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  1. I sung this in college....good times!
  2. when I rode glasses, I never took them off, bar my first ride on alpengeist, in may 0f 97. I wasn;t sure then, but ever since then, never had a probelm on anything, which includes alpengeist again, drachen fire, texas giant, titan, etc. since the army paid for me to get PKR surgury, though, won;t have to worry about it for a long time, hahaha. i like to reserect old topics.......
  3. Army PTs, socks, pt belt, undershirt, and blue "life" string bikinis.
  4. ACU (Army Combat Uniform) top, bottoms, green socks, tan belt, boots, tan undershirt, and black international male thong, and the everpresent wifebeater, hahaha.
  5. A "wifebeater", and yellow aussiebum briefs.......just woke up.
  6. You know, "never having the body for it" is kinda dumb to think. You don;t necessarily have to be in as good of shape as above, just have fun with it and do what you want, regardless of what other people think or say.
  7. Had this topic in another messege board that I was apart of a long time ago. It was pretty funny, I guess. AE boxers, blue with white eagles.
  8. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is a terrible thought! He would look even worse and even more stupid than he does in regular clothes! Don't talk about my Joey-Bear like that ^Bear is a homosexual term for "fat male." Kalepi "Just saying" Konei Actually, its a term for a hairy guy. Just saying.
  9. What is this grandfather clause you speak of? Shockwave at SFoT is not as old as Revoluiton, yet it still has its lap bars.
  10. An itamin prefab would be pretty cool, or a GCI, which would take up less room, with the ability to add some flats around it.
  11. Already did SFoT, this past saturday. Gonna be in virginia for 6 months of some good ole army band training, hooah, hahaha. Definatly BG and KD, and hopefully maybe get to SFA and SFGAd. any body want to come along, hahaha?
  12. Americans have been like that for a long time also. I just ignore the stares and laughs, cause I do what I want, hahaha.
  13. I thought it was funny, how people were all pre judging. Haters!!!. Reminds me of the postal worker who sang nessun dorma on that show a little while ago.
  14. That sounds really cool and all, but wouldn't it be great if they got a Woodie in the park at some point. I know there is the old debate on upkeep and how it would ride after X amount of years, but they're just plain fun.
  15. My count is nowhere near imprexxive, however, I could have sworn I had rode more, but I guess not. 1. Revolution- SFMM, also my first looping, and first overall. 50. Probablly something in virginia.
  16. I wish they would make more movies like this, honestly.
  17. Who else here is a proud wearer?
  18. Don't give up hope! I also met my partner online (almost five years ago) and he was not into riding coasters at all - in fact, he was terrified of them! After a couple of theme park visits, he started riding some of the smaller coasters (think Mine Ride) and dabbled in some of the bigger one's (think Gemini). Now after only a few years of going to theme parks, he has ridden Tatsu, X2, El Toro, Millenium, Fahrenheit and TTD just to name a few. This year, he is excited to go back to BGE to ride Griffon, which he would not ride on his first visit. I think that it just takes time and a little patience to turn someone's fears into a passion - ya just gotta be willing to coach a little! And by the way - he is also 66 years old and thought Superman at SFMM at this year's WCB was lame!!!!!! Hahaha, this gives me hope for mine!
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