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  1. Who is Big Mike not to take care of a Valuable Big Mike Reader request??? OK, I know lots of you love to make some extra cash on Big Mike's LOCK CITY picks, so here we go again this year!!! Week #4 BIG MIKE LOCK CITY PICK OF THE WEEK: CHARGERS OVER STEELERS getting 6 1/2 points!! LT comes back this week and Parker goes out this week, big changes! Pitt has looked terrible all year, take the bolts and rack up the cash courtesy of Big Mike! Not looking to good right now. You picked the worst possible game to go against the Steelers.
  2. Hahahahaha. Reliable eh? hahaha. Anyone else find that funny? I've never heard anything unreliable about any of the plug'n'play coasters.
  3. If they want to stay away from wooden coasters because of maintenance issues, then Intamin would be the perfect choice. Their plug'n'play coasters don't require the amount of maintenance that normal would and repairs/track replacement is very easy. They are clearly some of the most popular (and reliable) wooden coasters and company.
  4. ^ We were talking about the Raven. Honestly, I don't know how you could think the Raven was overrated. It is a great great wooden coaster. It has a good first drop into a tunnel, tons of airtime, great laterals, an awesome turn over the water, and it's a terrain coaster that flies through the woods. I do think Thunder Run is a decent coaster, but lets not go overboard here.
  5. You're in CT, Compounce and SFNE are still open weekends. I'm heading to Compounce Friday and SFGADV Saturday. I can't wait.
  6. Yeah, I'm not to confident for my team in the playoffs. Unless Beckett gets healthy real fast, Lester pitches perfectly, and Matsuzaka returns to '08 form, I don't think we will get far. I also don't think we will win any game that Varitek starts. He can't hit or throw anyone one out. The Angles are going to have a field day running on us if they get on base.
  7. I don't want to see a B&M Flier at BGE, I'm not a big fan of he concept. Even though I realize they would NEVER do this, I'd LOVE to see an Intamin mega-lite in that spot (imagine a terrain mega-lite ). I think a good Gravity Group terrain wooden coaster would be insane as well.
  8. Cool. While I was driving down to SFNE Sunday I kept seeing all these signs (billboards, parking, etc) for the "Big E" and I kept thinking "WTF is this?" At first I thought it was like the YMCA, but a billboard with park rides made me think a fair, but then I saw a sign for live entertainment, I was soooo confused. If only I had known, I might have stopped by after SFNE closed at 1:30 that afternoon. It's pretty sad to think I was a Masshole for most of my life and I didn't know they had a big state fair.
  9. I was just about to post the same thing, but figured "it's almost 8pm, it's not like it's going to be light enough to see anything". Anyways, I was thinking maybe it's ran droplet on the lens + it's dark out?
  10. Nah, your fine. I've done "marathon" sessions (20+ rerides) on many Arrow loopers (GASM, Viper at SFDL, Anaconda at KD, and Vortex at KI) along with a session of about 20 total rides (only 8 straight before a short, walk around break) on Son Of Beast (back when it opened) in a downpour. I love classic arrow multiloopers, but I don't think I'll be doing many rerides on coasters like Son of Beast again... especially not in a downpour.
  11. 19/20 , That was one of the easier Quiz's he has had (either that, or my nerdness is expanding. Scary...). and the only one I got wrong was because I mixed up the park in my head (Heide park and Liseberg).
  12. I'm not sure extra care will bump it up 50+ spots. Thunder Run is an decent wooden coaster, not great, not amazing, and certainly not top 10. I mentioned those other parks because Holiday world has one of the best Wooden coasters in the world, a top 10-15 wooden (Raven) and a pretty-good wooden in "legend". On the other side, you have Kings Island, where, yes, the Beast might not be as good as it used to be, but the park still has a very strong coaster lineup, including Diamondhead. I'm just saying, it's a weak park with 2 world class parks fairly close by.
  13. Who cares about thunder run when you have the "Beast", "Voyage", "Raven", and "Legend" all within in hour of the park, not to mention "Diamondback". When I did Kentucky Kingdom back in ('04?), Chang AND Twisted Twins were both open and I STILL ONLY did the park because it was on the way to Holiday World. With those 2 gone, I'm not sure it would even be worth a "just passing by" visit, let alone a full day or destination.
  14. That is the WHOLE reason I said it. They don't suck, they are the opposite of suck and I can't stand it. I WANT them to suck, but they never do!
  15. Yeah, I didn't realize I was writing "quiet" as "Quite" . The TO example was a bit much. Yeah, the guy was a bit of a problem teammate... but still one of the best receivers in the game. As for Randy, I have never heard anything from anybody IN football that makes him out to be anything but a great teammate. Sure, he had his antics on the field (the moon, water bottle, etc) and off the field (Straight Cash, Homie; Parking meter cop, etc), but when it came to teammates, he was always a leader. The only "problems" he ever had was with Culpepper, but I think that had more to do with Culpepper having a problem with Randy and the fact that the coach actually sided (and stuck) with Culpepper over Moss.
