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  1. Great El Toro trip report! I've been obsessed with El Toro since I first rode it in 2009. It has sat solidly as my #1 wooden coaster because of the airtime on that first drop and the first few hills. I totally agree about your assessment of it. The middle section does feel less interesting compared with the intensity of the beginning and end, but it's at least a moment to catch your breath. However, when it's colder, the last half (and consequently the RT hill) are less intense.
  2. Nope, did not know. Do you think Steel Vengeance will win the TPR coaster poll for #1 steel coaster?
  3. Looks great! It should definitely be a nice addition to the park and a fun little ride.
  4. 2015 for the celebration plans and maybe... 2011 for the actual age? When was the last time you went to the ER?
  5. Great report! If it wasn't so far for me, I'd definitely head out there to see those shows and ride Outlaw Run with actual foliage in the area. The crab fries look really good as well!
  6. I voted for 2018 because of this. From a technical standpoint, the poll is ranking coaster experiences of rides that existed and operated in 2018. I see the logic behind naming it the 2019 poll, but say 5 years from now you have 5 more polls all listed out 2018, 2019, 2020, etc. then the last one on the list would be the most recent, hopefully eliminating the confusion with it not being the most recent. However, if it's labeled the 2019 poll and x coaster that opened in 2019 is not ranked on the poll, to a casual viewer it might beg questions about why that coaster didn't make the poll. Even though the poll might come out early in the year before many parks and new rides are even open, there will still be a chunk of people (e.g. GP) who won't see the poll until months from now. I've had FB friends share me coaster promo videos months or even years after the ride has opened. In my opinion, the confusion of it not being the most recent can be resolved more easily and quickly for the average person (i.e. a Google search for TPR 2019 poll and nothing comes up) than the confusion of "zomg TPR didn't even rank Copperhead Strike WTF it's the best coaster EVAA!!" That's just my logic. But, like Bill said, you can't really idiot-proof either choice. And any initial confusion either way would hopefully be solved by someone actually reading the results and putting 2 and 2 together. And if they don't, that's on them. So whatever you go with, I'm sure it's still going to be great!
  7. The pool they are removing is not the one they do the encounters with. Yes, there are some "backstage" dolphin pools accessed past the dolphin pool in question and the picnic areas. They let people go there to see the baby when the baby was new. I believe the dolphin encounter pool is one of those. They previously had an upcharge dolphin feeding and photo op experience at the pool that's being removed but it's been a while. It was only $15 compared to the encounter which is $150+. I've never done the encounter but one day I will... Too cute not to reshare You can somewhat see that this is a different viewing area based on the concrete at the bottom Aborbs
  8. Anyone else see this? People on the first 40 trains of Beast get a commemorative T-shirt. Instagram Man I really want to get that shirt but I'm wondering how crazy early I'd have to arrive to get on the first 40 trains? At least KI is good with organizing crowds (such as when Timbers was new) so I feel pretty confident that they'd lead people down so it wouldn't be a mad rush.
  9. To add to what Doug has said, the last time I was at an enthusiast event at the park and participated in a Q&A (which was some time ago) the park management said they could negotiate the height restriction with the city but it would take some paperwork and money. Given that since then the park has continued to put new additions in the front and kept the rides <150' and no one has heard otherwise, I'm guessing they haven't negotiated the height restriction yet. Maybe in the future the park will look to add something taller or further back in the park but there are other factors at play, such as keeping the noise level down closer to the lake (which is probably more because of neighbors than needing to have coasters away from animals). I'm sure it would take a lot of fighting to enact any change and why fight it when you've been successful obeying it? I could see them removing Kong or shoehorning another coaster or ride into the Medusa area sooner than I could see them fighting to put something along the lake. I'm sad to hear the dolphin pool is going away. I did notice it seemed the pool was empty more often than not in recent years. I hope they build another one like that elsewhere because it really was cool to view the dolphins so up close. Maybe the site of the Walrus exhibit? Does anyone who has been to the park recently know what has happened (if anything) to the walrus area since the walruses are gone? Also, it wasn't too long ago that Six Flags put out a survey asking people's opinions about putting in new animal exhibits, so maybe a new or revamped exhibit will come in the next couple of years now that the park has finally filled out its DC area.
