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  1. Do you know if you get a 50% off with a Dollywood pass ticket you can do the after 3, next day free deal? I'll be there the week after next for long-awaited coaster riding during my spring break!
  2. Is #whatsintheshed from Kings Island taking an Orlando vacation? I don't blame it. Also, I love that there will be 1200 trees planted around this. The theming should be stellar! Feelings aside, sounds like it'll be a huge improvement at least theme/scenery-wise from the coaster(s) that shall not be named that previously resided in the area. And I'm sure Potter fans will be get moist for this ride.
  3. Or maybe not? I definitely did not misspell "rocking" when creating my username
  4. I guess I'm just used to Starbucks and Subway mobile ordering where the food is ready by the time you get there. It gives you a time estimate (e.g. 15 minutes) based on how busy they are so that you can plan to arrive when the food/drink is ready. The way Starbucks does it is super convenient and I never have to wait in line at Starbucks anymore using the app. I've never had a problem getting the wrong drink or having my drink stolen either. I look at people waiting in line (which is long and slow at my college town) and wonder why everyone doesn't just use this service. I did run into an issue once with Subway where I ordered and paid for something they had run out of, and they had to call me and make me a different sandwich and issue me a cash refund for the price difference when I arrived at the store. I'd hate to pay for food at Six Flags to find out that they ran out of what I wanted and there is nothing else I can eat at that location due to my dietary restrictions. I'm sure they'd figure out some way to make it right, though. Unfortunately, I never tried mobile ordering when I was last at Disney, so I don't know how their mobile ordering works. That would probably be a better gauge to work with than Starbucks or Subway.
  5. Probably about a year ago, maybe a little less. I don't have one right now so I use the oven if I want to toast something. When was the last time you ate a microwave dinner?
  6. Sorry to tell you, she's not the one. Bummer about the worker who lost his hand. It didn't really say if they retrieved the hand and I have no medical expertise so I have no idea if they'd be able to reattach it after that or not, Also, that Copperhead Strike POV is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait until I can get a chance to ride it. Looks like fun and I have no idea who would think it doesn't.
  7. I took the survey too and thought the same thing. I thought the food should be done by the time you get there. Maybe they're worried about having a lot of food that's done and people not there to pick it up? I work food service and when people make call-in orders for 10 minutes sometimes they're there in 5 minutes and sometimes in two hours. That's in a relatively small town that takes like 5-10 minutes to walk or drive from most other parts of town, let alone a theme park with tons of distractions and attractions that can take longer than people anticipate. Still, this should be a huge improvement on the system they have now. I'm sure there will be bugs to work out when it first rolls out, but I'd much rather order and pay ahead of time than deal with the food lines as they are now.
  8. SAME!!! I was saying this back in 2015 when I worked at BGT and no one believed me. I just wish I could see the reactions when the people who thought I was crazy find out I was right about this after all. Okay I might still be crazy...
  9. What the hell grade is that workbook intended for, High School? Most of the math is beyond me, but then there are questions like this one: which seems like it's made for 1st graders? Page 5 answers this with the "Ohio Content Standards" and "National Science Content Standards" descriptions. It's for high school, grades 9-12, but the teacher would select which part of the workbook for them to do depending on what content they are learning. Some of it is directed more for grades 11-12 but mostly grades 9-10.
  10. Not every roller coaster has to make its riders feel like they're being shot out of a cannon every time they go over a hill. Actually, that description you gave about it being more drawn-out makes me think I would like it better than other Rocky Mountain coasters. And like Elissa said, you can't just have a blanket design style for every country or region. For some people, a Steel Vengeance might be too intense or aggressive. The teams at Rocky Mountain Construction and Ride Centerline likely know this, and I'll bet that they've done the necessary research and prep work to make sure Hakugei will be just right for Nagashima. That's the luxury you get when you order a custom design, as opposed to a clone. Whaaat you mean designers do their research about their target audience before they spend millions designing and building a new ride? I actually didn't know that about Japan (them not being into super aggressive rides) but I learned something new today. Idc if people think they could have built a "better" ride, this still looks stunning and I would love to get the chance to ride it someday. I've never ridden an RMC I didn't like, and most people have the same mentality about RMCs, so I'm sure this will end up pleasing the enthusiasts and GP after all. Can't wait to see TPR videos whenever you guys end up making it out there.
  11. I was expecting some big things from this, but I was honestly not expecting it to dethrone Steel Vengeance's records. So exciting for BGT!! This thing will look and feel MASSIVE on the Tampa skyline. Sheikra already feels twice as big as it really is and this is going to top that. Can't wait to start seeing it take shape.
