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  1. Priceless. I'm still sad that it had to get demo'ed because I liked Firehawk. I wish they could have kept Firehawk and still gotten a new coaster (seems like they have plenty of land that they could have done it) but it's too late now. Hopefully when construction starts on the new B&M it'll make more sense why Firehawk had to go. This just occurred to me, but has anyone thought of the possibility that the new coaster is a B&M flyer? That would cause the Firehawk removal to make even more sense, and it would be something completely different from anything at CP. Just playing devil's advocate, I'm still rooting for a giga.
  2. Apparently that same park also has coasters called Clouds of Fairyland and Starry Sky Ripper. Also I can't not share this amazing ride sign for Clouds of Fairyland (screenshot from one of the RCDB pics, can't seem to figure out how to embed the original) The unique shaped orange "loving heart" has witnessed the love and courage of numerous lovers... but remember kids, don't play with the item immediately after meal.
  3. From the blog: I've been trying to figure this out since it was originally posted. The second line makes it sound like they are renovating it to look like it did in '72, but they also say it's the first makeover it's had since the park opened. I haven't been able to find many '72 pictures so if you guys have more of them or side-by-side comparisons, keep them coming. Also DBru I'm pretty sure I've already had a friend share the Giga video to me as well, but thankfully most of my FB friends are from CA and could not care less about Ohio coasters. Still, I find it amusing when random FB friends of mine who I rarely talk to share videos of new coasters (or "new coasters") with me as if they would come across the news before me Oh also they announced that Coasterstock is May 17th and 18th (Don Helbig via FB group). I wish I could go but it's the Friday and Saturday before graduation and I'm having family come from CA to see me graduate, so they wouldn't be too happy if I dipped on them for coasters.
  4. Sounds like a solid addition! They definitely could use another coaster in their lineup. From people who have been on the B&M dive coasters over 200 ft and some of the shorter, ~150 ft coasters, how do the shorter ones compare? I've only been on SheiKra, Griffon, and Valravn. Out of the three, SheiKra is my favorite and the shortest one, but still 200 ft.
  5. Not as sad as seeing pictures of Dragon Challenge getting scrapped, but still sad. I wonder how soon we'll start to see other ground work and movement on that giga? I also wonder if they will issue an off-season picture ban like Cedar Point did with Vengeance. The park is definitely in a more rural area but I can't think of anywhere in particular someone could go to legally spy on the area during the off-season, assuming the cameras are pointed away. Also assuming the biggest portions (viewable from the street) aren't immediately constructed.
  6. Exactly how I see it too. Part of what I love about the City Museum is the inherent risk. I think both times I have been there I came away with injuries that could be considered concerning to lawyers, but was just "lol, City Museum". Dammit, where else can I go to get slide burns that cover my entire hip? (I do have photo evidence but don't think I should post)
  7. I'm glad you started this thread, because it can also help me a lot! I've been wanting to go to Germany for some time and my significant other and I are seriously considering it for this summer after I graduate grad school. Neither of us have ever been to Europe. We've gotten almost nowhere as far as dates and plans go, so I don't have many specific questions yet. Ironically, theme parks are not my #1 plan guider right now. I've been a fan of this German band for over 10 years and it has been my dream to see them live. I'm waiting to find out more of their tour dates before I solidify a time and place window for our trip. I think we'd definitely hit some of the same theme parks you mentioned around the concert, so your guys' suggestions are still helpful to me! I'm also glad to hear that driving is a suitable option for transport. I heard many rental cars in Europe are manual. I kinda know how to drive stick. Has this been any of your guys' experiences? Like would I have to get a lot more comfortable driving manual if I intend to rent a car in Germany? Also, any tips for booking flights (like which airports are cheapest to fly into and best times to book) and lodging (I've heard hostels are a big thing?) are helpful!
  8. That website wouldn't let me continue because of my ad-blocker, but you can easily Google and find other news sites that confirm this. link Not sure how I feel about this. I haven't been to enough current Premier Parks to know how well they run their properties, but I worry that corporatization of the City Museum will take away some of the charm. Thoughts?
