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  1. Flight Attendant for a regional company that operates flights for the three major US airlines, and musician in the Army Reserves.
  2. A week ago. A nap won over "Hidden Figures". When was the last time you went swimming?
  3. Certain aspects of being "open" are up for discussion with my husband, and maybe perhaps we will explore that route further later on, but it will be a mutual decision, whatever we decide.
  4. Surge......yes, it is what you think. Be jelly, bruh!
  5. I went yesterday, and yes, their Christmas celebration is in full effect. I was a nice atmosphere, and the weather was really great, except when the storm came by at around 6:15 and rained us out.
  6. I was kinda dissapointed when it fel like the launch was tonned down on the SFoT version, or at least that's how it felt. I have to go with the thought of Astroworld being closed 9 years ago. Last time I went was in 96, before I got over my fear of looping coasters or enjoying them. I only had viper, so missed out on greezed lightning, ultra twister, and batman, plus the additions since 96. I can't forget my favorites either XLR-8 and texas cyclone.
  7. And that is unfortuante if it becomes true. WoF could use a great, cutting edge ride. It will pull locals into the park plus attract non locals as well. If they have a good ride, it will work out for them. Simple enough.
  8. !985 wasn't exactly a banner year for coasters but I guess I'll go with 1. SkyRider (wich was actually awkward enough at the end to make me like it more than Shockwave at KD) 2. Viper (Astroworld) 3. Disaster Transport. These are the only 3 I have been on, but I would assume Le Monstre would be better than DT.
  9. Its been quite a while. At least a decade. when was the last time you wanted to slap a "ho"?
  10. Here's a new topic of discussion! How does your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/whatever deal with your coaster loving? My husband loves them just as much as I do, but he prefers inversions to non inverting coasters, and also gets headaches fairly easy. We have to take our time throughout the day. Y'all?
  11. Honestly, I would love something along the lines of Maverick or Helix, if not a RMC anything.
  12. I totally remember that video and taking it to show and tell in 2nd grade, haha. I didn't realize that they edited some segments to repeat over and over, which was why I thought Vortex went upside down over 20 times instead of 6.
  13. IT will give some good views of downtown KC for sure. Might have to catch a ride or 2 this summer.
  14. USA Canada Spain Germany Turkey Kyrgyzstan Afghanistan
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3stsDXki__U Suprise, suprise, Missouri!
  16. P!nk, on the 12'th, here in Kansas City, Mo. Rocked my socks off, and she even molested me, which basically means we shook hands.
  17. I went to the park for the first time on saturday, and I was rather pleased. Rode everything except pandimonium, but not really too worried about it. Was surprised at some things though. For instance, I was used to the queue for Mr. Freeze at SFoT, and was confused as to why the majority of the line for the one in St Louis was mostly outside. A little dissapointed in one train opps for American Thunder and The Boss, especially since it took almost 45 minutes to get on. The day started overcast but decent, and started raining on us while waiting for AT. Still rode it in decent rain, which is always fun, and then headed over to The Boss for the final ride of the day, also in the rain. Overall I enjoyed the park, but I did feel that it was lacking some things, namely a signiture coaster. I think a hyper of some sort would work well for the park.
  18. Having rode the Boss for the first time this weekend, I owuld say that it would be nice to add some elements to the ride, as it was pretty decent, but seemed to lack a certain je ne sais pas. It just seemed to pitter out too early. I also feel that while the park was nice, it lacked a real signiture ride, and I think that if they decided to treat the boss, it could very well become Six Flags St Louis' signiture ride.
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