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  1. ^With that rumor I'm starting to wonder if SFKK could be going the way Geauga Lake did, and eventually just being a waterpark...
  2. Cyclone looked so much smaller then, especially in the 6th picture down. Not sure why, maybe because it doesn't have too much surrounding it?
  3. I loved Conestoga when it was at HP. Hows it running now?
  4. -Ben Affleck is a distant cousin of mine. -I've never missed an episode of The Hills. Ever. -I was born in Peru, and before I was adopted by my parents my name was Gustavo Luis Alejandro. -My favorite movie is Thirteen. -I had a seizure when I was 5 and as a result cannot remember anything before that age.
  5. I'm watching Jon And Kate Plus 8, and she just told Jon to "stop breathing so loud." And she was dead serious.
  6. Comet at Great Escape. Maybe because I've grown up riding it, but even the first time I rode it 7 years ago, it didn't feel like anything too special..
  7. Finally got a Twitter account. www.twitter.com/bspellx5
  8. Son Of Beast was the most pain I have ever recieved on a wooden coaster. I felt like it was trying to rip my upper body off of my lower, thankfully I got the credit though and I NEVER need to go near it again. Still don't get why it has 30 min+ lines most days...
  9. http://www.screamscape.com/html/la_ronde.htm They have the Vapire, I don't understand this. A Serial Thriller would be a "good" addition to Great Escape, yet a park with 2 Vekomas and a B & M invert is getting it?
  10. Nohting at Great Escape ever really gets more than a 20 minute line most times, with the exception of the Alpine Bobsled. Most of their roller coasters have fairly low capacity though. It's rained here for the past few days though, so I highly doubt the Bobsled will be open. Comet is great, the red train has been having problems lately though. Sasquatch is one of the weakest S & S towers in exestince, it is very well themed though. You won't need a Flash Pass, but the way it works is, basically they are exit passes you get 5 for 10 dollars. It's not worth it at all. The Raging River isnt the greatest, you barely get water on you except for a thin waterfall towards the end that will get you somewhat wet.
  11. Must've been, cuz if anything Sidewinder is one of the rougher Boomerangs around
  12. That's the Turbo Drop side. I was on both of the towers today, they suck. There are alot better S & S towers out there. The themeing is pretty good though,
  13. Yeah I was definitely happy about that. It looks like my state is coming closer to it too, but I'm not really sure how they are doing things...But let's hope by the end of the year I will be able to get legally married without having to leave when I do.
  14. Kind of off topic, but I was wondering. Is Elitch Garden's Rainbow still up?
  15. Scream has a tendency to run 1 tower on busy days so watch out for that. Cyclone same thing, one train operation in the middle of summer is not that uncommon. Thunderbolt got new restraints this year, individual lapbars and seatbelts in place of the older handlebars, and it slows down loading alot...
  16. Believe me, I know. They won't refund the 50$ I paid for the ticket either, which is just as ridiculous. They have dumb rules for that, in my school in order to be able to attend prom, in the month before it, you can't be late to school more than 2x, get written up more than 2x, have any overdue library books, lose any school property, fail a class, anything like that and it prevents you from going to one of the biggest events in HS. It's terrible but I'm gonna make sure i get to go next year...
  17. My schools Junior Prom was tonight, and I can't go cuz I had an overdue library book. I paid for a ticket too, 50$ and they still won't let me in, all because of a stupid book and it really pisses me off.
  18. That happened to me a few years back. Sooperdooperlooper was running one train and was into the switchbacks, Comet had 2 overflow queues filled, it was crazy.
  19. ^It's spread by ALOT of things. I got it the first time cuz I shared a drink with my friend and idk the second, but it suckssssss. Anyone who has had it would know what im talking about. The 2nd time I had it for 2 months, and I dont wanna go there again
  20. Explain It To Me by Liz Phair's lyrics get to me. I'm not sure what to make of them but I can tell they are deep.
  21. Mono is going around my school. I have had it twice already and don't wanna catch it again at all.
  22. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=883780692&ref=profile I use it quite a bit, feel free to add me
  23. The Pandemonium at SFNE was like that for me. I was realy looking forward to it, and it seemed like it was over in 10 seconds and while the spinning was pretty cool I had like no desire to do it again.
  24. I'm liking school for the most part this year.. I am getting pretty good grades and trying really hard since both my parents and school guideance counselor told me that junior year is often the most important in terms of college and grades..and being with my friends 5 days a week helps too and my school day is shorter than other kids, since I have my last period free.
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