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  1. SFOT. Best, in my opinion, is Texas Giant, but most would say Titan, which would be my second choice.
  2. What's with that? I'm a gay Phillip too. I didn't realize it was such a gay name. Maybe there should be another choice: I'm a guy named Phillip who likes guys. Hahahaha, well, there would be at least 3, then.
  3. Well, from one gay phillip to another, I would hope your boyfriend was also gay, hahaha. And yeah, haven;t seen any lexbians on here yet. Recruitment tour, anybody?
  4. hahaha. High five to you, chris, for being in both! On a side note, you joined the same day I graduated BCT. Crazy.
  5. Lets not kill this one. Its too good.
  6. I'm plannign on going to SFMM in december, somtime after christmas. What are the lines, hours, and rides open are like? As I am from oklahoma, I really would appreciate any advance knowledge of these things. Thanks in advance.
  7. Well,lets just go and give a shout out to my favorite non exisent rides suchs as X-LR8, Texas Cyclone, and Excalibur....RIP.... ok, now thats done, steel would probablly be a tie for Titan and Superman. I've been on titanmore than nough times to know its a great ride, but since after the first season they slow you down sooooo much on the block brakes....blah. Superman, only a few times, but it was my first floorless and was another great B&M. Wood, well, i still go with Texas Giant, even though it has been getting a bit rougher everytime I ride it, even after ll of the modifications to it. Rattler isn;t too bad, but after the first two drops, it got kinda boring. the helix wasn;t too much fun for me. I wish that we could get some really great new coasters, but the problem is that our two biggest parks are so enclosed. SSoT by all of the other stuff around it and SSFT but the quary walls and the parking lot. Would love to see a flying coaster, a B&M hyper, or, dare I say, S&S/Arrow 4D. Wishful thinking on my part, I guess.
  8. my first roller coaster was the revolution, when i was 6 or 7. Don't remember when exactly. I hated my mom for making me go on it then, but its all good nowadays, hahaha.
  9. Hahahaha, good stufff. U Want Me 2- Sarah McLachlan
  10. How do these trips go for, in temrs of pricing and all? Esp the texas trip?
  11. LAst I saw was 2.69. OVer a dollar in the last 2.5 months, woot woot!!
  12. Well, I'm gay and in the army, so we all know what that means, but people are pretty cool with it. It doesn;t really matter afterall, you know
  13. Batman The Ride at SFOT, memorial weekend. I wish they would hurry up and get an actually unique ride there.
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