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  1. 10.When I Grow Up - Pussycat Dolls 9.Not Big - Lily Allen 8.Superstar - Lupe Fiasco 7.Listen To Your Friends - New Found Glory 6.Situations - New Found Glory 5.Hot N Cold - Katy Perry 4.The World Should Revolve Around Me - Little Jackie 3.Come One, Come All - All Time Low 2.Loser - Cute Is What We Aim For 1.Glitter In The Air - Pink
  2. They are kind of close, Supermans is a lighter purple and Batmans supports are black. Also, the majority of Superman is near another end of the park, and chances are even alot of the GP could tell the difference between the tracks and trains of the two, because it is a fairly significant one.
  3. The Hills For some reason I am completely addicted to that.. Otherwise I watch Law And Order SVU most weeks, though the episodes have been going downhill lately IMO. It's still a good show though regardless.
  4. Depends on what you've ridden before. I know the first time I rode TTD, I thought it was extremely intense, but now that I have ridden it several times, and have ridden rides like it, it's not that intense, and I didn't find KK to be all that intense. The only other launchers I've ridden are Storm Runner, Jokers Jinx, VooDoo/Possessed or whatever it is now, and Steel Venom from GL. I think KK is probably a pretty big step up from those right?
  5. ^Is Kingda Ka THAT intense? Just wondering because I am planning on going opening day and am kind of nervous..
  6. I just got a 47 on my Math A regents. I tried really hard too and studied for hours since Math is my worst subject..
  7. I was bored today, as well as pissed at my mother so I put my moms cat on the top of the celing fan and turned it on. The cat flew off and landed on the sofa and was fine, and my mom came in and yelled at me. Not for hurting her cat, but because there was dust on the top of the celiing fan blade and it got all over the floor, and that I had better vacuum. I was like laughing and trying to sound sorry too. I thought it was funny at least.
  8. I filled up the other day and it was 1.89 in my town, but its going up around my area so it probbly wont be that for too much longer.
  9. Well, JpDupuis, it is amazing that you feel so comfortable with you sexual orientation at such a young age. Always stay strong, because we all know for a fact that life can be rough in High School ... expecially when you are ''different''. [For the record, I came out at 14, now being 17] Also, always make sure that the people you trust feel the same towards you. [if there's something, you can always send me a message. C'est bon? Bonne chance ] Yeah, I know alot of gay guys my age and none of them are as secure with it as you seem. I came out when i was 15, and im 17 now and I'm still not completely happy with it and myself. I mean, I know they say all teenagers are insecure, but I think if your gay it could be worse, but you proved that wrong and deff seem to be on top of things. Thats good!
  10. Mountain Dew Code Red, and the Supernova I liked too but I can't find it anywhere anymore..
  11. I hate how in P.E. class, when the teacher asks you to pick teams, all the jock-y guys cluster together and obviously win the game. And not only that, but the fact that my teacher takes points off your P.E. grade if you don't win, which seems completely unfair. Anyone else agree with me?
  12. ^I second that, I found La Ronde to be bad in alot of ways. The ops seemed pretty rude and did not look like they enjoyed their jobs at all, I got stuck on the Boomerang for a half hour, it seemed like alot of the rides broke down throughout the day and the place was pretty dirty. I reallly have no desire to go back there.
  13. My aunt gave me a box of chocolates from 2005 this year. Not only have I made it clear to like, everyone that knows me that I don't like chocolate, the fact that they are from over 3 years ago just adds to the insult.
  14. I was just reading about that the otherday. I think that's so sick/bizarre.
  15. I got out of school early today, and it's already been deicided that school will into be in session monday, meaning I got two extra days of Christmas Break!!! So now i have two full weeks off, pretty good for public school IMO.
  16. Today I got shoved in the hall cuz "fags don't belong in this hallway." I'm pretty sure thats a new low in my book.
  17. Let's see. I'm reading The Things They Carried by Tim O'brien, and Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler. Pretty different, but I love both of them so far, maybe things they carried a little bit more.
  18. I got out of school 2 1/2 hours early today because of snow.
  19. I'm going to a David Archuleta concert on wednesday with my ex-boyfriend AND his new bf together. Awkward to the max.
  20. I was at Wal Mart this evening and needed one thing, hoping to in an out of there within ten minutes, but there was one cashier open and 3 people in front of me, all with lots of stuff. And to make that situation worse, the person 2 spots in front of me was trying to use counterfeit money, and they had security people come, and everyone made a big scene, so i ended up being in there for 45 minutes, just to get a new cellphone charger.
  21. I'm right there with you, Rainbow is my favorite flat of all time. It's a shame theres barely any left.
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