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  1. Haha great pictures Eric. I love the pictures of you guys on Great Chase. I had no clue that it had any airtime. Guess I'll have to try next time I get out to Springfield. Also great pictures of the water coaster breakdown. You don't see that too often. Can't wait for the rest of the update.
  2. Great update. Waldameer Park looks really cool, especially at night with everything lit up. It must have been really cool seeing the lightning flash across the sky while on Ravine Flyer. Looking forward to whats next!
  3. With Six Flags, sure its great to have huge rides that are pushing the limits of ride technology. But Disney parks even without huge rides it has a great atmosphere that you don't find at very many other amusement parks. Also the staff at Disney are very friendly and hard working, where at some Six Flags parks you can find them on their cell phones. With that said, I have noticed Six Flags parks are starting to move in a better direction. Especially Magic Mountain with all of their improvements.
  4. I would like to do it, but I get to busy during the Fall and Winter, so I couldn't keep up with it. BTW I really feel that the Redskins are going to be really good this year. Maybe even Superbowl contenders?
  5. ^Ya that was really cool. I remember going to Gillette one time a few years ago, and it was cool seeing a mini Western Town in the back of the lot. I never had a chance to go inside it, but I remember it looking really interesting. Well hopefully it will be just as cool at Canobie.
  6. Wow this sounds really cool. I never thought Canobie would go in this direction, but I guess I was wrong. This really sounds like an awesome addition to the park. And hey it gives me an excuse to go up their this Fall.
  7. Great pictures Erik! Makes me want to go back to SFNE again. Cyclone was such a disappointment for me this year. It was very rough and it shuffled a lot during the duration of the ride. Two years before I remember it being a great ride with lots of airtime, and fun laterals. It has really been getting worse every year. Can't wait to see more!
  8. Dueling Dragon definitely takes the cake. You walk through a queue that seems almost endless, and you would expect that the line must get really long. But on normal days the line never gets over 20 minutes long. If the queue were to stretch into the outside area, the line would be incredibly long.
  9. Cool pictures of the Zoo and the Stadium. Lucas Oil Stadium does look a lot nicer then the RCA Dome. What is the seating capacity of it? I wonder how big it will look once the new Cowboys Stadium is finished. Its a cool stadium, but go Patriots! Lets make it 18-0 this year.
  10. Me and my friends chillen by Batman at SFNE.
  11. Great stuff John. This is looking to be another awesome park by you. Also I have a name suggestion..... Driftwood.
  12. Thats exactly what I was thinking. This might become somewhat of a common thing with the Phillies doing really well this year.
  13. I really like Rock n Roller Coaster and DHS in Florida.
  14. ^Haha I did the same thing too. I am not sure, but somewhere I read that the Telemegaphone will be running for only 24 hours. Another place I read that it will be running until September 6th. If anybody can find more information please post it.
  15. ^^Thank you for explaining that, I had no clue how to make the plus sign. Now if only I could get more minutes on my cell. (Yes I have a prepaid phone)
  16. I think that thats been stated enough so far on this thread.
  17. Man that would suck. But I would hate to live in that town and have some weird unknown person yelling into it all night long. Did they think anything good would come out of this? Also I am not sure, but I have heard this goes on for 24 hours, and I have heard it goes on until September 6th, but I don't have an official answer.
  18. www.unsworn.org/telemegaphone/ When I first read about this I was like what the hell. I tried calling, but I wasn't sure how to type the plus symbol. If you click on the link you can find the number to call. If anybody has any success with this please post.
  19. I was obsessed with trains when I was little, but they were a little to tame for me. So thats why I like coasters now. I still do love taking the train from here to there, and I get to take the New England Amtrack down to DC in mid August from Boston.
  20. Will anybody read my first post! If you are going to reply to something, you should at least have some background knowledge on it. Don't just assume what you are saying is right.
  21. I'm going be a little different in my guess. I'm going to say 17. Great pictures Mike can't wait to see more.
  22. ^If you were to just read my post right at the top of the page you might notice that I said Disney does not have a strict camera policy. They allow cameras on most of their rides, even most of their roller coasters. I just wasn't sure about Rock n Roller Coaster's policy. BTW thanks XII for the feedback.
  23. I know this has been talked about with Disney not having a strict camera policy. I have one question though. What is the policy for Rock n Roller Coaster? I have heard from people you can't bring a camera on that ride, and from other people I have talked to they said you can bring it on. I just want a final answer to this.
  24. My avatar is the logo of one of my favorite bands the Dropkick Murphys.
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