  10. And just to clarify so there’s no confusion, I think the staff in charge of food at Knott’s are all great. They’ve always treated Brittney and me with respect, been very responsive and helpful to us, and have even gone above-and-beyond for us at some of the media events. I do think the vegan options are few and far between at the park, but I think it has a lot to do with the realities of trying to run a profitable amusement park - not that the staff are doing anything wrong. Unfortunately this is an industry-wide issue with no easy solution. I think that is a very accurate and respectful assessment. It is tough to find theme park food that accommodates vegetarians let alone vegans, and I'd say Knott's is even slightly better on that than many other parks (SDC, for example, has about 2-3 vegetarian dishes in the whole park, and only one of those could be made vegan from what I saw). I do think our society is gradually moving toward vegetarian/veganism being more common, and food service is slowly responding to it. The grocery stores I've been to have many more meat substitute brands than even 5 years ago, and fast food and restaurants are adding more as well. I actually didn't know Carl's Jr had a meat substitute burger, I'll have to try it next time I am around one. I think it's great that you guys cover this event so well given you don't eat 95% of what they serve. Your photos are all stunning! You can really see how much effort the park puts into creating interesting and aesthetic dishes. Thank you for the report!
  11. Ahh I wish I had seen KK's post yesterday because that is perfect! I think they win.
  12. Personally, Goliath just doesn't do a lot for me. I agree that I would take almost any hyper over it. However, the GP LOVE it, so I guess that's really all that matters? It's not going anywhere any time soon. However, I hate hate hate the midcourse brake. It didn't used to stop as drastically as it does now but if you're not paying attention you can really get thrown forward... like a car wreck. Then it just slowwllyyy turns down into the helix and it's a very awkward feeling. I remember Raging Bull doing something like that too. I do like the helix, though the forces are too much for some people, and too much if you have a headache or are dehydrated. I still love to yell "HELIX HELIX HELIX HELIX HELIX HELIX HELIX HELIX HELIX!!" Also, there are tricks to avoid gray-out, or gray yourself out more if you want. It's definitely one of the more forceful helices I have been on.
  13. I don’t know if I can say I’ll miss it but I’m not happy either... I got an enjoyable ride on it.... at some point? For those of you who never got to ride it, here’s my summary: Whoa this lift hill is super suspenseful, I’m actually a little scared Here we go! This is going to be insane! Gentle rocking This is it? More gentle rocking SUDDEN VIOLENT DROP OMG WTF JUST HAPPENED?? WHAT THE ... OW! Finally gets a full flip at the very end Actually doesn’t go all the way around, #trollololol Drops you on your head Done. I will forever cherish these memories.
  14. 2015. Dragons Challenge (demolished), Green Lantern (SBNO?), Roar (converted) When was the last time you got hurt from a coaster?
  15. Thanks for the reports! The ride looks and sounds amazing. As a fan of the Mystic Timbers shed, I'm intrigued about this barn experience. Guess I'll have to wait and see whenever I can make it out there. The entrance sign/snake looks great too. Nice spot for pictures. Glad to see the gliders return. I loved those things during my visit in 2017. Second favorite flyers for snapping (only because I've ridden the king of flyers). It's nice that they found a new location in the park. I felt a little weird riding them and trying to snap as a single adult in Camp Snoopy. Also, is the blue ice cream the same flavor as the KI blue ice cream or a bit different?
  16. Yes. Have you ever given a speech for more than 50 people?
  17. Hope you had fun! Next time, it might help if you ask for advice before the day of your trip. SFDK was my home park for 26 years so I definitely could have given advice, but only just now saw this post.
  18. You don't win a prize for being first, so why not wait awhile if it's making you anxious? All of this seems completely unnecessary. All indications are that everything will be fine though and if not you can just ride the giant, awesome giga that's (most likely) an infinitely better ride anyway. Because living in Ohio you get coaster deprived real quick in this weather So the opportunity to go opening weekend is hard to pass up. I know you're right though. And yes indeed Fury is there too so that definitely helps True statement. I can't wait to visit SDC next week (about a 9 hour drive as well) to break my coaster drought. You'll still have fun at Carowinds though even if Copperhead isn't open! Expect that it won't be open and then if it is, you'll have a pleasant surprise. My coaster motto: you can't be disappointed if you expect the worst.
  19. Never. I haven't eaten beef since I was 16 and I didn't really cook for myself back then. When was the last time you bought a new phone?
  20. They'll wait to hit 20 before removing it, make a big deal about the fact that they're the first park to hit 20, remove GL and continue claiming they're the first park to hit 20 despite having 19.
  21. I believe it's taking over the Red's Sports Bar so it should be full service, yes.
  22. ^^Yayy! That menu already sounds a lot better than what it was. I love the Impossible Burger so I'll definitely be eating there now.
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