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  1. Matt Cassell has looked good so far, right? So let me get this straight. If Manning had a season with below-average receivers, but made do, and they left and fell off the earth, all we would hear is about how Manning was so good given the lack of talent he had and that he made bad receivers look good. When it's Brady and the Patriots, its just the system. I already broke down HOW Cassell managed to have a good season in 2008. His first 3 months were about game management. He had a 1:1 TD-INT ratio and didn't have a deep game. Once he had 10+ games under his belt and got comfortable, then he started having great success. The guy is smart. The only thing that is a "system" about our offense is that it is SMART. Our passing game relies on smart receivers running accurate routes and making smart adjustments. Brady relies on his receivers to be able to read the field as he does and make the same adjustments. That is why it is hard to be a receiver for NE and why you see Galloway struggling right now. Anyways, I think this year Brady will deserve even more credit, since it seems he is playing an even bigger role at calling/changing plays since we really don't have an offensive coordinator. I can't wait to see what this offense can do once Brady has shaken off all his rust.
  2. EPIC list... Yeah, I guess I got a little caught up in it and forgot about the "little know" point of it. Then again, most people today don't have a clue about even the Jazz legends from the past.
  3. This should be fun: Alcatrazz - Nothing says 80's cheese more than a Metal band (with some hair ) with a guy who can't sing and a neo-classical shredder (Yngwie Malmsteen) and the freak Steve Vai. Billy Joel - this is a tough one, but I have to go with the piano man. Wrote some amazing songs (GREAT arrangements and instrumentation) and great lyricist. Charlie Parker - one of the alltime Jazz greats Dave Brubeck - LOVE his approach at fusing classical and jazz. Another jazz piano giant Eric Johnson - One of the "sexiest" guitar tones I've ever heard, great phrasing and song writing. Frank Sinatra - He is THE sound Grateful Dead - Despite the fact I don't listen to them anymore, theywere my childhood Herbie Hancock - Funk-jazz fun Impellitteri, Chris - By default only J - This is just too hard to pick one, so I'll cheat: Jaco Pastorius - Greatest Jazz bassist to ever live Jimi Hendrix - Most influential rock guitarist Joe Satriani - My favorite instrumental rock guitarist John Coltrane - My favorite saxophonist Keith Jarrett - writes most beautiful piano pieces, amazing "touch" Larry Carlton - Great Jazz-fusion guitarist M - I need to put 3, because I just can't leave them out Mike Stern - One of my favorite Jazz-fusion guitarists Miles Davis - legendary McCoy Tyner - My favorite jazz pianists, has the best rhythmic/dynamic style Ornette Coleman - One of the only "avant garde" type jazz musicians I enjoy Pat Metheny - My favorite musician, his "voice/taste" is parallel to mine. His Pat Metheny Group (Lyle Mays) write amazing, epic pieces fused with many genres. Queen - "Is this the real life?" Yes Rammstein... just kidding, Return to Forever - pretty big Chick fan, some great fusion Steve Vai - LOVE his "feel". His music just drips with emotion. Tower Of Power - AWSOME jazz funk group U2 - Best pop sound from the 80s/90s Victor Wooten - Favorite bassists aside of Jaco, his group is great fun Weather Report/Wayne Shorter - Great Jazz fusion group from the 70s (Birdland, baby) and Shorter is one great saxophonist. Planet X - By default, though I do kind of like Derek. Yes - The sound I also wanted Dream Theater to have Yngwie Malmsteen - I almost left him off the list, but I just couldn't resist. He was great fun to "grow" through. Frank Zappa - Awesome Jazz-Rock with a GREAT Sax, amazingly quirky melodies and lines, and raunchy fun lyrics. So, yeah, I cheated a little bit, but hey, it's my list!
  4. Why not a '04-'06 Audi A4? You want something fun! All kidding aside, I'd go with the Mazda. But, then again, I really don't like either car.
  5. Ahh, it's just a U2 rip off. I don't like most Pop music, but U2's early stuff is great. Not so much a fan of their more recent, poppy material.
