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  1. OMG that power surge type ride looks terrible for guys! That looks like an awesome fair though, its just to bad that they only run Speed with two people on each car.
  2. I was watching TV and they have one of these places in Dubai. Its absolutely enormous! The states really should get one. Maybe Florida?
  3. I was watching this movie yesterday, still one of my favorites. Sounds like an awesome idea. I'll give it a go!
  4. Really looking awesome! Darn, I was really hoping to see the GCI trains be put on a woody finally.
  5. In the summer (obviously when baseball is played) Florida is known just as much for rain as it is sun. In fact, it's also the lightning capital of the world. I'm not sure how many games have been saved due to the dome, but I'm sure the thought process of building one involved the temperamental afternoon/evening thunderstorms of Florida....especially being right on the west coast (where storms usually roll in from). It's been the same in South Florida. For years, there's been talk of a retractable roof stadium for that very reason. It also must be nice that it can provide shade from the blistering sun in the summer.
  6. I tried downloading again and I had the same problem with it the file be corrupted. I will attempt to try one more time today, but I am starting to run out of time.
  7. I just downloaded it. When I clicked on it, it said, "This compressed(zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted." Also I went to Extract it and it said, "No files to extract" What should I do?
  8. Driving through the center of town I saw one place the was at $1.88!
  9. Great POV! The theming on this ride is awesome, and the fire effect looks really cool especially if you are in the front seat.
  10. I think I almost cried laughing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltGmjMBrLjs&feature=related
  11. Great idea on how to loose wait Robb! It looks really fun too. How much did that cost?
  12. ^ Does not now how this game works < Wants the weekend to come V Is an underachiever
  13. Well my story isn't too dramatic, but I thought I would add it. I was waiting about 10 minutes to get on Flashback at SFNE and I was the next one in line to ride. Right as everyone unloaded they announced on the the speaker that it was experiencing difficulties and would not open for the rest of the day. I didn't suffer and overall it prevented myself from getting a headache.
  14. Ya I just saw this program this week in my school. Very sad, but very powerful.
  15. With the Red Sox playing a series against the A's earlier this year in Tokyo, I have seen the Tokyo Dome a lot on TV. All I have to say is Japan baseball fans are CRAZY!!! They also showed a couple clips of Thunder Dolphin! Also its sucks for all those people that are under the Giants Banner.
  16. I have always enjoyed trains as a kid. But I am going to have start to enjoy them a lot more because this summer I am taking a 21 hour train trip from Massachusetts to Florida.
  17. 1. I can see all three. 2. Internet Explorer 7 3. They all stream fine. 4. Very excited!
  18. Wow that was awesome! Mike you look like you were a bit nervous, but either way that was really cool. I wish I was watching it when it aired on TV.
  19. ^Likes watching people on monkey bars at midnight. vLife dream is to understand the meaning of entendre.
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