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  1. 2 boxes of salisbury steaks- $5.25
  2. Yes, I Love You, Man, last weekend. Do you snore?
  3. Hahaha, actually, thats not something I need to worry about, so it don;t matter, haha.
  4. I'd sugest you don;t look, then, hahaha.
  5. As a proud wearer of said beachwear, I get constantly harrased by the GP for my choice of swimming attire. What are the Board's opinions on these?
  6. Ypu, marching band from 7'th grade through college. Trumpet as primary, but dabbled with the flute for a year also. Rider High in Wichita Falls, tx, and Midwestern State University, in WF. So much of a band nerd, I'm ding it as my job, hahaha. Go army band!!!
  7. This is exciting. My favourite wooden coaster. It has gotten really rough since the first time i rode it, in 98, so much so that if i ride it in the back, I come off it with a stiff neck and back. I hope they do a combination of tearing it down and then rebuilding it exactly the way it was back in 1990. Thats just me, though, I guess.
  8. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=57900523&ref=profile add me if you want, woot woot.
  9. I kinda remember that. I first rode alpengeist in may of 97, as my first big, multi inversion coaster, on my own accord, and it was mega awesome, and very intense. However, the next time I was able to ride it was jully of 06, and it wasn;t the same as i remembered it. It had been 9 nine years in between, so maybe my memory wasn;t all to sharp, but i remembered it being a lot more wild, especially in the last half.
  10. Kill Bill vol 1, The Bride vs the Crazy 88.......the best!
  11. lunch for 2 at chick filet- $12.94.
  12. As goes for "Embarassing", I'm not embarrased to have anyting that I do, but to go off of popular talk, I can say I have all the albums from the spice girls, britney spears, and aqua on my itunes. Some of those boyband songs were just good, and its ok to like hootie and the blowfish. Sorry, I could care less, hahaha.
  13. Since I reset my play counts for the new year and I have 6200 songs, which grows daily,my most played has ten plays, but anyways.... 10. Breakdown- Mariah Carey 09. Christmas Tree- Lady Gaga 08. At Last- Celine Dion 07. Earth Intruders- Bjork 06. Christmas Wrappings- The Waitresses 05. Confessions of a Broken Heart- Lindsay Lohan 04. Single Ladies- Beyonce 03. I Hate This Part- The Pussycat Dolls 02. Poker Face- Lady Gaga 01. My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson Yeah, so what, I like pop music........ it happens.
  14. Lets see..... Wacky Soap box derby, from when I was 6.......miss it Texas Cyclone, XLR8, Excalibur, and Viper from Astroworld......miss it Wild Izzy and Drachen Fire.......eh. Not to mad bout it, though I would have liked to have ridden DF more than the one time I did.
  15. That sounds familiar, hmmm.......maybe it will go away soon enough????
  16. Even though Frontier City is about an hour away from my current location, I claim SFOT, which is about 2.5 hours away, only cause its better and I have onle been to frontier city once in my life vs SFOT, which I have been to numerous times.
  17. Eh, I guess. I use wikipedia just to pass the time sometimes. If theres nothign else better to do....., why not look up random things?
  18. Superman, krypton coaster was pretty wicked in the back, but I would have to say that one of the most unexpected great first drops is the back seat far side opposite the direction of the drop on the batman clones. Who knew?
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