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  1. I thought that was Sam Cassell, just never thought I'd see a picture of him in a thread about mysterious yellow B&M track!
  2. I rode Ghostrider back in 2002 and the ride was amazing, not in the least bit rough. It is terribly sad to hear that the ride has gone to hell.
  3. Wooden Out-and-back: Boulder Dash Wooden Twister: Phoenix Wooden Racer: Lightning Racer Wooden overall: El Toro Mine Train: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Mouse: Pandemonium (Can't think of anything else) Standup: Riddler's Revenge Inverted: Alpengeist (Montu close second) Megalooper: Kumba Floorless: Batman: Knight Flight (Geauga Lake) Flying: Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFGAD) - although I really don't like any flyers Hypercoaster: Superman: Ride Of Steel (SFNE) Gigacoaster: Millennium Force Stratacoaster: Top Thrill Dragster Launched Coaster: Storm Runner Overall Coaster: Superman: Ride of Steel
  4. ^ I nearly did the same, it wasn't until I reread it that I realized it was asking for just Steel. Thank god I had to actually think about the question for a minute. I got owned in that Quiz... 8 out of 20! I probably second-guessed myself out of 6 or 7 correct answers.
  5. I think that "X-works" probably doesn't mean "Ex-works", because since when has a park been responsible (or wanted responsibility) of delivering the roller coaster? We have rumors that B&M were planning on unveiling a new roller coaster type at the IAAPA, and Robb's statement makes me believe this is in fact a prototype. What would really help would be to see more bar codes from recent coasters. If they follow the "MC-108" customer label that Diamondback had, it would make it seem very unlikely it is for a park.
  6. Great American Scream Machine at SFGADV is one of my favorite coasters in the park. I rode S:UF once there, and I will probably not ride it again, it's a boring ride in my opinion. GASM also holds a place near my heart, as it was one of the first "huge" roller coasters I had ever seen. I still vividly remember driving up to the park and seeing the mammoth red machine off in the distance, back in the day when it used to dominate the skyline. Arrow all the way!
  7. That's hilarious. The music is pretty damned well produced. Thats probably the best "roller coaster" joke song/animation I've ever seen/heard.
  8. I've been on a bunch now-defunct roller coasters. Batman & Robbin: The Chiller - I enjoyed this coaster and I think it's a shame its gone. Hypersonic XLC - Sure, not the best ride in the world, but it had one hell of a launch. It was also my 100th coaster. Big Dipper, Double Loop, and Villain from Geauga Lake - I miss the Big Dipper, it was a great classic out-n-back woodie. Villain I was fine to see go, it really was pretty terrible. King Cobra (PKI) - Kind of historic, but a pretty bad coaster. Python (BGT) - A fun coaster, but really nothing I care about. Wild Maus (BGE) - Decent mouse, but nothing special Scooby Ghoster Coaster (PKI) - Happy to see that gone Whirlwind (Knoebels) - I like a lot of old Arrow loopers, but it wasn't great. Black Widow (SFNE) - Glad to see this ride gone. Psyclone (SFMM) - Couldn't have been torn down quick enough. Viper (SFGAV) - Same as above, Its great to see both parks getting great wooden coasters in their place. I've been on a bunch of other little coasters (Galaxy, etc) at various small parks. I'd say the Big Dipper from Geauga, B&R: The Chiller, and Hypersonic XLC are probably the ones I miss the most. Although, I would like to mention that I miss Drachen Fire, even though I never rode it. I was a year to late. Seeing that thing sit dormant while visiting the park sucked, I wanted to ride it so terribly bad.
  9. I don't think it is possible to figure out what park it is going to based on the barcode. Here is what I have so far Barcode-----------Part # ----------------Park-------- 576200062 ----- SC-R00-TE062 ==== Mystery 653200002 ----- DM-E00-TE002 === Chimelong Paradise 606200003 ----- IC2-E00-TE003 === Worlds of Fun 602600015 ----- LC-E00-TE015 ==== Happy Valley 613300070 ----- MC-E50-146-C46L1 = SFOG 601100002 ----- L21-012-L2 ====== SFNE 500500006 ----- V15-026-M1 ====== Dorney 623300025 ----- DM-C50-157-C57L1 == Busch Gardens Tampa On all of the track pieces, the JOB # corresponds to the first 4 digits of the bar code. The next 5 digits seem to correspond to the Part # of the "track element" pieces (underlined). I'm not sure how the barcode works, though, because all the barcodes seem so similar. I would think the Job # would be the same for the entire coaster, but that can't be because I believe you would run into the same last 5 digits between different pieces. It wouldn't make sense to have a different job # for each track/support piece because of the WOF and HV codes are so numerically close, they would probably have many common barcodes. It would make sense if there were only a couple different job #s for each coaster (1 for the lift elements, 1 for the track elements, etc), but then again, considering that they only make a couple of coasters each year, they could probably get away with recycling older barcodes. I can't seem to find any correlation between the special track elements and the barcode. My guess is that it is based on the job # and then the numerical order of the piece, though that could be wrong. I think the only way we find out where this is going is if A. it is extra/new track for a current/SBNO/storage coaster, or if we find plans for a B&M addition to a park. Also interesting, I looked back at the photo of a barcode from Diamondback and it had the Customer labeled "DM-108". After realizing that, I'm starting to think this is either extra/new parts for a existing coaster and the park is going to pick up the track themselves, or this is a prototype. A prototype would make a lot of sense. There have been no announcements, It is labeled differently than anything we have yet seen. X-works, as in (Project)X-Works (Work in progress/in the works?). Hmm. It just keeps getting more interesting.
