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  1. This past week at Darien Lake, I heard several things that stuck out -"Superman man is stuck on the hill, they must be soo scared this ride is so unsafe!" (it was about 5 ft off the ground and was stopped because some idiot brought a camera on) -Superman stopped at least 2 or 3 times a day this past week, and there was always a bunch of people complaining about how unsafe this ride is. -"The last time Superman stopped on the lift hill 5 people fell out and died" -"How do you not fall out if the Silver Bullet [Enterprise] has no lapbars" ^That one is pretty understandable though. There was alot more I heard over the past three days, those are the only ones that really stuck out. Oh yeah one more I heard getting off of predator -"That was so much fun!!"
  2. Expedition Everest-I liked the themeing alot and the backwards part was pretty cool, and I was at Darien Lake this past week and their Boomerang was the best boomerang I've been on, there was NO headbanging and it was actually enjoyable
  3. I have alot, but here's just a few- -Third Eye Blind -Bouncing Souls -Stereophonics -Lily Allen -Alanis Morissette ^I know the last two aren't bands, but I like 'em alot.
  4. ^I was wondering that too, because those were put in before SFI took over, right?And they were rumored to be coming to TGE, But on the Legend City Adventure Park site it lists the Bayou Blaster as being one of the rides, but Sonic Slam isn't there, so who knows.
  5. I definitely think this is one of the worse[if not the worst] Six Flags Parks. Their operations are terrible, every coaster runs one train most of the time except Goliath and the Wild Mouse thing. Their flats are pretty good, but all the cycles are very short. It kind of reminded me of a giant fair almost, it was very run down and "temporary" looking IMO. The Boomerang is definitely a hit or miss in terms of being open, it breaks almost daily I think. You'll be done in a couple of hours I bet. Also, its layout is fairly confusing IMO.
  6. Great Bear, Bumper Cars, and The Claw are the only 3 rides in the whole park that I can complain about staff, which is really good and hard to find. ^Your right about the Claw, its terrible. When I was there it was through the 2nd switchback when i got in line and I swear it was about a 45 minute wait, after the cycle is over they let the thing stop spinning completely when most likely they could stop it just by grabbing it, maybe. The wait for the car to stop spinning is longer than the whole ride itself! Plus it took about 5 minutes to load, its terrible.
  7. Those are some really good photos, Heide Park seems like it'd be a really cool park to visit. I've always thought it was kinda interesting how green and white seem to be such prominent colors in the park.
  8. A couple hours ago, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was on and I was watching it with my sister... I didn't like it, it was way to dark to be a kids movie, it was REALLY creepy.
  9. ^It's really not that bad, it's definitely one of the less-intense inverts out there, IMO anyways. It's over pretty quick too. I personally like it alot, once you go on it I bet you'll do fine.
  10. I saw The Happening the other day..it was TERRIBLE. Even though I had heard it was the worst movie ever, I still wanted to give it a shot, I thought it looked good. It was not scary in the least, its definitely one of the worst movies I've seen in like a long time.
  11. ^Good Photos! I didn't know the thing about colors though. The one in my town recently got renovated alot, there was a Sams Club underneath it that closed a few years ago, but they redid that so now all the gorceries and drugstore items are awhere Sams Club used to be, while everything else is still on the top floor, its HUGE. Theres alot of wasted space on the lower part, things are pretty far apart, but filling up a space as big as Sams Club's are with just groceries would be tough i guess.Someone told me its the largest Wal Mart Supercenter in America now, though I don't know if thats true, but it's likely.
  12. ^That does look cool. PAX seems to make weird looking rides, but they look like they'd be fun to ride.
  13. ^Huss Rainbow's are GREAT rides, they just seem to be maintance nightmares, and not too reliable. It kind of seems like they're slowly dying out. Great Escapes was taken down because without a part that was needed there was a good chance that that same thing could have happened.
  14. ^The last time they got a coaster was in 2003, when we got the Canyon Blaster, which is an OK family ride, but if you mean actually NEW roller coaster, it was the Boomerang in 1997, other than that, everyone of Great Escape's roller coaster's was used. Flat rides are just as bad, the last flat ride they got was the Pirate in 1994, if you don't count all the kiddie rides that have come between then and now.
  15. ^If I remember correctly, I think it's closing on the 17th of August, and the Rodeo is closing on September 1st.
  16. Great Photos! One question though....was Superman- I mean Ride Of Steel, running?
  17. ^They have a decent amount of space, theres alot of room behind the Nightmare's building and the Northwoods Picnic Grove that could be opened up, and also the front parking lot in front of the Steamin' Demon, which I'm guessing won't be there too much longer, that like nobody really parks. Opening up back there would be good for them though, as Great Escape is laid out VERY badly, every area is pretty much a dead end like Ghost Town, Looney Tunes National Park, etc.
  18. ^They have a decent amount of space, theres alot of room behind the Nightmare's building and the Northwoods Picnic Grove that could be opened up, and also the front parking lot in front of the Steamin' Demon that like nobody really uses. Opening up back there would be good for them though, as Great Escape is laid out VERY badly, every area is pretty much a dead end like Ghost Town, Looney Tunes National Park, etc.
  19. I'm leaning towards the SLC, but the only thing is by now I'm pretty sure you would have seen some clearing or markings somewhere in the park, I was there on Saturday and I didn't see either. Also, on the GECentral forums, someone posted that it's also possible that it will be a drop tower or two, put in the Rainbow's old spot, and the way Mark Shapiro described the ride as "visually stunning", that makes more sense.
  20. You know what I hate. Having a cold in the summer. Thats like, not supposed to happen.
  21. umm are you serious? Because I know straight people that have gaydars that work fine too.
  22. Really? When I was waiting in line, the guy said it was about a 2 hour wait from where we were, and we were in the station in about 45 minutes, and when the loading attendant asked the guy in back of us how long he had waited and he said about 40 minutes, the employee actually had the nerve to say your lying, not in like a joking way but he was flat-out accusing this guy of lying about that! Not right on his part IMO, but it did move VERY fast.
  23. Those are some great pictures. That green and white part of the Heide-park does seem kinda odd, like even the sun on the Rainbow is white, wierd. Is there a reason for those two colors to be like, everywhere?
  24. ^Comet is now my favorite woodie there too, Wildcat and Lightning Racer are just OK. The only thing with Comet I have a problem with is the line, its crazy how a roller coaster like that gets that big of a line IMO. I know I have said this before, but I really don't understand why people still enter the queue when its past the 4th switchback, its not THAT good of a ride. It probably has the longest line in the park besides Fahrenheit, and maybe SR.
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