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  1. Hell no! Gotta watch the Sox tonight! Is you nose stuffy?
  2. Haha my brother taught me how to skank. All we need is a few more people now.
  3. Ya I used to hit my 4 iron the best out of all my clubs. Its one of those type of clubs where you always hit it well. I usually use it if I am not hitting my woods well. It doesn't make much of a difference because I can hit my 4 iron around 190. Today though I spend an hour and a half at the range fixing my swing. I was bending my back sort of backwards when I would take my swing. I know try to keep my back a little straighter. This should make me hit it straighter and a little farther.
  4. Over this year I have been driving the ball a lot further. My normal drive is around 220 throughout 230. My long drive is 255.
  5. I am really excited because I am getting the Taylor Made Burner for my Birth Day, and I am also finally hitting my drives straight!
  6. OMG I could not stop laughing when I saw this video. Does anyone have know what song that is?
  7. Yes, all ready be eh. Are you Jet Lagged?
  8. RCT3 has its own video recorder. Just look in the game manual and it should say how to take video.
  9. Well its a Yankee Stadium great stadium! I think a lot of Yankees and players and fans will be sad if Fenway Park ever gets taken down. Hopefully that won't be for a long, long time.
  10. Did you mention to him that the high top fade went out like 18 years ago? Ooo burn! Even thought I am a Red Sox Fan I do appreciate Derek Jeter, he is just a good all around player. Also its sad that there will be no more games played in Yankee Stadium, it was a really cool stadium. Also the last game should have been Red Sox and Yankees.
  11. Just looking at the picture, it seems amazing anyone could survive that crash. This is really too bad.
  12. ^Ya its annoying how they have placed two coasters with the exact same color scheme right next to each other. It can mess you up sometimes when you are at the park.
  13. Nice report! I just got back from the Big E which is the largest fair in New England, and it looks exactly the same as the New York Fair. I didn't see one ride in this TR that wasn't at the Big E. Was there any concerts going on?
  14. Ya maybe they can get the new SLC trains! Otherwise its good to see they still care about Superman, but I do agree TRAIN THE EMPLOYEES! I'm sick of getting stapled every time I ride it. Also they have always stacked the trains way too much!
  15. Also Matt Cassell lead the Pats to a win over Jets! Wasn't very high scoring, but an interesting game none the less.
  16. Kidtums looks so cute doing the peace sign! Also nice to see some pictures of the awesome views... That chair lift looks insane! Can't wait to see more!
  17. Bill Belichick just made the announcement. Brady tore his ACL and will require season ending surgery... Well Simms might come over to the Pats for the QB position for the season.The Patriots playoff chances are very shaky now.
  18. WHY! Tom Brady is most likely out for the season! Now the Patriots have to rely on Matt Castle for possibly the rest of the season. Does anyone have predictions on how the Pats will fair the 2008 season if they don't have Brady?
  19. This is awesome you can still post pictures now! Good luck with you surgery. Keep us updated on you situation.
  20. I waited in an 1 hour, 30 minute long line for Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England. (Definitely worth the wait)
  21. Pretty much all the states I have been to are on the east coast. -Massachusetts (Home State) -New Hampshire -Vermont -Maine -Rhode Island -New York -Connecticut -Pennsylvania -Maryland (Birth State) -Delaware -New Jersey -West Virginia -Virginia -Georgia -Florida Next summer I will have been on every state on the east coast because I am taking a train all the way down to Florida.
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