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  1. Big Thunder Mountain - Disneyland, Paris February 2009 Zoomed veiw from Haunted Mansion
  2. Cool. I like how your kiddie area has developed. As for a name for the dark ride, something simple like... Darkastle could easily suit a kiddie area. Just a suggestion.
  3. Glad to see you've had a good time. I stayed at the same hotel in February and loved it. Looking forward to the next update. PS This character was the demon that featured for disney just once. For three minutes in the original Fantasia musical masterpiece.
  4. If you define a real kiss as longer than 5 seconds...NO Regular kisses - Yes Have you ever worn Lightening Blue mascara then gone out to a club until 4 in the morning?
  5. Or more precisely The FIFA World Cup Trophy
  6. On checking RCDB, this bloke also did the same stunt on the Gertslauer Bobsled Coaster, also at tripsdrill with a litre of beer. Apparantly, he broke his back on a test run but completed the stunt soon after recovery.
  7. www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?Man_rides_rollercoaster_on_rollerskates&in_article_id=706551&in_page_id=2 A mention to German Dirk Auer who sucessful made it around a complete curcuit of the Mammoth wooden coaster at Tripsdrill in Germany. But that's not all...he did it in specially made ROLLER SKATES. I have attached a link to the website for London's free morning newspaper metro.co.uk which also has a video. I have only one thing to say... OMFG!!! What are your thoughts?
  8. I personally am glad to finally see some more investment into Chessington WoA. The Disko Coaster will be a welcome addition to the parks line up of an albeit slowly improving list of exciting rides. I like the idea of the reptile theme of the "new" land sounds a good idea to join their zoological exhibits. Looks to me that Chessington are putting focus again on the zoo that paved the way to the park becoming what it is today, still needs alot of work though. Busch Gardens UK.....Well off the mark!
  9. www.rollercoastermodels.com/zeppelinpop42.html Check out this model of Led Zep from rollercoastermodels.com
  10. ^^ An amazing concept. I dare to wonder if any inspiration comes from Flamingoland's Mumbo Jumbo. I rekon, depending on the sucess of Mumbo Jumbo if this inversion is already being considered.
  11. Hi guys, I'm headed to Thorpe Park in September. While there, I'll be trying to get my hands on as many 2009 park maps as possible. If anybody wants one, PM me and I'll do my best to get as many as requested. Eric
  12. Thorpe Park - somewhere between 21 and 25 of September. Specifically wanted to go when all the kids go back to school. One of the perks of working, I choose my time off. Hopefully I'll be able to do my first TR! Anybody else going that week PM me
  13. My condolances to the Jackson Family and nothing more. But being British...1 small joke can't hurt can it. What the difference between Michael Jackon and Alex Ferguson... Alex will be playing Giggs in August! NB: if any members or mods find the joke disrespectful, PM me and I'll delete the post.
  14. Cool. I look forward to drooling over them. I read on the CD site some months back that Merlin Entertainment were testing your product. Is that true? If so, sign me up as the first purchaser of Nemesis Inferno Statix or track model if they consider it.
  15. Looking brilliant!!! Can you post the link for the pictures of TTD if they are available. I've been a fan of CD since I heard of you and purchased my own Scorpian. Sadly I had to pack it away due to a lack of space in my new flat. Will be looking forward to purchasing some of your Statix if they are available from your site??
  16. Your park is already improving leaps and bounds. The addition of a second colour to your Roto-Drop makes it look much better. I also very much like the concept of DBru's Iron Butterfly. How will you theme that ride? I'm loving your Euro-Fighter and as a name I was thinking *Benwood Disaster* with some form of memorial to the victims of the Benwood Mine Disaster in West Virginia in 1924. I've added the link below so you could read up on it from official records to possibly gain some inspiration Keep up the good progress. Eric "remind me later" Lucas www.wvculture.org/history/disasters/benwood03.html
  17. It's currently 23 *C and sunny in lovely London. Good thing too. I've got centre court tickets at Wimbledon today. C'mon Andy Murray!!
  18. Great Scandi TR's. Looking forward to you coming to the UK sometime. I'll have to make sure I'm near Thorpe Park when you get there.
  19. Joe Pasquale Ricky Gervais *sometimes* Jeff Dunham Steve Carrell *sometimes* Alan Davis The entire cast of "Who's Line is it Anyway"
  20. ^ & ^^ Life saving advice! I've been having the exact same problem with my Vista run 8Cars.
  21. Unless you're playing it on the Xbox. Not a good PC to console conversion
  22. Warwick Castle is well up there with London Dungeons!!!! Both make HHN at Hollywood and Orlando combined look like children's playgrounds. Visit either London Dungeons or Warick Castle for a proper scary night out. Do not even consider doing this for halloween... The price hike and four hour long queues can be as scary as inside the attraction. Doesn't the US do anything like this??? If not...1 point to the British.
  23. Looking good so far. The entrance building looks amazing What kind of experiments are you planning on attempting?
  24. Can someone please PM me a step by step guide to making supports invisible. I think this is the next step to making my coasters more realistic. So glad this thread was finally created.
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