  6. Hmmm, I wonder how that was.... Yeah, it sucked. As you know, the ride ops (at least at Cyclone) were really jerks. I still can't believe they didn't let me get the last ride in. After being informed that the park would close at 1:30, I get on Cyclone for the last ride. I get back to the station and there is a couple waiting for the front, so they announce this will be the final run, as the line was cut off. So I figure "Ok, there's no line, last ride, I'm sure they won't have a problem letting me reride". WRONG. I sit in the back, waiting for them to check restraints, when the ride op looks at me, then at the guy checking restraints. He then told me I couldn't reride, I tried to reason with him "What? It's the last ride. I know you don't allow rerides, but come on, it's the last ride, you guys decided to close early, this is the least you can do to satisfy a guest." Nope. "Sorry, you can't ride". "Come on." "No". What jerks. Next time, I'm not going to be so polite. If they have to throw me out of the park, so be it. What ever happened to customers first? Oh well, can't wait to see you at Compounce Friday where they ALLOW rerides. No Nazi ride ops there.
  7. His early years weren't quite as bizarre. I just wonder what he will be like when he is an old man. Will he still do his route, will he go "normal", or just retire?
  8. You don't like Superman, Matt?! It's certainly my #1. To me, it is the perfect roller coaster. It's LOADED with ejector airtime, not that lame, sissy "floater" airtime. I wanna feel like the restraints aren't going to hold and I'm going to die. It has a ridiculous first drop. It has 2 AWESOME tunnels, 2 of the most intense helices, an amazing layout, great overbanked turn, and ends with 3 killer-bunny hops. I don't particularly like a lot of the Bizarro elements (the audio is annoying), but it is still EASILY my #1. As for Millennium Force, I like the ride, but it just lacks intensity apart from the first drop. There really isn't any ejector air (as opposed to the 8+ on Bizarro) and lacks great, forceful helices. I think once I305 opens, Millennium might not see a top 10 list ever again.
  9. Is this a joke? I hate most clones, but I actually DO like the B:TR layouts. How could you say it's a boring layout? It's amazingly intense and is element after awesome element. Loop followed by the typically awesome B&M Zero-G-Roll, another disorienting loop. Then it has a great, forceful, helix, turn around into a forceful flat spin, quick turn into another disorienting flatspin over the vertical loop and swooping into the brakes. Sounds awesome to me. SLC's have an alright layout, but it is not very forceful, has way to many weak spots, and they can be so rough you feel like you got thrown into a UFC match. So, if you like quality, intense, smooth rides, B&M is a no brainer.
  10. Man, I'm getting CREAMED in the Steel Coaster FFB league. First week AP and Reggie Wayne went nuts. The second week Brady throws a stinker, Brees throws a gem, Gore has a career day running the ball, and the Vikings D destroyed DET. I supposedly have a projected slight-edge this week, but I'm sure someone on Jim's team will have a career day and ruin it for me!
  11. I'm trying (unsuccessfully, of course) to stop playing COD 4 (it's hard, I'm "L33T") and focus on crushing $5+.50 Sit'n'Go's on FTP. I just have the hardest time keeping my focus for more than an hour or 2 with online poker, I'm a brick and mortar kinda guy.
  12. Mike541X BUCKETHEAD!!!! It's in the chicken coop! I used to be totally into this guy. He is great around Halloween, for sure. I wonder if he will ever go back to "normal" music.
  13. I like Muse in small doses. They use WAY to many of the same progressions and harmonies over and over and over... and over.. again. It really is the same style, sound, structure, instrumentation just slightly altered. Way to repetitive for my taste. That and the whole "goth" thing.
  14. Prove me wrong. Most Superbowl winners have great franchise QBs. Just about every single team to win a Superbowl had to have a ton of breaks go their way along the way(including QBs). Most great Quarterbacks had great coaching staff and receivers around them. I have already provided plenty of evidence to support that. 2nd. No one has actually explained what this "system" is that makes Brady so good. I've already explained that the offense isn't very different from any other team with a good QB. The "system" refers to valuing players. Seriously, If you are going to call me wrong, please give supported arguments WHY. Please, tell me what this "system" is. Please tell me why Brady's 07 season was a fluke and shouldn't count. Is saying that having 2 great receivers the difference between 28 TDs a season and 50 really that outragous? Sounds pretty reasonable to me. The way some people make Belichick out it would seem that everyone else is in the Candian League and Belichick has never been out coached...
