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  1. I'd love to see a big Intamin (air-time machine) woodie at my homepark in the near future. Wood needs to continue the revival.
  2. Yea, RCT3 is annoying like that. You have to decided to sacrifice to get it looking right.
  3. One of the websites listed mentioned two "incidents" with the robin train. It said that a design flaw in the barrel roll caused an incident in 2006, and then another incident happen in 2007. What incidents is that referring to? Also I didn't realize they replaced the barrel rolls with that lame track. Thinking back, I believe I actually managed to get a ride on it back in '98 when both sides were running simultaneously.
  4. Why not just use the lim coaster? If you want to replicate the supports, I'm sure steelworx would work well.
  5. Those are some unusually long Geoducks, they generally don't get that long. Geoduck is a pretty cool clam. It can be very tasty if used the right way. I love peoples reaction the first time they see one! I wonder if anyone here has ever heard of/seen a black chicken. Yes, black chicken as in the meat and bones are black. There is even an Indonesian breed that is completely black (feathers, beak, eyes, feet, mouth, meat, bones, etc). They taste similar to regular chicken, but can be a bit more tough if not prepared well. They are natural anti-oxidants, so they are healthy and great to use in a stew.
  6. 0. I didn't even get to my home park (SFNE) this year. I've been to SFNE once in the last 2 season's, SFGADV once last year and thats it I believe. I'm going to have to do something big this summer. Ahh, the price of college.
  7. I'm gonna miss this ride. It's was a refreshingly unique and fun lim coaster. I really hope they try to relocate it. There are plenty of parks that could use it.
  8. The restraints they have on them are awful. We have the SF stupid ride ops to thank for that. SFNE SROS back in the day with the original restraints and when they didn't staple you in was just an amazing experience. It was the best, most comfortable air-time machine ever.
  9. I have ridden El Toro, but have not been fortunate enough to get over to Holiday World since The Voyage was built. El Toro is easily my favorite woodie. It has the most extreme air-time I have ever experienced. I'm a junkie for both air-time and woodies that beat you up, but the amount of air-time and sheer intensity of El Toro makes it perfect. I have always loved old woodies that beat you up, or even new ones like Son of Beast (I once rode that a dozen times in a row without getting off in the pouring rain. Painful. VERY painful, but awesome). But El Toro is the best adrenaline rush out of any wooden coaster I've ever been on. The intensity of the air-time is just insane. I can't wait to get a chance to ride The Voyage. From what I've heard, I'll probably love it. El Toro did seem a bit too smooth and the ending was a bit abrupt. The Raven is probably my second favorite wooden coaster so I can't wait to see how much better The Voyage is. Also, am I the only one who can't stand the SROS clones? They are always slow and just plain boring. I'm fortunate enough to have SFNE SROS as my homepark/coaster. Easily my favorite steel coaster. But the other SROS's clones don't hold a candle to it. They don't even belong in the same sentence.
  10. What a shame. I loved that ride... the few times it was open. Just another reason why I hate SF.
  11. I'm a Cedar Fair fan. So far, I've been to: SFMM, SFGADV, SFMW, SFNE, SFDL, SFA, SFWOA (pre-CF), and The Great Escape. For CF, I've been to CP, KBF, Dorney, then all of the US Paramount parks pre CF. I'd say that Six Flags parks have slightly better roller coasters. But, Cedar Fair keeps their parks are more reliable (ride wise). For my experiences, I visited SFMM in 2003. X was currently down, along with Flashback, and about a dozen other flat rides. Deja Vu lasted just long enough for me to get a ride before that went down. The park was very dirty, the people (guests and staff) very unpleasant. I was there with my mother and she was called a lier by the staff (they were accusing her of cutting line while waiting to get season pass, despite all the people around her saying she didn't). There were many parts of the park that looked neglected and it wasn't all that pleasant. SFKK (2005) was an absolute dump. I can't think of a single good thing there, I only stayed long enough to get my coaster credits and got the heck out of there. SFMW was decent, but when I visited in 2001, a lot of the aquatic "stuff" was empty, etc. There weren't too many rides other than the main coasters. Too much cement, but overall enjoyable. SFDL. I liked this park, I liked the rides, it had a lot of shade, a nice smaller park. But again, the staff were incredibly annoying. The last time I was there I had sunglass on while getting on SROS. I had ridden it just hours before with sunglass and no problems. But that time, the ride attendants told me to take them off. Ok, I put them in my hand. Not good enough for them. Alright, I put them in my cargo-pants pocket and buttoned them up, STILL not good enough. The guy told me to give them to him or he would kick me off. Talk about inconsistency and rudeness. A similar thing happened at SFMM know I remember. SFGadv. I love their rides. Kinda