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  1. Congratulations!!! Happy 2nd Anniversary!! Hope you guys have an awesome life together! Heres a random Pee-Wee Herman Mug Shot!!!
  2. No, I don't do much as an enthusiast, but I love the news of building new rides, and other news in the amusement park industry!
  3. So is mine!! Just because I'm a dude!, why isn't a girl's insurance more expensive, they drive like crap!!!
  4. Blazing Fury at Dollywood, I know its cheesy, but I love that ride!
  5. Wow, If I was Mark right now, I would be scared!^
  6. I think it would have been cooler if the house burst into flames at the end! Nah, that was awesome!!!
  7. Dennis is Lutheran???? I am methodist!! When I go, and yes your pastor looks like mr. kenny rogers! Hahaha, awesome food!
  8. Another Pleasant Valley Sundaaaaaayyyy..... Middle School was the worst years of my life!
  9. I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in years (Since the Corkscrew was in place), but I gotta disagree about the Hurler, that thing "HURTS". It wasn't as bad back in the mid 90's when it was built, but i've been to PC for the past few seasons, and everytime i've ridden it, i've had a headache for at least an hour. I don't think i'm going back to Carowinds for a while. They need a new coaster, preferably a hyper. Maybe Arrow can cook them up a Magnum type coaster for under $10 million. Yes, it is rough, but I tend to think rides aren't as rough as they are made out to be. Carowinds is the type of park to me that gets old fairly quickly, its like a cheesy, cheap environment, unlike SFoG which you can stay in all day, due to the nice, wilderness environment or like Dollywood, where it's atmosphere just makes it nice to be there. So I too don't think I will be back next year...
  10. LOL, go Lou!! I need to get my iTunes back up, after my computer crashed twice, I got tired of putting all my songs back on, oh well... I'm listening to Underground by Ben Folds Five again...
  11. Yeah, it's too bad they broke up. Not that it's a huge loss though 'cause Ben still makes freakin' amazing music. Yes, Lou told me about his solo stuff, and I think Gone is my fav that he does solo.
  12. Join the select club! Ben's solo stuff's really cool too. I'm currently listening to Rachel Stevens's latest album Come And Get It (specifically the song I Say Never Again) and as much as I'm ashamed to say it, I'm quite enjoying it. Yes, I was listening to his solo song Gone. It really is good too!
  13. Underground - Ben Folds Five I just found them, and they are really good!!
  14. I agree^ VERY underrated! The airtime on the hump is amazing, you really feel as if you are about to come out, because you are!
  15. Ninja at SFoG is one of my favs!! So is Georgia Cyclone, and the Hurler at Carowinds, and Hurricane at the pavilion!! Maybe I'm just not a wimp like you guys!!
  16. ^Scientologists all seem mean :? But then again according to Trading Spouses, Us Christians all way 700 pounds, have few teeth, and are psycho!! Anyway, I watched the first couple of episodes of Earl, and laughed, but I didn't really like it, if they get progressively better then I may need to start watching again!!!
  17. lol..I was going to ask about that too. Same here!
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