  15. And how is that NOT the case with EVERY other QB or player? It takes a whole team effort and a bit of luck to win a SB and it is that way for everyone. Also, don't just play the "Oh, its the coaching staff". Are you seriously about to suggest that Bill Walsh isn't an all-time great Coach? How about Don Shula? This "System" thing is completely misunderstood. EVERY coach tries to put their players in the best scenario to perform well and win. The real "System" that Belichick uses is fairly simple: Get maximum value. It simply means that you don't over pay for players, you don't give huge contracts to aging vets, you focus on drafting great tallent in the middle to late rounds and you balance the roster correctly. It ISNT some mystical scheming. The Patriots offense isn't different from anything any other teams do. It is simply effective. Why? Brady. It is SOO tough to defend agains the Pats because they do have many weapons now (Moss, Welker, etc) but because Brady is so good at reading the defense. If you overpursue and rush too much, he'll kill you with slants and screens. If you sit back and coverage, he'll pick you appart with underneath routes and hand the ball off. If you start to stack the box, he'll find Moss single covered for a huge gain. He takes what the defense gives him and it is REALLY hard to take away the entire field. Also, don't just stereo type that young people haven't seen Montana, Elway, Untis, Marino, etc play. I'm going to let you in on a little secret, there is actually GAME FOOTAGE of many many classic games! I enjoy watching games from years past and watching the alltime greats, so yes, I have actually WATCHED them play, and yes, they ARE amazing. I never took anything away from those guys. To address the idea that Cassel is just a product of this mythical "system". Cassel isn't as bad a QB as most of us thought before 2008. He knew the playbook and had 4 years of learning from Brady and Belichick. He did benefit from having a great core of receivers, no doubt. The thing I look the most at, though, is his progression. The first half of the season was basically just game management. He focused on short, high-percentage passes. He handed the ball off. As he gained experience and confidence his game expanded. Here is a break down of his season: Sept: 66.7% Cmp, 2 TD, 1 INT, 6.22 Y/A, 87 QB Rating Oct: 65.4% Cmp, 5 TD, 5 INT, 7.2 Y/A, 83.3 QB Rating Nov: 63.3% Cmp, 6TD, 4 INT, 7.15 Y/A, 86.3 QB Rating Dec: 59.3% Cmp, 8 TD, 1 INT, 7.7 Y/A, 102.7 QB Rating As he gained confidence/experience he started to open up the field, thus his comp % dropped and his Y/A increased. His first 3 months he was just over a 1:1 TD - INT ration, again, he wasn't trying to pick up the team. By the last quarter of the season he had built up his experience to the point where he could start to attempt to win games with his arm. Now, again, having Moss and Welker was a HUGE advantage. We saw how big of an impact having great recievers can have when Brady had the greatest QB season ever in 07. BUT this wasn't the case of Cassel just sitting back and letting some "system" do the work for him.
  16. What? I can't use a word just because it is labeled "dirty"? Really? How is it dirty or offensive when I'm using the word to describe how they play? They are shitty receivers = they are terrible, crappy, awful, bad, etc etc. How is that offensive?
  17. Alright Guys, lets all take a step back and I'll address these points. How does this make sense? I proved the point that he had receivers made of poo. Who ever considered those guys "great" when they were with the Pats? You obviously have never followed the team or its fans. Any knowledgeable Pats fan was pissed at the fact Brady never had any good receivers. We HATED Caldwell when he was with the team. We realized Gafney was average at best, we realized Chad Jackson was a bust, we knew Troy Brown was too old, we knew Ben Watson had butterfingers. Just because we supported the team does not mean we thought those players were any good. Belichick didn't go sign Gafney because he was "perfect for the system". He signed him because the team DESPERATELY needed receivers and he didn't want to break the bank. Gafney didn't have some amazing career in NE, he actually had a reduced roll (and less impressive stats) than what he did in TB. Again, you are miss using the word "system". The "system" isn't what made these receivers usable, it was Brady. I'm NOT saying that Montana and Elway weren't good. They WERE amazing. Marino, Montana, Elway, etc were all GREAT QBs. If I had to pick a QB to build my franchise, you bet Montana would be right up there at the top of the list. I'm simply arguing that Brady belongs on that list. 114 games is a pretty good sample size.
