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  1. Wow! That's amazing work so far. I can see I'm really going to have to really concentrate to beat your level of detail. It's a shame that your park will not be open to guests. I always prefer to see realistic looking parks that are peep friendly. Nevertheless, your entrance so far and your Impulse look great. My park is probably around 20%. I'm taking my time so as not to get bored but will hopefully be finished for the January 1st deadline. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New at Woodlands Park Apply for your Season Pass at Woodlands Park from today at the end of your post in the Stoksy's RollerCoaster Contest for free admission to Woodlands Park up to and including January 1st 2010. Your season ticket also include upto 15% off of the price of food, drink and merchandise bought in the park. This offer is bought exclusively to readers of Stoksy's RollerCoaster Contest at themeparkreview.com from Lucas Leisure Limited.
  2. I started playing it a couple months ago. Lags alot and became very boring very fast!
  3. Glad to see you enjoyed London. I've lived here all my life and I never get tired of it. By the by, if you walked through the arches in your Trafalger Square picture, you would have ended up at Buckinham Palace.
  4. ^ Using the 8Cars "Own All" function should be fine. I think you can use it in the scenario editor too. Anyways, time for a small update. A small hiatus followed by a brief period of creative block slowed down progress on Woodlands Park (name subject to change). However, I have managed to gain some more motivation after seeing some of the updates posted and knowing the skill of some of the people only just entering the contest. On to some pictures... SCR5.BMP An overview shot of the entire park so far SCR4.BMP An overview shot of "Canada Creek". Guests are floated into a cavern which ends at a 64ft drop and a very wet ending. SCR3.BMP "Cabin Fever" is a stunt show at the back of the park based at the Woodlands Arena SCR2.BMP The second coaster, Woodland Express is an Intamin rollerskater designed for the whole family to enjoy SCR1.BMP The feature coaster, Dryad (an Intamin Hyper) in the foreground with Rumble in the Jungle (a Huss TopSpin) in the background. The landscaping for RitJ was slightly motivated by Rameses Revenge at Chessington
  5. I think the best designers (Werner Stengal, John Wardley, etc.) know how to make a ride exciting just by using the landscape in the rea they have to play with. When it comes down to the themeing, as it has been said so many times, it depends on the park and it's budget.
  6. For me, it was Religious Education. The staff at my school just ran around like headless chickens when I told them I'm an aethiest. They kept putting me in that class for five years and wondered why I refused to do the work!
  7. Thorpe Park - 09.22.09 Tickets - Check Pizza Hut Buffet cash - Check Underarms - *sniff sniff* Antipersperant - Check
  8. I think this should be in the Rollercoaster Games, Models and other randomness forum. Check here: www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=49420 For the RCT3 Help topic. If there is a cheat code, someone here should know it.
  9. No. I being a tax accountant, I am more into the £1+£2=£3 minus income tax= £-18 kinda math Are you a tax accountant too?
  10. I'll be going to Thorpe Park next Tuesday, so I'll keep an eye on the new queue time system. I usually go mid-late September to avoid all the kids and as a result, shorter queues (hopefully). The way I see it, the day is what you make it. If you go with a bunch of mates and have a laugh then where's the problem, the time goes quicker. IMO, the queue will always be so long, anybody who goes reguarly will know what the queue times are gonna be so whether it says 45 mins or 2 shouldn't make a difference. At least they are putting up signs to explain the new 1, 2, 3 codes.
  11. ^ Please bare in mind that the Millennium Dome and all of it's expenses were funded by the UK taxpayers...including those that didn't go while it was open. The card in the picture says VIP so I'd imagine they may have got VIP treatment for the entirety of their visit
  12. Damn, that's a good looking score. I've just picked up RCT2 again to continue the park last night after a short break. I think I'm aiming for around 100-120 pts being my first contest entry and Thethrillseeker has definitely set the mark. Congrats Thethrillseeker.
  13. As much as I would like to see a B&M Launched Coaster, I must agree that I don't believe B&M will use any launch system until they have designed their own with at least 90% reliability. But I won't rule it out.
  14. ^ apologies for going off topic, but it's nice to see a future accountant on TPR. I was starting to feel lonely lol
  15. Yes; although only when I'm bored on my lunch break at work. Do you have any Christmas decorations still laying around that you haven't put away?
  16. ^ His name is Dirk Auer and the coaster is Mammoth at Tripsdrill in Germany. www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=51792&highlight=roller+skates
  17. ^ Certainly an ambitious sounding project. I may just keep an eye on this one.
  18. ^ For the purpose of keeping to the story, you have to bare in mind that Charleston Gardens has only just reopened. CD5 (aka the mangement) has bought in "Great Swings" to replace "Great Twist" to fill up the empty space. Depending on the finances of the park and attendance figures, we could hopefully see something new in the coming seasons. Eric PS: still loving the story, CD5. Keep it coming.
  19. Cool TR. I agree with your comment on lousy UK coasters. The price we pay for a government to concerned over health & safety and planning orders. PS - I counted only two rubber duckies
  20. Heck NO! I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan Are you excited over Chelsea's two transfer window ban?
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