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  1. I've always thought the Millennium Force logo to be the letter "M" in "coaster-script".
  2. Big Mike coming to NE! I can't wait to see you're schedule, I'd love to meet up at some parks.
  3. My very first ride on it was in the Front and I thought it was awesome... until I rode it in the back. I have never felt such extreme (and abundant) airtime in my life. I have never ridden in the front since. Once you go back, you never go... back ( )
  4. Best: Boulder Dash Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE) - yes, I'm still calling it SROS. Big Bad Wolf Worst: Ninja @ SFMM. No way to end a ride like a lift hill.
  5. Yeah, I'm calling BS on this. I didn't ever remember seeing trims ANYWHERE on the ride and after rewatching Robb's video, I'm sure. I didn't see any trims, there is only a anti-roll back chain right before the turn around. The topic poster must have confused it for a trim. Looks like a false alarm!
  6. Dont worry, before that turn Dash is still its old airtime filled self. The final hills are a little slower but not much. Now its a little slower, still some awesome airtime. Well, one of the things that put it back up towards the top spot was the ending. I LOVED how it felt completely out of control through the end run. It was INSANE. Toning it down even a little will take away the "almost jackhammering air-time" intensity.
  7. WHAT! NO! It can't be true! If they did, it better be un-trimmed for the Ocboulderfest. I'm not driving down to CT for crawling over boulders.
  8. You've got to be kidding me. There are MANY threads in the forum discussing this topic. Use the search function and read the rules. Asides from that, Welcome to TPR.
  9. As my favorite comedian would say "F*ck the children!". I'm not paying $50+ for mild rides (Ok, maybe I am also, but that's besides the point! ). BBW had some intense moments and that's what I loved about it. If they are tearing it down, it better be for a kick-as* coaster. I want an intense terrain coaster, no messing around. If they are going to replace such a great ride, it better be with something BETTER, not worse. And yes, that is my enthusiast opinion. It's the only opinion I really care about.
  10. If they didn't want to continue to put money into maintaining BBW, I'm not sure a wooden coaster would be a very good idea (unless of course it's Intamin). I'd love to see a great terrain wooden coaster back there, but I doubt they do that.
  11. Who knows, we already know Cedar Fair should be handing out at least 3 roller coasters this year (Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and Canada's Wonderland). I think as long as lot of people continue go to Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens, they will continue to provide new, thrilling rides. But, Who knows, you may be right. Blasphemy! This ride is an icon (to me at least). I'm totally disappointed. I was planning on visiting BGW in late Sept and now I'm going to miss the closing of BBW by a matter of weeks? Oh no. I'm kind of shocked they would actually take out a ride that is the signature of the park. When I think BGW, like most, I think of those bright yellow interlocking loops over the lake and that amazing drop along the river to the left. It's going to be a shame. They better not build a flyer. I can't stand flyers, they put me to sleep. If they are going to put in another coaster (which they better) I'm hoping for a terrain woodie with tons of speed and air or a great Intamin terrain.
  12. Very messed up, indeed. It looks like one track piece is fusing into another. Is that part of the cable housing under that track?
  13. Ever heard of Bud Smith or Clay Buckholz? Pitching a no hitter is great in the short term but not a long term indication of a pitcher's future... Well, Clay Buchholz is still one the top Red Sox pitching prospects. The problem he ran into was that the staff wanted him to change his delivery (to relieve stress on his arm) and it caused his breaking pitches to flatten out. He has since returned to throwing the way he used to and has been absolutely dominating in AAA. In his case, the no-no is a sign of a bright future.
  14. L4D (left 4 dead) and COD 4 (Call of Duty) are my 2 most frequently played games. I am a total addict to COD4, I'm working on become that insane sniper that keeps racking up insane kills and just wont die. I also still play GTA4 sometimes as well.
  15. I'm still not convinced that the "odd" piece is for the begining of the lift hill. As someone has pointed out, all the other lift hill peices already have the track and lift encasing attached to the truss supports (even the crest of the hill, etc), so why wouldn't the beginning of the lift? The cable lift has to come all the way down into the station (unless the train turns out of the station, but even then, the cable would have to engage the train before it makes it's ascent. Then again, maybe they need to install the cable lift mechanisms below the base of the lift hill before the track is fully assembled. I don't know. What I do know, though, is this is NOT be vertical. Also, that layout from the NL design just doesn't seem right. I doubt that is anything near what the real layout will be.
  16. I don't really care for the all-star festivities anymore. The players could use rest more than anything, especially when it comes to the Homerun Derby. Too many big sluggers had awful 2nd halfs after participating in the derby. The voting is often terrible. I remember Nomar being the leading voter a year or 2 ago, even though he only played for the first month of the season and would be ready until August. Also, as a Red Sox fan, I love Dustin Pedroia, but there is NO way he should be the starting 2nd baseman in the All-star game. There are at least 5 more deserving players (Aaron Hill, Ben Zobrist, Ian Kinsler, Robinson Cano, Alberto Callaspo).
  17. The Yankees and Rays are really making things interesting right now.
  18. Trial of Tears - Dream Theater. I just listened to a bit of the new album too (Black Clouds and Silver Lining). What happened to the DT I used to love? Everythings now dark, emo, goth, and heavy heavy metal.
  19. Michael wasn't the most talented or anything, he was just the most famous, ie, "King of Pop". Also, I'm not sure being the best "Pop" artist is something to really be proud of... Freddie Mercury was the man.
  20. For me, I'd probably say Alpengeist, Montu, and Top Gun (now Afterburner at Carowinds). Many have mentioned Kumba, yet I never found that it was intense. It's one of my favorite B&M coasters, but that is more to do with the layout than intensity.
  21. Nope, just the one that matters (SROS). Have you been to a park outside of this country?
  22. Reese's pieces. I don't eat them very often though, because Reese doesn't like to share.
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