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  1. This was definitely one of my favorite threads. It really kept me endlessly entertained! I really hope to see more from you in the future!
  2. It's terrible, that's all I can say...
  3. I went to a game there this summer and all I can say is OUTSTANDING! It had great prices for a ballpark, and the atmosphere was amazing. Also it was very cool how the ball park was set up so in some seats you had a view looking right down to the capital building. Nationals Park has easily become my favorite park!
  4. I just tried Red Bull Cola........ DISGUSTING! It tastes like an old, flat coke, that a hobo has used for a spit jar.
  5. Why couldn't SFNE had just done a rehab on their big wheel instead of removing it! At least Great Adventure won't being following in SFNE's footsteps.
  6. Agreed! I go to Sams Club and they have so many awesome samples!
  7. Ok ride on beetle... AWESOME! Screw pandas and giraffes when you could have a beadle. Do the claws actually move? Also Kawasemi looks amazing! Great POV.
  8. ^Then why do you build so many of them in No Limits?
  9. I was talking to my friend about this the other day, and he said the exact same thing.
  10. I have a snow day today... Only problem is that there isn't any snow on the ground!
  11. Nice pictures, very funny. It kind of reminds me of something... TERRY!
  12. I was really mad I didn't get to go to that show. I had the opportunity to get tickets for it, but I was down in Penn. for that week.
  13. ^ Likes Star Wars too much. < The force is not with me. v Owns multiple Star Wars action figures.
  14. ^^ It didn't come up for me either. The link might have gotten lost.
  15. Looks like really fun event! I'm assuming you don't get much snow in the Los Angeles area, so the snow play area is a cool idea.
  16. We filled up at a place in Newport, RI for $1.78.
  17. I get lucky at Christmas because my Aunt is able to get me a 12 pack of Pro V1s from her work. To bad they will last about 2 rounds if you play on a narrow course.
  18. Nice pictures. I really like that SLC's colors. Maybe SFNE should have looked at it before painting Superman purple...
  19. Hard Rockin is by far my favorite coaster you have built John! I don't know why but it fits well with the park. Keep up the great work!
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