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  1. Really (from post above)??? Weird. Oh, and about the marrying the mr right comment, me too, however it would help if my mr right was so afraid of coasters, hahaha.
  2. I'll co-sign on that. I wish our show choir in high school and our small ensemble in college could have done this kind of thing. I loved it hwne I was in school, don;t get me wrong, but this would have been just plain awesome.
  3. You are not, my friend. Me and my partner both love this show. We are gleeks!
  4. Me and greg went and saw P!nk in dallas on the 23rd of september....It was kickass!
  5. Well, I would have hoped so. I went on it for the first time on sunday, nad it was quite the best coaster I have ever been on. I think that's more of a time-wise concern. Like with Terminator, they would've probably had some special passholder event but due to the time constraints they had with the ride's opening, they decided not to organize one. They had one for X of course because it was such a radically new ride and a prototype for what will hopefully turn out to be a successful line of thrilling coasters in the future. There might only be two in the entire world, but its gotta start somewhere!
  6. there ain't nothing wrong with mafia wars, hahaha.
  7. Yeah, I've been with my partner for a vlittle over a year, and living together almost a year, and its been great. Bumps in the road like everybody else, but its all been worth it. Just keep your head up and things will fall into place when they are supposed to. No need to rush in the dating scene... I came out when I was 19... didn't truly and properly date anybody until I was about 25, and those were few and far between (not to mention failed attempts at a partner)... my first successful partner (of only a year) happened when I was 29... and now that I'm 34, I've been happily partnered and we've been living together for the past two years strong... Hang in there and don't rush...
  8. 6955, including music videos, plus 40 some odd movie type things and pod casts, on a 160gb classic.
  9. Still in my ACUs, and a pair of "obvious" undies, teal colour.
  10. Brass knuckles? Damn. Them old teachers were rollin gangsta back then.
  11. oh, I will try my best. I only have two credits there, since the last time I was there, I was about 6ish and all the rides scarred me to death. At least my mom got my on revolution, and I got on the kiddy. Gold flashpast is looking to be a viable option, most definatly.
  12. The Rattler.....by far. I didn't think that the Texas Giant was that bad, either.
  13. Howdy y'all. Me and my partner are gonna be in los angeles during labor day weekend, and we are gonna head on over to the mountain on the 6'th, which is a sunday. If anybody has any info they would like to share, please do, cause it would help a lot, and if anybody wants to meet up, that would be great too. I ride everything, he doesn;t ride much, but still tollerates me, hahaha. If anything, he could be the designated item holder for most rides, hahaha. Anyways, thanks in advance, and let me know if y'all want to meet up. Later.
  14. Oh come on! I mean,. after I got kicked out of hurricane harbour cause of a my choice of swim attire, and then our appartment complex saying that htey are a nogo, its getting rediculous. Apparently, people don;t want to have even the slightest chance to see a bulge, yet women are pretty much expected to wear things that cling everywhere. If you don;t think that is appropriate for your child to see, don;t take them there. Other people have rights to, you know. I'm always offended by that comment, I don;t think its appropriate. Well, explain why its not, and don;t give me and of that cause I said it was bullsh*t. Stupid.
  15. game tag= Phill Skill add me for whatever
  16. Oh, I will try my hardest to not be. thats some sweet work there, man, and your guy must be happy knowing he has the most stylish guy around, hahahaha.
  17. Today is me and mine's 1 year anniversary, which is like 7 years in straight relationship time, haha.
  18. Its supposed to seem liek as the train goes around the course, iots creating heat on he cold rails, thus the use of red on the track.......yeah.
  19. Me and mine live in his apartment. Have lived together for almost a year. I am afriad a house is not gonna happen soon, but eventually.
  20. How did you do o n the bouncy balls?
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