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  1. Yea, I know what you mean. But I meant why do two different parks have different requirments for the same exact ride: For example: La Ronde and Great Escape both have Huss Pirate Boats. But Great Escapes requirment is 48", and La Rondes is 52", so I was asking if there was a real reason for the difference.
  2. When flat rides are built, the manufacturer usually sets a minimum height requirement that the park has to follow, right? But why do different parks will set their own requirements for the SAME exact ride?
  3. Yeah, that is what I meant. Thanks for telling me. Hersheypark seems to make its height limits as low as they can safely make them. The Pirate used to be "under 36" ", but that changed this past year to 42"-48". But at every park I've been to that has a Huss Pirate boat, they all seem to have a different requirement. For example, Cedar Point's is 39", Great Escapes is 48", and La Ronde's has a 52" requirement, which seems excessive.
  4. Where was the Conestoga located? Also, on a side note, I'm doing a project about Hersheypark for school, and does anyone know what the height requirement was for it.
  5. I took this about a week ago at school, its two of my friends. 2 of my friends, Sam and Kyisha. Kyisha's the one with the pink jacket, and Sams on the left.
  6. Yeah the way i described it lol. No but seriously I think its really kind of pointless being there because its a horrible ride, but it won't be leaving anytime soon. Apparently, when Six Flags purchased Great Escape, in the contract it was said that the Steamin' Demon cannot be removed. It's also on a man-made hill designed specifically for it, so it looks like its going to be there for a long time to come.
  7. At Great Escape this past summer while waiting in line for the Comet, and the Steamin' Demon. Uncle: Did you know the Comet is one of the last wooden roller coasters standing? Me: Uh, not its not, they still make them. Uncle: No, they're not allowed to make wooden roller coasters anymore, so they make the look like wood, even though they are not. Also, in line for the Steamin' Demon. Girl in front of me to her friend: Did you know that if you tell the operator ahead of time, he can make it go faster down the hill? Friend: Really? But this ride is already scary enough, maybe thats a bad idea. Keep in mind that this is an Arrow coaster thats about 30 seconds long, rough as hell, and its lift is capable of making someone go deaf.
  8. I don't understand why Comet always has such a long line, but maybe I have just been there on bad days, but when i was there, Comets queue filled up through most of the switchback early, and it never seemed to get smaller during the day.
  9. You're probably right about everyone going to Fahrenheit first, but Sooperdooperlooper never gets a line longer than like 10 minutes, so you shouldn't worry about that. Comet's line usually fills up pretty quick and it stays long for most of the day (never did figure out why though), so if you are planning to ride that, do so early. Great Bear's line usually gets longer throughout the day, so try to get there early, plus theres a couple flat rides (Flying Falcon, Coal Cracker)up in that area. Same thing with Storm Runner. The Sidewinder is right next to it, but if you have already been on a Vekoma Boomerang, you might as well skip it. Also, Hersheypark is laid out pretty randomly IMO, I've been there about 7 or 8 times and theres still walkways that i have not been on. Anyways, Lighting Racer and Wildcats lines can get fairly long over the course of the day, so make sure to ride those. Thats all the advice I've got.
  10. Yeah, some of the stuff he wrote is just completely disgusting, I mean, there was one called like "Poking Megans dead corpse" or something like that. Just the title makes me feel sick.
  11. About a month ago, there was a car accident in my town involving 3 teenagers, who were all my friends. 2 of them died, and the 3rd is in critical condition and has broken 10 bones. Anyways this guy who I had never heard of before, Michael Crook, he wrote something about it, and it was horrible. He was judgemental, rude, and VERY offensive. I also read some of the other stuff he has written, and thats some pretty sick sh*t hes wrote. Has anyone else heard of him? http://www.michaelcrook.org/blog/
  12. Pretty much all the Arrow loopers I have been on i thought were pretty rough, the worst being the Steamin Demon at Great Escape in Lake George, NY, that thing was really bad. Its about 7 seconds long, the lift is ridiculously loud, and it took about 10 minutes to load and unload. On the other hand though, they have an Arrow Mine Train called the Canyon Blaster, I didn't think that was too bad. I've never really had a problem with Vekomas though, and I actually enjoy their Boomerangs quite a bit. But out of the 5 I've been on(La Ronde, Great Escape, Hersheypark, and Six Flags New England, and Darien Lake), I though Six Flags New England's was the worst.
  13. It seems like bullies can almost always find something to make fun of someone for. Personally though, I think middle school was the worst in terms of bullying. Everyone was mean to everyone pretty much.
  14. I thought of another one. Peter-"Who are you?" Death-"Im Calista Flockhart. Who the hell do you think I am I'm Death!"
  15. The Sarah Silverman Program. I think she goes too far with some things, but for the most part she is pretty funny. For some reason, I also find it amusing that the word Program is in it, I dont know why, I just do.
  16. -"Ok first of all, Bonnie, you've been pregnant for like six years alright? Either have the baby or don't."
  17. The best I've had was at Holiday World. They had a huge variety, and alot of it was food that you wouldn't normally see at a theme park, and the prices were not bad at all. Although I think the very best part is the free drinks, can't get much better than that.
  18. Waiting for Superman at Six Flags New England for over an hour with my cousin. Not only was it extremely hot out, but they were only running one train. The best part was them announcing that it broke down when we had about 10 or 15 more minutes to wait. That was NOT fun.
  19. You are definitely right about the Boomerang. I was there once last year, and I was on it and it was just about to drop down the second spike and it stopped for like a minute. Then it rolled back about 15 feet and stopped really quickly, which kind of hurt. They have alot of good flat rides, but I wen't on that once, and will not go on it again. I like the Condor, but that was just too fast for a ride like that.
  20. The Sooperdooperlooper at Hersheypark when i was 6. It was also my little sister's first looping roller coaster too this past summer when she was 5. IMO, its a fairly good choice for someone's first coaster with inversions.
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