  10. Well, yeah. The Cards are hot right now. Oh yeah, and I'm still an angry Pats fan who No.1 Wants the underdog to win No.2. Hates the Steelers and No.3. Doesn't want any other team to win more than 1 Superbowl this decade. Yes. I'm jealous. That's would 18-1 with a SB loss will do to you.
  11. Some people rather post about where they WANT the coaster to go, not about figuring out where it will actually go. I think we have done some decent work deciphering the ID codes.
  12. You might have just got it. That makes a lot of sense. Right color, right code number (remember, as pointed out before, that B&M made standups before sitdowns, so the SC might very well be for standup), and it also makes sense for the customer to be "X-works" - Darien Lake may very well pick up the pieces (assuming they just replacing one or two dozen pieces). Edit: Yes, its Intamin, damn.
  13. Let me correct myself, I do believe that Sheikra picture is of a support. Check this out. This is from Goliath at SFOG. Now the one from Sheikra. Notice that there are some differences, most likely because B&M changed the ID tags a little. "Lot" has become "Batch" and they now put the full part # code in the "Desc" box, while only putting the part code "last 5 digit group" in the "Part #" field. If you compare this to Goliaths, you will see that the full part numbers do match up. MC-E50-146-C46L1 compared to DM-C50-157-C57L1 (notice that the last 5 digits are the part number)
  14. We are saying that DM, SC, etc means the coaster type ONLY on the sections labeled "track element". Everything else is different. So far we have seen "track element" pieces with similar codes and they ALL seem to correspond to their coaster type. The non-track element pieces (Lift, Midcourse brakes, transer, etc) also all have a similar code, which doesn't identify the type of coaster. The picture you posted of Sheikra is a non-track element, thus it is different from the "track element" pieces. I'm actually trying to figure out what that picture is of, as it is much different from anything else we have seen. The "Desc" is a whole code, that does in fact identify it as a Dive Machine. Then you also have it labeled as Batch A3 and Sequence 3, all the other codes have Sequence 1 and nothing labeled next to "Batch". The Part number is also very different. I don't think that is a track piece at all, and probably not a support or pipe, as I saw a picture of a support piece labeled as "pipe".
  15. Ok, that picture does make sense. It says "Element M2?", unlike the "Track Element" that the other photos says, and the number does match up with the "Lift Element" and "Transfer Element". It must be something else, maybe station element or something? The code is: V15-026-M1 Matches with the "lift" and "transfer" elements F64-055-T4 L21-012-L2 I'm not sure exactly what the numbers mean on the non-track elements. For the "track element" pieces, The first group is the type of coaster, second is some sort of generic ID, and the third is "TE" - meaning "track element"? and the number in the sequence.
  16. No, that does make sense. Pieces #119 and #120 were next to each other, right before the splash down and piece #129 was right after the splash down, connecting it to the brake run. They are sequential.
  17. It could be, but wouldn't they follow the pattern and use the abbreviation FC instead of just F? MC - Mega Coaster DM - Dive Machine LC - Laying Down Coaster IC - Inverted Coaster SC - Sitting Coaster? so FC - Floorless Coaster EDIT: I'm now pretty sure that picture doesn't denote "F" as the abbreviation for Floorless Coaster. I just took a look at the "track element" codes and they all seem to share a similar pattern. Mystery Coaster: SC-R00-TE062 Dive Coaster: DM-E00-TE002 Patriot: IC- E00-TE003 Crystal Wings: LC-E00-TE015 Now if you look at the Lift Hill picture from Batman: The Dark Knight, there are similarities to the Scream picture you posted. I believe that because this is a non-element track piece, it would have a much different labeling, likely not denoting the type of coaster (such as the L denoting lift element on B:TDK). http://rcdb.com/ig1549.htm?picture=6 If you bunch up the numbers like in that picture, you get Batman Lift Element: L21-012-L2 Scream Number: F64-055-T4 I'm not sure what the F stands for, but I think the T stands for Transfer track.
