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  1. DILinator, if that's your cliff-notes version then I don't think I want to know what the full version looks like The park had saved a piece of Firehawk that was chillin near the construction site until fairly recently, so this definitely sounds likely. I don't think "Mystic Timbers" was trademarked until after that announcement, so I think I agree with this. Also, I came across other teasers and hints sent to the media recently that hint about craters and ELE. So it does seem like the theme is going to at least partially be about something hitting the area that caused Firehawk and Dino's Alive to go extinct (LOL). There were also teasers sent to two different reporters saying the ride is going to be longer than Diamondback and have a longer drop than the Eiffel Tower, which isn't that much new information but does confirm some of what we already know. I'll err on the side of not posting the site where I read all of this, but it's not hard to look up what the teasers were and what people have decoded about them. Apologies to anyone visiting the KI thread today who didn't care to read a bunch of speculation... at least you've only had to tolerate one day of us doing this rather than weeks of it.
  2. ^^I think he meant first Giga with a drop longer than the lift. It's definitely plausible but I'm not sure how they could form a coherent marketing campaign around it. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading it. Agreed! Part of me hopes there might be a surprise tomorrow as part of the announcement. Characters/personas mingling with people during the 2 hour ERT? Clues hidden in the plaza? Something projected inside of FoF? An app to download? Who knows! The park is very creative and they've already gotten people involved with the petition and Spotify list (which wasn't mentioned on here, so if you didn't already know, there is a Project X Spotify list the park created).
  3. So I haven't had the chance to post yet but figured why not, even though we're only one day away from the announcement. DILinator and I were talking about how KI (and CF in general) has a history of introducing record-breaking coasters and that most large coaster investments either break a record or have a "first of its kind" feature. We don't believe KI would add such a huge investment that couldn't be flaunted as a record-breaker or first-of-its-kind. If we all pretty much agree now that it's not going to break Fury's height record or length record, then there must be something else about it that is unique. "The end of the world as we know it" meaning there's going to be something that's never been done before. I finally got to go see the posters for myself a few days ago and noticed something interesting. All of the posters talk about "Test purpose" and all of the "tests" could be applied to a Giga except for a few notable exceptions. Looking to the posters, there are a few possibilities that stand out. I'll post them all and what they say and see what you think. I'll start with the posters that I think are pretty neutral/self-explanatory to forces experienced on a giga with talks about gravity and speed Rotor: Centrifugal effects, gravity Zodiac: Centrifugal/Radial G Results, Imperative Mech. Tech, Advancement Testing for future initiatives Shooting Star: Extreme Speed, Forced Gravity, Rapid Directional Changes Skylab: Effects of Gravitational Pull Here are some of the interesting ones: FoF: Roswell tech testing, Sensory deprivation Could be a further hint to the theming, and possibly a hint that there is a tunnel. Bayern Kurve: High Levels of Acceleration, Gravitational Pull "High levels of acceleration." Possibly a launch? Or maybe just meaning the coaster goes fast. Invertigo: Rapid Forward/Backward Motion, Effects of extreme gravitational pull Could be another hint about a launch? Or just another red herring. Vortex: Inversion effects of subjects Vortex was the one that first made me question whether there was more to these posters. DILinator said his son brought up the idea of this being the first Giga with an inversion, and I think that's pretty credible. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we wouldn't necessarily be able to tell from the blueprints we saw if there was an inversion snuck in there. Firehawk: Multi-inversions, FTL/LTF, Evasive Maneuvering Another mention of inversions, but could be a red herring with the FTL/LTF thing. Thoughts? (I realize many of you are just going to say "wait to find out tomorrow" but I don't see any harm in making some excited guesses). Last but not least, some photos unrelated to Project X that I took and I liked. First time using Apple Pay and it really paid off! Love me some DBack KI is a stunning park I don't think I've ever seen this fireworks show not in line for Beast night rides I love what they've done to International Street! It really comes alive at night Thanks for reading! DILinator and his kids and I will be there tomorrow so say hi if you see us!
  4. I love this new addition and can't wait to try it next year! Are there any other water parks that have three water coasters? Or does this count as 4 water coasters? Just another reason to do Holiwood Nights instead of CoasterMania if they fall on the same weekend...
  5. Looks good! The park's water park always seemed a little drab (I think I've only been on two of the slides?) but drop slides are a lot of fun and should fit in great at CGA! I hope no one actually thought the park would get the hyper in 2020 especially with work already being done in the water park and tons of slide pieces on site, but as someone else said, it's nice to see the picture of it all put together!
  6. DO ITTT!!! I think I might be able to make it. I work that day but I talked to my manager about maybe getting off a bit early. Even if I can't we close at 8 and I could be out of there pretty quickly and make it to the park before 10. No, it doesn't really get dark until around 10. I've been waiting for dark to go on my night walks and it's been about 10 every day before the sun is all the way down. When will you guys be going to the park? Shoot me a message because maybe we can meet up and I could help you.
  7. Okay, I'm liking this petition thing so far. Very clever! Over 1300 signatures so far. I know we basically know a lot about this project already but I still find teaser campaigns fun and amusing. I mean, if the park can run an effective teaser campaign for a ride after it was already announced with a ride video, layout, and everything, then who's to say they shouldn't or couldn't run a teaser campaign for a ride that's yet to be announced even though there have been "leaks"?
