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  1. About 40-100 million dollars PER MILE and the expensive running costs! republicans.transportation.house.gov/Media/File/110th/Rail/3-20-07--roundtable-Brady-questions.pdf
  2. ^^^ Hey thrillseeker. As the Grolsch adverts in the UK say, "Shtop! Ish not ready yet!" You've got until the new year to submit your park. I'm sure you can come up with something new, whether a new ride, area or redevelopment over the next four months. I'd suggest not submitting your park until you feel there is nothing you feel you can improve on.
  3. ^ Why not! It'll be interesing to see what BelgianGuy has come up with even if B&M and others may have already looked into it and already written off the idea.
  4. I used to be in the school orchestra. I played second flute. We never went competitive, just "for show"....and extra credit.
  5. Sorry, first time I've posted a screenshot on any forum. Hope that's better.
  6. Can't sleep so..... enjoy the sneak peek! Dryad station Yr 7.BMP Ride with this woodland nymph through the forest as she seeks revenge against those who harm nature.
  7. According to the pictures some of the London newspapers were showing, it looked as though he was a bit preoccupied with his pretty lady making it to.. is it first, or second base. I don't quite know which is which but his lips were busy. I'm sure Sir Paul will have another chance to meet the Big Man when The Yankees honour 1 Million views, if not then when the Queen gives him a knighthood for 2 Million.
  8. I've started my park which is so far planned to be Forest/Woodland themed, but as the park grows, things are subject to change. I've already finished the layout of my feature coaster and am now just working on custom supports which is something I've never really done before so I'm in unchartered territory for my first contest entry. I really hope this works as planned. Anyway, I may just have my first progress report with one or two pics up on Friday or Saturday.
  9. I'll have a go. This will be my first contest entry. I will warn that despite playing RCT2 since release I've always played 256x256 maps (I always thought bigger was better) so this will be my first 150x150 map on my own bench.
  10. Around 50. Predominantly made up of Marilyn Manson, Scooter and The Prodigy!
  11. No - Merlin Entertainment...I love Thorpe Park! Have you ever been to school with someone who is now a celebrity?
  12. Large double Angry Whopper meal with Coke from Burger King at London Bridge - £6.89
  13. ^^ www.blooloop.com/PressReleases/FPI-MB-Entertainment-LLC-Enters-Into-Contract-With-Bankruptcy-Court-Trustee-to-Purchase-Assets-of-Hard-Rock-Park-/1281 Found this link. FPI bought out Hard Rock Park and turned it into Freestyle Music Park.
  14. Congrats Brandy on becoming Cheer Leader!!! Congrats Big Mike for helping the Yankees to another win. By any chance did you see Sir Paul Macartny with his new beau. Papers in the UK showed him and Nancy making first base at the game last night.
  15. Not again! This is not a good time for Chessington. This is very bad for business during the busiest part of the year (School summer holidays and upcoming Bank Holiday).
  16. Hey Big Mike, I only know enough about American Football as the UK will show, which at 4am is not very much. As a result I couldn't possibly consider entering a team. I wouldn't mind, however, applying as a male cheerleader for the Big Man's Even Bigger Team Eric (gay, but in a straight way) Lucas
  17. Possibly becauses her doctor recommends it? It's linked to a mental illness and separation from their "object of affection" (excuse to pun!) can cause emotional distress of which from my experience with mentally ill persons, really isn't good.
  18. It's cool what you do. When you have the time could you please do one for me? Name: eLucas Park: Thorpe Park Coaster: Nemesis Inferno Thanks
  19. ^ True. I signed up to that group two or three years ago. However, trying to get to work in Central London this morning before meeting a client, there wasn't an underground station, train station or street in which people were happily walking slowly!
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