  18. So according to your football "knowledge", the 2007 Patriots offense was an absolute and total fluke. The whole offensive in 07 was "we are going to pass on you and there is nothing you can do to stop us... and it worked... it worked as the highest scoring offense in the history of the NFL". If your team's passing game is so dominant that teams have trouble stopping it, even without any deception, then there is no need to have a strong running game. However, the Cardinals offense HAS a strong running game (as of the playoffs) to go along with that amazing passing game. Consistency during the playoffs is what is important, not consistency during the regular season. The Patriot was has always been to play the best at the end of the season/playoffs. The last 3 Superbowl Champions have been the teams that weren't all that dominant during the regular season but peaked in the playoffs. The '05 Steelers vs a "stronger regular season" Seahawks, The '06 "Worst rushing defense in the history of the NFL" Colts over the Bears, The '07 "Worst SB team in NFL History" Giants vs The "18-0" Patriots. During the playoffs, you can all but throughout the regular season. All that matters is what teams have done recently. Having said that, I still believe the Steelers are a great team and they might very well win, but it will be a close game and I like the Cardinals offense to be able to get it done in the end. Also, bringing up that Patriots vs Steelers game, it wasn't as simple as you stated. The Patriots made some terrible mistakes that had nothing to do with the Steelers (Moss' dropped TD catch that would have given us the lead at the end of the half, the fumbled KO to start the 2nd half... etc). The Patriots made some bad mistakes, a lot of them giving the Steelers great field position.
  19. I think the old "defense wins championships" saying is just plain WRONG. Yes, you NEED a defense, but you also need good offense and special teams to go along with it. The most important thing is having balance. There is a reason why the Ravens haven't won much of anything in a while; they have no offense. Second, I don't believe a team necessarily needs to be consistent throughout the regular season to become a dominant cohesive group in the playoffs. The Cardinals have had a great offense all season, but they have just recently started to emphasize the running game (Edgerrin James can still be a great back). Obviously, their real strength on offense is the passing game and Fitzgerald is absolutely unstoppable right now. The Superbowl will be played in Tampa, so I would expect the Cardinals to be able to do what ever they want on offense. The defense has really come together in the playoffs and is playing with a ton of intensity. Yes, they were inconsistent and pretty bad during the regular season, but that really doesn't matter, all that matters is how they are playing currently. You only need to look at the 2006 Colts to see how irrelevant the regular season is. Factor in that Hines Ward has a knee injury and might very well not be able to play and it becomes a close game. I think it comes down to the wire and I like Kurt Warner and that Cardinals offense to be able to get the winning drive.
  20. I liked the idea of the viral marketing through this X-works site, but it looks legit. I took a look through some of the websites it lists as a publisher and they all seem to check out.
  21. It looks massive, but I'm still a bit worried about a lack of airtime in those gigantic hills. They are all so very tall.
  22. I like my online gamertag - Puppy(s)onacid... Seriously, I think Maggie or Millie would be great, but my favorites would be: Comet Thunderbolt Lightning if male - Drachen Toro Raven Cylone is good Goudurix
  23. Thanks for the clarification. I'd read somewhere that they decided to put in the extra helix so that the final helix would be less intense (train traveling slower). That and the fact that Goliath is generally ranked higher than Titan never made me question it.
  24. I have only been to Holiday World pre-voyage and I would definitely rather visit HW than SFOT and VF. For me, its all about the coasters; quality and intense coasters. Holiday World has 3 of the best wooden coasters on the planet (I've heard Voyage is insane), the park has a great atmosphere, free soda, and great food. I should also note I am a big wooden coaster fan. Another factor is, are you looking to ride NEW rides, or are you fine with clones/rides you have already been on? I for one could already scratch off Batman:TR, Flashback, and Titan to an extent (I've ridden Goliath at SFMM, which from what I've heard, is far more intense - helix from hell). The rest of the roller coasters are average to good - at best. If you want a trio of the best wooden coasters on the planet, go to HW. If you want volume, go to SFOT. From a rating standpoint, HW has the #2 (Voyage), #14(Raven) , and #34(Legend) best wooden roller coasters in the world. SFOT top 4 coasters rank #56(B:TR), #79 (Texas Giant), #82(Titan), #92(MR. Freeze).
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