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  1. The white coaster is puzzling me! The station looks like an Intamin Impulse but the twisted track above it is B&M...maybe a launched B&M/Intamin Flyer??? That would definately be cool!
  2. You attention to detail looks brilliant. I can't wait to see more!
  3. Anybody know which coaster was the cause of the whole story in one of Tom Hanks' early movies, BIG.? I'm not sure but I think that was a travelling fair?
  4. I'm not sure about names for coasters. Especially if I have no idea what the layout is like or how it runs. Maybe Blue Fear or Flatline
  5. andyuk200523 wrote: I think this is possible, there's a media day at Thorpe Park on Friday 13th March for Saw.
  6. The Rock'n'Rollercoaster was designed, built, tested and themed by WED (Walter Elias Disney) Enterprises, AKA the Disney Imagineers. Vekoma just provided the manufactured/fabricated pieces, this is the same with Space Mountain:Mission 2 in the Disneyland Resort in Paris. Did you know that Disneyland Paris does not own either of it's Rock'n'Rollercoaster or Space Mountain:Mission 2? These rides are owned by WED Enterprises and are rented to Disneyland Paris. The Rock'n'Rollercoaster in Florida was also owned by WED until it was signed over to Walt Disney World until late June of '99. To back this up and to answer the original question that started this topic, please follow this link, scroll down to the bottom and read under "Facts and Figures" sm.dlpfan.org/history/construction/index.html
  7. woo hoo I've wanted to see someone build one of these for ages now.
  8. Those are some brilliant hand drawings! You'd have to let us know when you decide to sell some of your drawings.
  9. ^ Thanks for that. I imagine that Thorpe will definately have actors when the rides opens, in the summer when the park stays open later and most definately during haloween and the fireworks bonanza. Would it be cool if they turned the whole outdoor aspect of the queue line into a haloween fright fest maze/walkthrough??
  10. Looking at all the latest pictures on the thorpeparkmania website...the theming looks absolutely amazing. Any possibility Thorpe stole an imaginer from disney or if the Lionsgate studios had a lot of input into the theming as it is their brand?
  11. ^ - In the UK, when a company goes bust and sells up under either chapter 7 or 11, the company in question is sold for a nominal fee. The fee is always MUCH CHEAPER than the potential value of the company, this is to allow the creditors to be paid off by the new owners. One recent example in the UK. American homeware store and UK high street giant Woolworths went into administration (chapter 11) just before christmas 2008. The administrators (I think in this case DeLoitte) put Woolworths up for sale for a nominal fee of £1.00 (approximately $1.50 at the time). The terms of the sale were that anybody who took over Woolworths had to pay back approximately 70-80% of Woolworths debts (£350million approx. or $525million approx.). Unfortunately, an acceptable offer was not found and Woolworths was liquidated. All remaining stock was sold at around 10-25% of the marked priced and anything that could be sold - was! Any money made was paid to the creditors and and residual amount paid off. With the new owners paying $25million for the HRP company, I think not all the debt has been written off, but the new owners will have agreed a payment plan of probably around $150million including the $25million
  12. I too have been upset by the opening day messes that Thorpe Park always have. It's more like a training/full dress rehearsal for the new temp staff for the season. I can almost guarantee that the park will be fully operational March 14th when the Media will be watching them for the opening of saW - the ride. This would be a perfect day to go, but be prepared for it to be very busy. After the press have left and the cameras have been out away, expect the park to have some more down time until the park is pretty much sorted around easter time.
  13. I really like where this park is going. A lot of attention to detail is crucial to any park you want to make look realistic. I look forward to seeing what else you can come up with. Your park is motivating me to return to RCT2 and start a Six Flags over London! However, it's alot harder to make my parks look different as I don't use CS.
  14. I hope people are ready to be disappointed about SW6. While reading through the entire planning application, I came across this in the Noise Impact Assesment for the "Corkscrew Ride Replacement" Follow this link to page 7 were it clearly indicates that in order to assess the noise levels for SW6, the company doing the assessment had to use "a similar one located at Thorpe Park. The Thorpe Park ride 'No Way Out' is tatally enclosed". I'm sorry to announce that, whether SW6 is going to be a world first or not, I now strongly believe that it will be very simialar to X:\No Way Out at Thorpe Park. This is a great shame as X:\NWO is probably the most piss poor coaster I've ever been on.
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