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  1. ugh, I'm sorry that sucks!!^ Nice laptop Craig! LOL I don't think I could run 60 miles a week, I couldn't walk the last time I ran 5 miles in a day!!!
  2. Also R.I.P. Pat Morita! "Wax on, wax off" Who will be third???
  3. Also R.I.P. Pat Morita! "Wax on, wax off" Who will be third???
  4. Also R.I.P. Pat Morita! "Wax on, wax off" Who will be third???
  5. Also R.I.P. Pat Morita! "Wax on, wax off" Who will be third???
  6. YAY^^ Corkscrew!! I liked how one of the corkscrews came very close to the building that housed the scrambler, I miss it!!
  7. I like that song^ River of Dreams - Billy Joel
  8. I think this thread has been done also! But... mine was the Corkscrew at the MB Pavilion....
  9. Gah, I wish it was here, it snowed in the county above us a couple of days ago, but thats the closest we have gotten to snow... we usually just get freezing rain/sleet if anything!
  10. Gah I knew that everyone said ME is rough, but just watching that video makes it look awful!!! After that first drop, everyone on the train realized what kind of painful heck they were in for... :shock:
  11. Yay I enjoyed my inbred cousins company today!!! LOL they may not be inbred, but they are close, oh well, the food was good!
  12. LOL who cares, I don't think anyone else noticed either!!^
  13. Pinot Grigio is very dry, but Chenin Blanc is great! I'm 16 and know wines! Haha, the ham smells goooooooooood!!!
  14. I have never seen it snow more than 5 inches here!!! I really like snow, but I guess it can get old if you have to shovel and have a ton of it!!
  15. OMG that scared me too!!!!! Awesome Stratosphere rides are something I would like to do!!!
  16. Ya, but did you try to keep your hands up in the loop? Well, Mindbender is the only Looping Schwarzkopf I have been on too, so maybe it isn't like the others...
  17. ^^But to a lot of people it is worth it!!! I mean Schwarzkopf loops are soooooooooooo awesome, its impossible to keep your hands up in a loop, you will bend over forward everytime, its an awesome experience!!! I can see how we are perceived as being sue-happy, it ruins a lot of good things!
  18. Ugh, that reminds me, I have to buy presents and have no time, or money lol! The Parade so far sucks this morning, I can't believe we were actually going to watch it... hooray for Mad TV!!
  19. lol If you live where I do, its pronounced pretty much the same exact way!^
  20. I have a question... Why the heck go shopping on a day that is notorious for being the worst day for shopping??? Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!!
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