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  1. I'm fine with roller coasters and pretty much any flat ride right after I eat, the only thing I have ever felt sick on was the Ranger at Darien Lake, I couldn't wait to get off that.
  2. Pretty much any Huss Ride is good for me. One I'd really like to try though is that Take Off one, that looks pretty crazy. Has anyone been on one? If so, could you explain what its like?
  3. I would at least try it. But one thing you gotta wonder is, how intense do you think it would be as opposed to some of the coasters being built nowadays? I mean, that was in the 20's and I'm sure their version of intense was alot different, seeing as how we are having 400 ft high roller coasters being built during our time. Idk, just a thought.
  4. Found himself being a target of one of Chelsea Handlers not funny jokes due to his experience. After hearing that, he was...
  5. I remember this !!! Dont you just love stereotypes In today's world it is getting harder and harder to tell exactly how old one is. I myself have seen kids as young as 6 and 7 who could pass off as being 10 or 11. Heck just the other day I was reading in one of the Denver papers and they showed a pic of a 16 year old kid who was the quarterback at one of the local high schools there. This kid not only had a full beard but sported several large real tattoos up and down his arms. So much for beards and tattoos being for "adults only". ^Didn't SFI just make a deal with Mar's Candy too, so it could see more in the parks? Then it would make even more sense to give it to more people, IMO.
  6. Yeah, and that picture is at least 2 years old because you can see Double Trouble in the bottom corner which was removed within the last few years.
  7. Yeah that would make sense would it, didn't think of that.
  8. ^Ok, thats for clearing that up, I just thought that cuz on Openday in 2007 thats where the train was sitting, and it was not open yet.
  9. On the cobra roll. Yeah, they can Valley. The vertical loop is EXTREMELY unlikely No, they have a strip of brakes between the loop and second spike. I guess they would be used in the event that the train doesn't make it completely up the second spike, they wouldn't risk valley in the cobra or between the cobra and loop. ^Yeah when I was TGE's Boomerang when it valleyed thats where it E-Stop, VERY quickly. I'm pretty sure they store the train in that spot too.
  10. Astroworld's Shoot-the-Chutes ride and Serial Thriller were sent there in 2005, right off they said that the water ride would not be installed. Serial Thriller isn't going to be installed either anymore. So in a way, they were transported this far for nothing, but at one time I think they did have a plan to install Serial Thriller.
  11. It will never be installed. The park does not have the whole ride anymore and the trains were also shipped somewhere else.
  12. ^That area has a bit of themeing IMO. It's story town, and theres the Swan Boats, all those little houses and stuff like that. Although I think with a name like Sasquatch it would have fit better in Fest Area, which has an Alpine theme, which would make a lot more sense. The only good reason I can think of for its location is it will look good there, just like the RAinbow did, an eye-catcher for sure.
  13. ^Both times I was there this season it was running 3 trains.
  14. That is bad though, Hersheypark has had good operations in the past, I've never been there when any of their coasters were not running maximum capacity, except for the Trailblazer once. Can the Comet run just one train?Ive never seen a transfer track, maybe its just me...
  15. ^I thought Sidewinder is the smoothest I've been on, I've been on 5. The only thing I don't like is those Arrow trains, they are the worst..
  16. I always thought that would be kind of cool, it's only happened to me once on the Boomerang at TGE, it didn't make it up the 2nd spike, but it wasnt that big of a deal IMO. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced that.
  17. Correct me if im wrong but are all characters "original" I think he might mean original to Six Flags itself, like have SFI have its own characters and not bring in ones.
  18. 4567 Songs 3 Movies 7 Music Videos 100 TV Episodes around 2000 pictures I have alot of full albums on there, where I only like one or two of the songs, idk why it just bothers me when I don't. Same goes for having Album Artwork and correct song info, those are both a MUST for me.
  19. Could this actually happen? Sea World would lose ALOT of business if this went though I think anyways. I'd almost rather see Seaworld close and have the rides moved somewhere else than to go and see animatronic animals..Just wanted to put this out there.
  20. 2 Weeks ago when I was at Darien Lake, Ride Of Steels line was through every one of the switchbacks and it said it would be a 90 minute wait, it wasn't more than like 30 minutes, it moved VERY fast.
  21. The StarFlyer at Magical Midway scared me so bad, I was holding on so tight. The only other thing was when I went on the Sky Coaster at Darien Lake last week with my friend and I had to pull the ripcord, I didn't like that. When me and my 5 year old sister went on it at Great Escape [which is the same height as DL's] she had to pull it and had no problem, so I guess shes braver than me when it comes to that.
  22. The tunnel that leads into Ghost Town at Great Escape has like 3 windows in the ceiling, and they are all about a foot about the ceiling itself. There is gum all along the insides of that, like to the point where you couldn't fit any more on and it's been that way for like ever..I think part of the experience of that cave is seeing the gum on those windows
  23. Great Escapes was taken down because there was a risk of that exact same thing happening, it looked great and was one of my favorite rides but after this actually happened I guess it was for the better maybe, RIP Rainbow..well not really, it's kind of just in a pile rotting away. Yet they are still trying to sell it. I wouldn't pay more than 500$ for it given the condition it is in. That one article said there are around 40 Rainbow's operating, is there seriously 40 Huss Rainbows in existence still, I thought they were dying out? Unless they are including Zamperla Jokers, 1001 nachts, etc. in that statement , then that sounds more realistic..
  24. The past 3 nights I was at Darien Lake with a few kids for the Kingdom Bound thing thats going on, I wasn't too interested in it but they made me go to a few of the performances. The bands I saw were Fireflight, Skillet and the Newsboys...I had never heard of any of 'em but they were ok, Newsboys was the best IMO.
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