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  1. Hey y'all. Phillip here. Was a lurker for a while, but officially joined last fall. I'm in the army, stationed 45 minuted from my home town, so yea me. In lawton, oklahoma, so Frontier city could be my home park, but i don't go there at all, so SFoT is my home park. Been with my boyfriend for almost a year and it keeps getting better and better. Later, y'all.
  2. Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, , Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennesse, Florida, Georgia, S Carolina, N Carolina, Virginia, W Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.
  3. June 14'th, 2010. National wear a speedo to a water park day! Who will join me?
  4. Thanks man. Maybe start a national wear a speedo to a water park day, haha.
  5. but that would go against the whole purpose of this thread, and my complaint. I don;t wear shorts, and haven;t for a few years. why should I have to change?
  6. bump. this is really important to me, and any comments or help woud be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. What happened to all the other 90 some odd pages?
  8. If anybody wants to, I would suggest writing the park and making a complaint. I mean, those who support the cause, I guess. I know most people won't care, but if anybody wanted to, I would be very grateful.
  9. http://www.andrewchristianshop.com/_Laurel_Bikini-PID10709-7129.aspx This is wht I was wearing. Not me in the picture, mind you. I wish, haha. But what my body type is is not the point. I am in decent shape anyways.
  10. See, thats the thing. they are normaly fine by themselves, so why should I have to? Yes, I wear them for comfort, but I like how I look in the them and I like the tan lines that I get, so wearing shorts kinda goes against all that. thnaks for your opinion though, honestly.
  11. Today, me and a friend went to hurricane harbour for some good ole fun in the sun. He was wearingthe standard issue swim shorts, but I was wearing what I always wear: a speedo styled swim suit. I have worn such things in the past to many water parks in the past, this one included. However, on this particular visit, long story short, me and my friend were escorted out of the park for me wearing innapropriate attire. My suit was not see through and it does not try to enhance certains parts of the anatomy. It was explained to me that wearing such suits like that were offensive to other park patrons. I wasn;t being lewd in anyway, just having fun in the park and enjoying myself. It so happened that after speaking to the head of security, I was approcahed by the park manager, Mike Davis. It was explained to me that when a guest makes a complaint, immediate action must be taken to solve said complaint. It was then that I was given the option to either go to the park gift shop and buy shorts, or leave the park. Earlier, when it was first brought up, I was told that everything was fine as long as another complaint wasn't made. the park policy on the website and in the park sate that swim attire must be fitting to a family environment. Who judges that? The manager is the ultimate deciding factor. I felt that I was discriminated agains, because there were some females at the park that were wearing some questionable stuff, yet it was all ok, but my suit seemed to attract all this attention. After making my complaints in the park, I called the phone number to make a complaint over the phone. Not only did they take my informaton, they said that the manager would call me back. At this time, I wasn;t aware that I had already spoke to him. After calling back twice, with 2 hours in between each call, I finally found out some information in regards to my call. What really irritated me was the fact that he could not call me back to further try and solve this problem. A couple of things that I don;t understand about the whole situation is that the rule is very ambigious, leading for all sorts of interptretation. The security personel that I spoke with proceded to fid my crap about how in the state of texas, it is perfectly legal for a women to be outside butt naked, because her sexual reproductive organs are not able to be seen. There is nothign that the park could do about it. however, a male could not, not even a speedo style suit, apparently, cause you could see a buldge. My friend was kicked out with me, but for what reason? Who knows? We were not even given the hand stamp option, even though mayeb I would have changed my mind and put on shorts to come back later. I know that I'm from a historically more conservative are than some, but I take it with stride. I know that six flags is in a bit of financial trouble and can;t afford to offend guests enough to have them not come back. Problem is, they just might have convinced me to not come back, to the water park at least. Apparently, in america, it is deemed innapropriate to wear something less than clothing that covers up almost all your lower body. Is this what this country is comming to? Corporate offices will be contacted. What do y'all think about it?
  12. All I want for christmas is you...in my pants (mariah carey) Whos that girl...in my pants (madonna, robyn) Let Me Love You...in my pants (mario) bigger than my body...in my pants (john mayer) this is kinda fun.
  13. Whos on it? Lets all join eachothers mafias and get more members.
  14. Was in the army reserves from dec 05 to jan 07, then active army since then. Good times!
  15. Dream Girl- the lonly island with norah jones.......funny stuff, hahaha!!!
  16. shitty trains...... hahaha, aint that the truth. Those were the trains that were being used the first time i rode it.
  17. Sweetness....no if only obama would get on to the DADT policy.......
  18. Thats correct. Ft lost in the woods is home to CBRN....have fun with that mess.
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