  9. Such hate! I actually really like the Impossible sliders, and it has caused me to go to White Castle more. There aren't many fast food places that have vegetarian food, so when it's late at night and nothing else is open (including Subway, my usual go-to) it's nice to know I can get something at White Castle. I think vegetarianism and veganism is catching on (I hope) so I think it's very smart that fast food chains get on board! Also, unless they discontinued them, they used to have veggie burgers and black bean burgers but I guess people didn't order them often because I always had to wait while they defrosted them. Tonight I was supposed to go to KI with a friend and her daughter for NYE, but with the rain I'm not sure I'm gonna go. Anyone else going?
  10. Finally got to visit the park this year! It was a very short visit, less than two hours, but there were no long lines so we still got to ride a lot of rides, including the new Harley Quinn coaster. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It feels like a ride that has been around for a while and gotten rough, but it's brand new. Even if they fix that (which I hope they do, it's not "never again" rough but it's certainly not comfortable), I'm not sure I would really be apt to ride it every time anyway. It doesn't really feel like a coaster to me. Also, I got an interesting survey recently. It mentioned the park thinking about a new orangutan exhibit, sloth exhibit, and dolphin demonstration. I wonder how much it was hypothetical, just to see how people felt about bringing in new zoo animals, but I think it would be great to have new animal exhibits! And as far a I recall, they have never had a large ape exhibit so orangs would definitely be new and unique for the park.
  11. I'm not gonna believe it until I see it! My biggest concern is actually getting in the gate without your SDC pass, even if you get a ticket from the ticket window.. like I said, they mark the tickets as discounted and the gate will ask again for the SDC pass (or employee ID if you get a discount for work, or Ripley's pass, basically, whatever you use for the discount). I guess it prevents people from buying discounted tickets and reselling them. This is how it worked last year anyways with a friend who used a zoo pass for a discount. And then the year before with a friend who used his Denso ID (large employer in the area that gets discounts) I mean, I'm sure guest services will clear it up and tell them to let you through, especially if they sold you the ticket haha. Just something to keep in mind though Customer service is hit and miss at Dollywood with the employees but guest services is great so they should make it right And LR is very open, especially the front seat! Hahaha Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk Thanks for the heads up. I'm sure Guest Services wouldn't sell me a ticket and the park not let me in but good to know that it might be difficult. I guess we'll see, I'll pay full price if I have to but the discount would be great. Anyway, is there going to be anyone else there today that wants to hang out since my friends are bailing today?
  12. Agreed. The last two summers there have been at least one or two park days when I started to get heat exhaustion but at no point have I nearly gotten hypothermia from visiting in the cold. That could also just be a testament to my cold and heat tolerance levels but still. Also is there even blue ice cream during WinterFest? It looked like the Snoopy place was closed and I'm not aware of anywhere else in park that sells it. If there is then please tell me where.
  13. ^Thanks for the heads up guys. I called and it does sound like they would prefer the physical card, but SDC said that Dollywood might possibly be able to call them and they could confirm my pass over the phone as long as I have a photo ID. The customer service lady at Dollywood said that might work, wasn't very confident, but if so I should go to Guest Services because they wouldn't be able to do it at the ticket counter. Worth a try at least. Also, the age-old question.... is Lightning Rod open?
  14. ^Thank you for the phone number! I called both parks and it does look like it's Dollywood's call and they might want the physical pass. SDC did say that Dollywood might want to call them to verify the pass so I have to make sure and bring my photo ID even if I had the pass. The Dollywood rep said it's no guarantee but I should check at Guest Services because they have the phone they could use to call SDC. Sounds like it might be a no-go because I waited too long and won't have time to get a new pass sent but it's worth a shot I guess.
  15. I also posted this in the Dollywood thread but I figured I'd ask here too: On the SDC website it says SDC passholders get half-off Dollywood tickets. That was part of what led me to buy a SDC pass earlier this year. Well my pass was stolen a while back and I haven't had it replaced, but I have my passholder number on the SDC app. Do I need to get a replacement pass from SDC first or is the passholder number enough? How should I go about getting the half-off Dollywood tickets or is it a lost cause because I waited too long? I don't even see anywhere on the ticket purchasing website that gives the opportunity to purchase half-off tickets for SDC passholders. Is this something that happens at the front gate?