  18. OMG where to begin! I'm fed up with the people that call Tom Brady a "system" QB. It doesn't exist. There is no such thing as a "system" QB. It was just a phrase created to undermine the greatness that is Brady. I'm sick of shitty music. I just can't stand it anymore, it literally drives me crazy. I honestly can't take having to be in the vicinity of any shitty music (most pop, hip hop, rap, some country, metal, etc). I'm taking music back, damn it! It's war! I'm sick of slow people. Yes, just slow people. They slow me down... I'm sick of babies. I'm sick of lines. I'm sick of waiting... for anything. I'm sick of having to sleep. It's a waste of my time. I'm sick of not having a poker bankroll. I'm sick of slow drivers and traffic lights. I'm sick of smokers. I'm sick of alcohol. I'm sick of ...people... OK, I think that about does it for today.
  19. I think there are 2 problems with this. 1. High end performance/luxary cars are almost always going to be expensive to maintain. 2. A LOT of the people who complain about German cars being nightmares either weren't aware that nice cars cost money to maintain or they (or the previous owners) didn't take proper care of the vehicles. I own an '01 Audi A4 1.8QT and although I've run into minor problems, it's been very durable and it drives like a dream. Sure, $1K+ for a 70K mile service sucks, but you get what you pay for. So long as you take good care of the cars, they shouldn't cost too much more than what's expected. It's when you neglect problems and services that it can get costly. Point is, if you can't afford it, don't buy it or you have no right to complain. If you want a car that will run for ever and you don't need to put money into, buy a Jap car. I enjoy driving, though, so I won't ever consider such boring cars.
  20. I had a nightmare last night that I was driving through the neighborhood with squeaky wheels and everyone was looking at me, then I hit a car trying to park or something. Then i woke up and was relieved "Its just a dream! My car is fine!".
  21. I don't understand where this "Just the Defense" or "System QB" came from. First off, the defense was 1st in the league just once. In the 03-04 stretch it was one of the best in the league, but it was middle of the pack in 01-02 and it has been VERY suspect since 05. Second, when did Brady ever have a great offense around him? "System" is a meaningless term. Everything is a system and obviously any good coach is going to build the "system" around the players or vice verse. Every QB is a system QB (unless the coach is an idiot). If anything, I'd argue that guys like Montana and Manning are/were even MORE of a "system" QB than Brady. They were put in a system to utilize their talent to the max where as Brady wasn't. Montana was giving a great offense (with great receivers). Manning was giving the same (Wayne, Harrison, Clark, James, Addai - holy CRAP!). It should be just the opposite. Brady should get MORE credit for putting together great seasons with receivers made of poo, not less. All you have to do is look at 2006 to see that Belichick realized Brady needed something to work with. He had JAGS on that offense (35 yo Troy Brown, Reche "bugeyes" caldwell, Watson, Gabriel, Graham, Gafney, etc). Those are NOBODYS. Belichick did what most any other coach would do, get Brady some playmakers to throw to. He does and look what happens. How can you say it is just a fluke that Brady has a ridiculous year when he finally gets great receivers? He put up good/great numbers with shitty receivers, so it only stands for reason to think that he will (and does) put up ridiculous numbers with good/great receivers. I just don't get where the criticism comes from. The knock against Brady was always that he doesn't put up the stats (like Manning) each year and that his WRs were terrible. Up until 07 everyone only thought "Could Brady put up Manning like numbers with good WRs?". He answered that decisively in 07. The other thing that I don't think you give much credit to is the era. You keep talking about how the other guys (Montana, Marino, etc) played when you mainly run the ball. I think you aren't looking at the right aspects. Those guys (Marino and Montana) played during an UNCAPPED era. The 49ers had a vastly superior team because they paid all the stars. Montana had a TON of play makers to work with on offense. Marino had an amazing O-line and 2 great receivers. Compared to Brady, who played during an Era that wasn't supposed to have dynasties, made the most with average receivers, winning 3 SuperBowls. I honestly doesn't see how someone can argue that it was tougher to win (as a QB) in an uncapped ERA vs a capped one. Really, though, I think the problem will always come down to this: People either give Belichick all the credit or Brady all the credit. No, let me correct that. When they talk about Brady, he is called a "system QB" and they say it is just all Belichick. When they talk about Belichick, they say he has just made a career from Brady. Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it to.