  12. Misinformation. Kong sometimes runs two trains and the rest of the coasters couldn't run two trains if they wanted to. Also it just really depends on when you go. During summer months you'd be more likely to see two trains but while school is in there's really no need for the park to be running two trains as the waits are very short even with just one. There are no single rider lines, but in the past when the park was busy they would sometimes call out for single riders on Superman and Joker. This was moreso in their opening seasons and I haven't been back during the summer since 2016 so I can't speak whether they still do this on busy summer days or not.
  13. I still play almost daily but I've slowed down since my phone dies as soon as I open the app unless I'm connected to a charger. There are a lot of people on my campus/town who play and post in the Discord app to meet up for raids or whatever, so team play is basically always available to me whenever I remember to bring my portable charger. Hopefully soon I'll get a new phone and my battery won't be so bad. Oh and I do still send gifts to friends so add me at the above friend code and we can build friendship! I also always try to send theme park related gifts to coaster friends whenever I get them during on-season.
  14. Sorry if I missed it, but how far up off the water are these things? Like aside from the baby and paralyzed person, would it be possible to safely jump into the water? Not that Seaworld would recommend that, but I would do it. Are there life vests aboard the gondolas? Honestly, it wouldn't be the worst ride to get stuck on. At least you have range of motion and you're not in some uncomfortable position. Hopefully this dies down and the ride doesn't have to be removed.
  15. ^Great to hear about all the improvements! I hope they fix the jack-hammering on Kumba after the MCBR while they're at it. Great news! I'm glad the speculation will be resolved soon, unless they don't show the layout and ride specs, in which case the speculation will continue.
  16. In case people were wondering and too lazy to click the above link: Part of me kind of likes the idea of keeping Vertical Velocity in the name. I've always liked that name. Now, will people still call it V2 or will we call it The Flash? I still call the park Marine World sometimes, to certain audiences who know it better that way.
  17. Sounds about right for SoCal. I do remember it being violent in the back, but I stand by my belief that you know what your body can and can't handle. If you just watch the ride you can see that it is violent. At what point do people need to just accept their own consequences of choosing to ride? Hey look a warning sign Sorry for the vertical Snapchat video, it's all I have. If it even plays. IMG_2463.mp4 The one and only time I rode it, in Fall, 2015. If it Actual photo of me and a friend credit whoring the kiddie coaster I was definitely a bit nervous here
  18. Looks like it wasn't mentioned yet, but another orca has died at the Orlando park. Kayla, age 30, died unexpectedly on Monday. 30 is still young-ish for an orca and it sounds like the illness came on very suddenly and unexpectedly, so I'm sure the trainers are floored and devastated. I hope that the anti-Seaworld people don't make a spectacle of this in the midst of the trainers' grieving.
  19. When I read about this situation, I just had this image of a distracted mom and a bored, teenage Six Flags employee ushering guests through and instructing the 14-year-old to put their finger on the scanner before the mom realized what was happening. What I don't get is how you go from the moment when you realize your kid put their finger on the scanner without your consent to filing a lawsuit against Six Flags. Seriously, do you have something to hide or are you just that money-hungry/American white butthurt about everything (assuming this lady was white, but maybe not)? I mean I don't have kids and obviously I go to a lot of theme parks but is it that difficult to realize that a. your kid is getting their finger scanned "without your consent" and b. Six Flags does this as well as Disney and a lot of theme parks?
  20. I could definitely see SFSTL constructing one if they decide to add their first 'new' steel coaster in 20 years. As long as they use the old trains from Vortex (CGA). The reaction (enthusiast and GP) would be priceless
  21. Just saw this thread. I appreciate your transparency with this, and I'm also glad that you opted against having the ads that pop up and fill the entire screen. Just out of curiosity, how does this ad agency work? Does it pay per click or per impression or both? If you don't want to answer that, I understand. I'm also curious how ad blockers affect the revenue. Would TPR forum be struggling if the majority of users had ad blockers set up?
  22. Maybe not the exact plot of land that Firehawk was on, but there are plenty of trees and nice terrain that it could interact with if that were to be the case. They could make it nice, if they wanted to. I think that a B&M flying coaster not already existing in the chain lends more credibility. Putting aside all giga rumors and logic, assume for one minute we absolutely knew it was not going to be a giga. Besides maybe Banshee, the last 15 years of KI additions have been coasters that are very dissimilar to what CP has/has recently added. CP has a good B&M wing coaster and dive coaster added in the last 16 years. So if KI wanted a B&M, (and in this scenario we're assuming it is not a giga) that was not like anything at CP, then a flyer would make sense. And it would also make sense to take out Firehawk, because then the GP would be like, "Ooh shiny new Firehawk!" I still do think (and damn sure hope!) that a giga is gonna happen, but it could also just be all of our giga hopefulness that we haven't thought of this other option.
  23. Can someone who's going PM me about King Louie's Winter Walkthrough? I have some questions but I don't want to hijack this thread.
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