blue and said, "Mom this is some damn fine pasta!" lol the dad was chuckling, but the boy's mom just sat their with her mouth gaped open!
  19. Ninja @ SFoG is way underrated to me, I love that ride, and all you hear about it are bad things! I have never ridden this ride in the front, and only ride in the special seat though! When you can enjoy it without having to worry about banging your head, it really is a good ride...
  20. yummm Subway is awesome, I still think they are better than Firehouse, and quiznos!
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