Ka is as good as TTD, I love Nitro and Medusa, GASM is one of my favorite arrows, and El Toro is AMAZING. On the bad side, every time I've been there (4 times), there are always many rides down. I think every time i've been, either 1 side of Batman & Robin were down, or both. Rolling Thunder seemed to always be down. Mine ride too. Dirty, very neglected areas, understaffed, untrained staff, and unfriendly staff. The last time I visited (opening year of El Toro) there were sooo many problems. They didn't open El Toro or Kinda Ka until noon each day. WHY? Thats just unacceptable. On top of that, Kinda Ka was unreliable all day, and they only used 1 station both days I was there. Both Rolling Thunder and Batman & Robin were closed for what seemed like most of the summer. The park was noticeably understaffed. I remember waiting in line for a hamburger for nearly 45 minutes because they didn't have enough people working. On top of that, they also didn't even serve several items listed on the menu (that some people waiting 45 minutes just to get). I was with my family, my mom ordered a salad that was on the menu, the employee didn't even know they served salads! And this wasn't opening day, this was in August. He had to consult other people to solve the salad mystery, including asking my mom what goes in a salad... To make matters worse, they charged us extra, charging us for 2 beers that, get this, they didn't even have, yet it was on the menu. When I went back to show them they overcharged us, myself and my mother were called liars! So far a bad day, huh. Later that day while in line for Kinda Ka, I heard someone say that El Toro was already closing. It was only 8:30 so I thought the guy was just confused. We'll, after getting off KK at 9:00 and walking around, It became evident that ALL the rides were closed. The park had decided to cut back their hours due to money problems. Only thing is they neglected to tell ANYONE. Not a single person in the park new this. The park maps, website, entrance, etc all showed the normal 10:00 closing time. Talk about a way to get people out of your park... So yea, that was pretty aweful. SFNE, my home park, a decent park, but again the staff isn't well trained. SFA, a dump. SFWoA. Decent park, but a lot of the rides/coasters were closed when I visited, the whole back of the park was shut down, etc. Not a fun day. The Great Escape. I enjoyed that park. Not very notable, but decent. I don't even think I need to write reviews/experiences on CF parks. I have been to CP many times, the only time a ride was down was the opening year of TTD and during the big ACE event there. But I got to ride it so I'm happy enough. Its the best park I have ever been to and is almost picture perfect. KBF is a great family park with great rides. Same goes for Dorney. Friendly staff, well trained, well staffed, and the parks were taken care of. I visited Geauga Lake when CF took it over and in just its first year they did a FANTASTIC job. They started rebuilding the water park, started opening up the back of the park, cleaned it up, and really put life back into it. Not the best rides, but it became a pleasant park to visit. I've been to all US Paramount parks, pre CF, and I enjoyed them all. I liked the staff, rides, lots of trees and scenery, well taken care of. I'm guessing that CF has done a good job to keep the parks beautiful. I'm sure SF has done a lot to try to improve their parks, but from my experiences, SF has been a nightmare and CF the dream.
  12. Thanks for the video link Jeff. So does anyone really know if there was any involvement with B&M? I've heard yes, I've heard no, I've heard that they dropped it, etc. The Cobra Roll (Batwing), layout, and support structure seem very similar to B&M's style. In face, the supports look like the exact same structure type of B&M, no other Arrow coasters used this type B&M style supports. I wonder why BGW has been so quiet about Drachen Fire. I can't believe no one from BGW is willing to answer/find answers to such simple questions.
  13. I have a weird obsession with this ride. I visited BGW the year after Alpengeist was installed. I remember riding Big Bad Wolf and seeing the roller coaster. I was just becoming very interested in roller coasters and that one caught my eye. I was curious why I hadn't seen it on the map or seen signs or anything. After I got off Big Bad Wolf I immediately went to the train to get a better view of the ride. It look incredibly interesting and unique so I wanted to ride it very badly. Upon returning to New England after the trip I researched the ride and found out it was Drachen Fire and read about it's history/fate. I hoped it would reopen and I would get a chance to ride it but that never happened. I guess one of the reason I'm obsessed with this ride was because it was one of the key sparks to my interest in roller coasters. Plus I'm a big fan of Arrow Dynamic's coasters (I actually think the "banging" can be enjoyable...). Too bad BGW didn't wait a year and have B&M do it. Heck, why not turn to B&M and go after their original idea, make it the Revenge of Dracken Fire. Oh, and does anyone know where I could fine the Original Test Run POV of Drachen Fire? I believe it was put up on this site a while back but I can't find it.
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