  22. Steel Coaster League - Take 5 - (Kyle Legg) AP single-handedly destroyed my team!
  23. I don't get where this "system QB" comes from. He made a career out of using average-below average receivers to the best of their ability. He finally gets a great group of WRs (Moss and Welker), which I might add just about EVERY great QB has had, and he goes and has the greatest single season EVER. For those who don't want to put Brady in their Top 5 alltime, here is some food for thought: Brady: 7 full seasons 199 TD, 87 INT (2.3:1 TD/INT), 63.1 Cmp%, 5.4 TD%, 2.3 INT%, 7.2 Y/A, 93.0 QB Rating Season averages: 3,866 yds, 28.7 TD, 12.5 INT. Record: 87-24 for 78% win Playoffs: 233 yds/G, 1.53 TD/G, 0.71 INT/G, 62.5 Cmp %, 6.65 y/a, 88.0 QB rating Playoff Record: 14-3, 3 SB wins, 2 SB MVPs, 82% win Compare that to the "top 5" you picked: Elway: 300 TD, 226 INT (1.33:1 TD/INT), 56.9 Cmp%, 4.1 TD%, 3.1 INT%, 7.1 Y/A, 79.9 QB Rating Season averages: 3,565 yds, 20.8 TD, 15.7 INT Playoffs: 225.6 yds/G, 1.23 TD/G, 0.95 INT/G, 54.5 Cmp %, 7.0 y/a, 79.7 QB Rating Record: 148-82-1 for 64% win Playoff Record: 14-7, 2 SB wins, 1 SB MVP, 66.6% win Marino: 420 TD, 252 INT (1.66:1 TD/INT), 59.4 cmp %, 5.0 TD %, 3.0 INT %, 7.3 y/a, 86.4 QB rating Season Average: 4,090 yds, 28 TD, 16.8 INT Playoffs: 250 yds/G, 1.78 TD/G, 1.33 INT/G, 56 Cmp %, 6.56 y/a, 77.1 QB rating Record: 147-93 for 61% win Playoff Record: 8-10 Montana: 273 TD, 139 INT (1.96:1 TD/INT), 63.2 Cmp %, 5.1 TD %, 2.6 INT %, 7.5 y/a, 92.3 QB rating Season Average: 3,956 yds, 26.6 TD, 13.5 INT Playoffs: 251 y/g, 1.95 TD/G, 0.91 INT/G, 62.7 Cmp %, 7.86 y/a, 95.6 QB Rating Record:117-47 for 71% win Playoff Record: 16-7 for 70% win, 3 SB MVPs Unitas: 290 TD, 253 INT (1.15:1 TD/INT), 54.6 Cmp %, 5.6 TD %, 4.9 INT %, 7.8 Y/A, 78.2 QB Rating Season Average: 3,561 yds, 24.9 TD, 21.8 INT Playoffs: 185 yds/G, 0.77 TD/G, 1.1 INT/G, 53.1 Cmp %, 7.36 Y/A, 68.9 QB Rating Record:118-64-4 for a 63% win Playoff Record: 6-2 for a 66% win Favre: 465 TD, 310 INT ( 1.5:1 TD/INT), 61.6 Cmp %, 5.0 TD %, 3.3 INT %, 7.0 Y/A, 85.5 QB Rating Season Averages: 3,880 yds, 27.7 TD, 18.4 INT Playoffs: 241 yd/g, 1.77 TD/G, 1.27 INT/G, 60.7 Cmp %, 7.37 y/a, 85.2 QB Rating Record: 169-100 for 63% win Playoff Record: 12-10 for 55% win So out of that list only Montana has had the better playoff career (going by record AND stats). Brady has the HIGHEST TD to INT ratio EVER. Also, you have to consider the offense built around the QB. Warner had his best years with the Rams amazing offense and has been good/great (but not out of this world) since then. Peyton had Harrison, Wayne and Dallas Clark for most of his career Montana had Rice Marino had Clayton and Duper Favre had Sharpe and Driver The Best receiver Brady had before 07 was Branch, who really wasn't all that great (never had a 1000 yard season or more than 5 TDs). Take a look at what happened to Patriot WRs out of NE. Welker wasn't used well, Moss had his best season here, Caldwell disappeared after we released him, Branch has been awful since leaving, etc. Moss and Welker show up and Brady has the best single season ever. I don't think that was a fluke...
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