  16. It's the quite one's you have to watch out for! Yeah, no doubt. They always made him out to be "quite" strength but now it turns out, it was just BS. The guy just acting "quite strength" to the media. I've heard that the guy wasn't a great teammate, he would make comments away from the camera, sit on a corner of the bench alone, wouldn't celebrate and hang out with other teammates. If there is anything that would take credibility away from the press, this would be it. They portray Randy Moss and TO as "trouble makers" and "locker room cancers" when they are actually great teammates. Meanwhile, an actually team cancer they portray as a "quite strength" and "class citizen". It's all about selling papers. EDIT: Ok, who is the wise guy! "Lo cker" is somehow being transformed into "bunny goo, blah blah blah"? WTF?
  17. I'm not arguing that Mac is charging absurd price for applications, I'm just saying that applications made for Mac cost an absurd amount. It doesn't matter who is charging the price, the problem is that you have to pay it (if you want it). I just care more about "bang for my buck" and customizability. PC is the way to go in that regard. The only reason I have a Macbook Pro is because I was forced to get one for my college. If I had the choice, I would have spend $1500 to build my own desktop PC. I would have control over everything, I would have a machine FAR more powerful than the Macbook Pro, and I would have access to cheaper software. Software is a biggie for me. I use TONS of freeware for PC and it is hard to find the right freeware for Mac. I'm cheap, I don't like to pay for stuff. I download tons of media (games, movies, tv shows, applications, etc) and find it a lot easier to do what I want and find what I want on a PC. I guess I just don't see the point in spending more for something that isn't superior to the other product. Mac are trendy, no doubt, but they just don't have the price-to-power that PC does.
  18. That game looks SWEET! I'm still owning on COD 4, just downloaded Crash Course for L4D, and got the Forza 3 demo.
  19. Definitely go with the Dell. I have a Macbook Pro... and I hate it. It's so incredibly overpriced, it's insane. I HATE the operating system too, I just want more freedom and quite frankly, most software is made for PC, NOT Mac. To me, Mac are all about the looks, not about substance. Save yourself some money and buy the dell. Easier to upgrade, more freedom of use, and far more fun. Ignore all those "Oh, but they go slow, and VIRUSES!!!". As long as you take care of your computer, you won't have any problems. Don't get Vista, either. Go with Windows XP Pro. (Nothing pisses me off more than Mac charging $60 bucks for a 4 year old game that sells for $10 on PC. Their prices are beyond absurd.)
  20. Glad I don't live anywhere near this park. While expanding the water park might do the place some good, as someone who never goes to water park, I couldn't care less. So lets see, Twisted Twins is still closed and fate unknown and now they are moving Chang. So, exactly what good thrill rides are left?
  21. Thank you for making my point I didn't want to bring this back from the dead to have the thread locked again. I just wanted to give my perception on the conversation. However, I do have to say, Brady is getting the life thrown out of him this year. I'm surprised he is still standing and his arm is still connected to his body. I have to give him a lot of credit for that. Yeah, and the "throw the ball 50 times" strategy the first 2 games irritated me. The guy just came back from a year-long injury, ease him back in. He still needs to work on his mechanics and staying cool in the pocket, so let the running game help him out. And about the Casell comments, he looked alright this past Sunday. He had an injury, so he'll need some time to get set. Anyways, I think the fact that they traded away Thigpen shows how much confidence they have in Casell. On another Note, I almost feel bad for the Browns. As if they weren't going through enough, now they have to deal with Mangini completely destroying the team.
  22. Well, I'm not attacking the no-reride policy, but a little digression would be nice. It's the cold "no matter what, no budging, I don't care" attitude/policy I strongly disagree with.
  23. I LOVE Bizarro and TRY to love Cyclone (ejector air first drop is INSANE), but the park STILL makes me not want to go back. Almost every single visit they find someway to piss me off. Take last Sunday, for instance. It was raining, the park was dead, and they decided they would close early. Fine, I understand. The park policy is "no re-rides" no matter what. Even if there is not a single person in line, they won't let you reride. Fine, I understand the reasoning behind it. BUT, when you have the last ride of a shortened day with no one waiting in your row and the ride op YELLS at you to get off and wont let you get the last ride, that is when it pisses me off. These giant chains (and I'm not singling out Six Flags) have lost "customer is always right, customer first" mentality. Business used to do what ever they could to please customers (within reason) and now all they care about is being in the black. If it wasn't for Bizarro, I would never go back to SFNE.
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