  8. This looks amazing! Love the name as well. Looks like I'll have to be getting a FUN Pass next year so I can go ride this and RMC Gwazi. 2020 is looking to be a stellar year for new coasters in the Midwest/East Coast!
  9. Well there we go! I haven't been to the park for a few weeks, but I'm liking the posters so far. It also reminds me of what CGA did prior to Railblazer being announced. I guess there's now a Flight of Fear poster too? And it looks like that one has a "0," so I'm guessing whoever said the posters will end up spelling "Kings Island 2020" is probably right.
  10. Thank you coasterlvr for the WCR update! It's nice to see some progress on this ride. Even if it is taking a lot longer than anticipated, I'm sure it'll be a fun coaster and the retheme should spruce up that area of the park a lot. Also, I thought the TPR magnet pictures were cute.
  11. Part of me wonders if there weren't already subtle easter eggs or "teasers" (maybe those Christmas posters that were on the walls by Flight of Fear during WinterFest?) that people just missed or wrote off, and the park just said, "Eh, maybe they'll make the connection eventually." I do kind of hope whatever announcement is coming in August will be less of a full announcement and more of a confirming some of what we already know (e.g. giga coaster is coming) leading to the start of a teaser campaign and a slow roll-out of information. But they could also do literally no teasers at all (as already mentioned) and people will still know about it and come in droves anyway. And in the end we'll still like the coaster just the same.
  12. No, not yet. I know I'll ride at least one (Batman SFDK) but hoping I might get one or two other unexpected newbies. Do you have a TV that's 55" or larger?
  13. Has anyone heard of the 75 Hard? The guys on a podcast I listen to suggested we all try a modified version of it (BC69 we call it), and I've been solidly on track with the exception of a few cheat days around July 4th. 69 days of: -45 minutes of exercise every day (at least partially outdoors) -Stick to a diet (whichever one you choose) -No alcohol -One gallon of water a day (the surprisingly hardest part) -Read 10 minutes -Take daily progress photos I've lost some weight since starting this about a month ago and I'm noticing a bit more muscle tone and stamina. My sleep has been better too and I've gotten less stomachaches (probably from not drinking). It hasn't always been easy to check off all the "to-dos", but I'm overall happy with my results! Anyone else interested in joining? It helps to have accountability.
  14. Yes! Unfortunately, all my Lucky friends live far from me but I'm glad it doesn't expire so we have time to figure out a meetup! LMK if there's something you guys want for me to look for or save for you.
  15. I was disappointed for about 2 seconds but then I bought a “what’s in the shed?” T-shirt and I say, “whatever you do, don’t go in the shed!” From the top of wooden coasters (and some water rides) whenever I’m feeling especially hype. It’s a disease. Don’t hate.
  16. I’ll do it! Maybe I can get my significant other to join as well. Didn’t know there were teams. Which coaster is it? I was Queen of the 2010 TPR water cup challenge on Medusa, but I’ve never tried one on a wooden coaster.
  17. And because of the shed it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting long even when you’re stacked and waiting. It’s hard to hear the music from the back row (where we usually ride) but I still make a point of singing and swaying to the music.
  18. Those pictures are getting me excited for Holiwood Nights this weekend because I think we're going to do a couple of walkbacks too! I'm loving the pictures! GeForce is a coaster I've been wanting to ride for ages. Germany didn't work out this year but maybe I'll get my chance again next year!
  19. Best SFMM coaster review ever! I don't always check out the SFMM thread, but I'm glad I did today.
  20. Great way to put it. I have experienced some level of disappointment for it not being as tall/record-breaking/long as my pipe dreams had hoped, but I'm still overjoyed for the park getting a coaster like this and I will still be there and happily marathon the thing, and I can't wait to ride it during Haunt no matter how it turns out. You just described me in high school I will not reveal the names of the other forums I joined around '07 but they may or may not have involved "emo" culture and us forum regulars frequently tearing into the n00bs to set them straight that emo isn't a style, it's a type of music and you've probably never heard of any true emo bands. But neither of you spent your angsty teenage years during the mid-2000s "emo era". Also I'm going to see Emery and Hawthorne Heights play a 15-year reunion next week so I'm getting into the spirit early... Also if you asked me in '07 I would have said neither of those bands are "true emo"
  21. Great report! It's great to see the improvements to the area and theming elements added along with this coaster. How did that penguin get away and why did it take them so long to get him back?!? I can't believe that dolphin pool is just gone. I mean, I can believe it, but it's sad for me to see. Hopefully this doesn't mean they're really trying to phase out all animal exhibits but maybe just rearrange things a bit? Anyone else remember the mid-2000s rebrand when they added the signage for Land/Sea/Sky? I think that was also when that pool and those exhibits (stingray, penguins, dolphin pool) were added. Obviously those exhibits don't particularly scream "DC Comics." While the very very back of the park is definitely pretty quiet compared to the front/ride areas of the park, it does seem the animal attractions are still popular in their own ways (though mainly the shows). There are also only so many rides they could put back there anyway due to height/noise restrictions. I guess only time will tell.
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