  16. So on the SDC website it says SDC passholders get half-off Dollywood tickets. That was part of what led me to buy a SDC pass earlier this year. Well my pass was stolen a while back and I haven't had it replaced, but I have my passholder number on the SDC app. Do I need to get a replacement pass from SDC first or is the passholder number enough? How should I go about getting the half-off Dollywood tickets or is it a lost cause because I waited too long? I don't even see anywhere on the ticket purchasing website that gives the opportunity to purchase half-off tickets for SDC passholders. Is this something that happens at the front gate?
  17. Flight of Fear has the issue of being very far in the back of Safari Village which that entire section is not open for Winterfest. Flight of Fear was closed last year for us but this year they opened it and added lighting in that area as well as opening and lighting the path that goes from Diamondback past Vortex toward FoF. Yes, yours is even more set back than ours but you never know. If WinterFest is a huge success I could see them scaling up and maybe someday adding some lighted trail or themed area or something with the endpoint being Flight of Fear.
  18. Thanks to Robb's poll that I participated with earlier this year, this post will be easy. Just go back to the list and ignore anything not allowed. 1. Phoenix 2. Beast 2. Magnum 4. X2 5. Lightning Run 6. Mystery Mine 7. Space Mountain 8. Twister 9. Expedition Everest 10. Tennessee Tornado I’d add Time Traveler to this list for sure and possibly HangTime so we’ll see how it might change after next year’s poll
  19. Nice report! It looks like KD WinterFest has created a great event like Kings Island has. The lights look great and there are some nice offerings for family as well. It's rough when it's so cold but I'm glad they have a couple coasters open as well. Didn't sound like Flight of Fear was open, maybe next year?
  20. In my two and a half years of living out here I still haven't been to Jungle Jim's despite all the praise for it. I guess I have been somewhat avoiding it because I have a weakness for groceries and at no point have I been like, "Hey, I have enough disposable income right now, I should totally go spend $200 on specialty groceries today." I didn't know about all the cool stuff to see though so I will definitely make it more of a priority especially when I'm looking for stuff to do this January. I barely made it to two hours of WinterFest on Friday but I took some pictures while I was there. I haven't had time to even think about putting them up but when finals are over I'll hopefully get the chance to do so, and also tell the story of the shopkeeper who stole my Secret Santa animals. I'll share just a few pictures for now to whet the appetite and in case I never get around to posting the rest, at least I contributed a little holiday cheer to this thread
  21. Sad news as the park's animal instagram mentioned that Leo the lion has died at 15, which apparently is pretty old for a male lion. I also saw a few weeks ago that the walrus was sent to Seaworld. That makes another animal habitat aging out of the park I don't think the dolphins or sea lions are going anywhere any time soon and probably not the tigers and a number of other animals, so I still don't agree with the people who think that SFDK will get rid of their animals entirely. It is sad however to hear that another major animal habitat (walrus) is presumably empty (can anyone confirm?) and the lions might not be too far from going away if they send the females somewhere else now that Leo is gone. I do wonder what, if anything, will happen with the spaces. The elephant habitat was still disused the last time I visited the park. I should be there again in a couple weeks for my yearly visit, so maybe I'll try to see what some of the animal care specialists say.
  22. I haven't been to Europa Park (yet) but this sounds like a great idea! Too bad it'll take 5 years to complete, as I'd love to ride it on my first visit to the park (hopefully next year if all goes well). Also, here we are over in America trying to build a wall between us and our neighbors and Germany wants to build a cable car between them and theirs. SMH America. Going to stop now before I open this can of worms too much further...
  23. I'm usually not one to complain about roughness especially on coasters like Kumba that are amazingly perfect. Maybe I just got a bad day or bad train or something, but coming off the midcourse it shook me up and down in a way that there was no possibility of bracing. I think I also needed to drink more water around that time so that probably contributed to my susceptibility for headache. I still rode it several times but I couldn't do the 6-8 times in a row like I had done in the past. I still love Kumba, regardless. Even the ones you love most shake you up a little sometimes...to be in love is to accept inevitable pain.
  24. Bolded I did do, italics I didn't. Also went to: Walt Disney World (all 4 parks multiple times) Carowinds SFOG BGT SWO Universal Orlando (HHN) Knott's Will probably go to Dollywood later this year for their Christmas. Pretty successful year with some definitely unexpected (since earlier this year) add-ons
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