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  1. I've always thought "People who are easily offended should pay more attention to themselves and less to others, because 99.9% of the time, the problem is with them, not other people."
  2. Question, do all of you that just bought tickets not have a season pass? Or are they for friends?
  3. When ever I finally get enough money saved up, Vegas is sooo the place I'll be. Loads of tourists dumping money at poker tables, 24 hour craziness, coasters, and now THIS! If only I had money right now.
  4. Bizarro - SFNE early this afternoon. It is running GREAT, dare I say better than when it was SROS. (although I was PISSED that they decided not to run 2 trains because... the audio wasn't working on one. LAME).
  5. Ok, I take back my vote for Cyclone. I was at the park today and it is running better than it has in the past. It is still WAY to rough, but not nearly as bad as before. They REALLY need to retrack more of the ride... or bulldoze it and put in an Intamin plug-n-play. I can dream, can't I?
  6. Phoenix is pretty incredible! Having just got back from Canobie, I have to say that Yankee Cannonball has a lot of great airtime (almost ejector force) in the very last row. The rest of the train is pretty weak, but that last row is pretty awesome.
  7. I just got back from Canobie Lake Park and I probably rode Yankee Cannonball close to 30 times... in the 4 hours I was there. I started the night (6pm) with 5 rides on Yankee, hit up most of the flats (Canobie has some GREAT flats), got another 5ish rides on Yankee. Grabbed some food, rode the frisby 3 times, then went back to Yankee for the rest of the night. So I got about 20 laps in the last 1 1/2. Luckily, the park completely cleared out after 6... right when I got there.
  8. I rode it in '02 and it seemed to run fairly fast. I don't remember it slowing down while cresting the top, I did get a little pop of air on the "3rd" hill (though, nothing compared to what a hyper SHOULD get). The mid-course brakes barely trimmed the ride then, so I got the full "Helix of hell" experience. I bet if I went back now, it would be a very different experience, probably dropping out of my top 50.
  9. I normally LOVE a good bit of roughness on wooden coasters, but Cyclone (SFNE), Psyclone (SFMM), Mean Streak, and Son Of Beast are just BAD. I would have to pick Cyclone as the worst of the bunch, not just because of the pain, but because the ride itself sucks too. Here's the ride: Tiny drop, turn, small drop with jack hammering. Climbs up and JUST barely makes it up, creeks around a rough corner, drop, jack hammering, climb, then a series of fast, rib breaking rough turns and more jack-hammering. All while producing just about zero airtime.
  10. I loved Goliath (SFMM) and Millennium Force also, but not for airtime. The only good (strong) airtime on Millie is the first drop and Goliath has just about no airtime (that hill barely does anything). I like Millie and Goliath for the drop, speed, +g-forces, and the "helix from hell".
  11. I also like the 45* V2. I've been on the 90* type (SFWOA) as well and I have to say I prefer the "hangtime" on the 45* spike. The only regular inverted impulse I prefer over that is Wicked Twister. The height and speed make a difference.
  12. I'm not sure, but I did notice some pictures from the mid-to-late 90's (97,98) that had painting rails (BTR at SFMM (97), Oblivion (98), Riddler's Revenge (98)). I don't think it's a standard thing, though, because B&M have still made recent coasters without painted rails (Goliath SFOG - 2006).
  13. Government: the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.; The government exists on the township level...
  14. How is it right for the Gov't to tell a private business when it can or cannot operate?
  15. Yes, all companies label their coasters, I was referring to the overarching, general labels. I just like to keep my labels specific, otherwise it tends to lose meaning. I like knowing that any coaster referred to as a Mega/Hypercoaster is 200-299 feet. It just gets confusing when it starts getting thrown around with 150' coasters too. Don't forget too, Mega/hypercoasters were labels that were around before Intamin and B&M started to use them. But yes, It really doesn't matter.
  16. I think most of us here are talking about (complaining) the fact that there are still places where there are LAWS prohibiting companies from being open or selling alcohol, etc. Those laws (which seem pretty unconstitutional) should not still be around... anywhere in this country.
  17. I believe that Hyper and Mega are one in the same, if used generically. Like I posted before, the correct generic label for a 100'-199' coaster would be kilo-coaster. B&M and Intamin do their own thing, B&M used to call fast, tall, air-time filled, no-looping coasters Mega coasters, but then changed to Hypercoaster. Intamin is a little more classical as it uses Giga, Mega, and Mega lite. When I mention Goliath at SFOG, I meant that it doesn't have a 200'+ drop. Yes, it is 200' above ground, but the drop is only 170', thus not qualifying for a hypercoaster (but yes, B&M calls it a Hypercoaster).
  18. I can understand saying "junior" hyper. Technically, a hypercoaster is 200-299 feet tall, thus, a 150' coaster should be called a kilo-coaster (100'-199'). I mean, we wouldn't call Kumba a hypercoaster, would we? I think people tend to miss use the word "Hyper" and "mega". It only refers to height/drop, it has nothing to do with the layout. If you want to describe a 150' coaster with air-time hills and no inversions, it should technically be called an out-n-back kilo-coaster, etc. Yes, it is a little pet peeve. Everytime I hear someone call Goliath (SFOG, Walibi, etc) a hypercoaster I say to myself "kilo-coaster, not hyper".
  19. Wow, I hope they epic fail, that's just retarded. I personally think all those old "laws" now just act as a break from working and really have nothing to do with religion. Everyone I know hates the fact that everything closes early on Sundays, it really is pointless now-a-days. I'm all for the 24-7 operations like NYC, Vegas, etc. On a side note, I've always wondered why they wrote "And on the seventh day God rested, thus shall be the sabbath day... blah blah blah". Seriously, if this "god" was supposed to be all knowing and powerful, why the hell would he need to take a day off? It doesn't make any sense (not that anything with religion does...).
  20. 16/20. Some of the tiny, almost unknown old parks got me. Also, one of the parks that was "located in Pittsburgh" wasn't technically in Pittsburgh, so that tripped me up.
  21. I would argue that Intamin is/has been the more innovative company (and not just limited to coasters, all amusement rides). B&M is a great company at taking an idea and perfecting it. Intamin, perfects ideas as wells as coming up with some of their own great ideas. Intamin is always coming up with new ideas/concepts (bobsleds, various launched coasters, pushing the limits, hypers, half-pipe, 4-D designs, and pre-fabricated wooden coasters). But, until B&M can make launched coasters that can compete with Intamin, but, more importantly, wooden coasters, they will always be second to Intamin. On a side note, this poll is extremely vague. I think a debate would be much more productive if it was a bit more focused. Which company is more successful overall? Which company is more successful in respect to their roller coasters? Which company produces better products? Which company produces more intense rides? Which company is more reliable? Which company would parks rather employ? Which company produces great profits for the park it was contracted for? (ie, which company's coasters sells better to the public).
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