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  1. I'm kind of surprised they used the Road Runner Express pad for a flat ride of all things. There's a large open space behind Professor John's Flying Machines that is virtually inaccessible now. For my wish list, I'd move the Flying Machines over so as to be inside the helix of Lightning Run (which is just begging to have some sort of ride put there eventually!) and add a coaster in its spot. I imagine a spinning coaster would do KK well, such as a Maurer ride like Steel Dragon/Laff Trakk/Undertow. I'm also interested to see if Ed Hart intends to reopen the Top Eliminator Dragsters, or replace them. I certainly like what Lagoon did to replace theirs! I'm not sure how feasible such additions would be... I've never been to Kentucky Kingdom, but I'm hoping I can change that in the coming years!
  2. Bombora was also an in-house job, and it seems to be doing them well, so I have faith in Lagoon for going all the way with Cannibal. Looks like it will be pretty awesome! Seems like a great replacement for the Top Eliminator dragsters...wonder if a certain Kentucky park with said dragsters would be interested in following suit?
  3. Kind of a stretch here...but could this be the ride Cedar Fair will use the name "Centurion" for? I know the "leaked" Carowinds logo doesn't match Mantis's current or test paint scheme, but recall when King's Island tried to fake us out with "the Bat" as a wing coaster: Note not only how unpolished the Bat logo looked as the fake wing coaster announcement versus the final logo, but the different color scheme. Something in my gut tells me that this logo is going to be used for SOMETHING...and that redone Mantis may just be it.
  4. Please forgive me if it's been mentioned at some point in the 20+ pages of speculation, but the teaser text: If Mantis was being removed from the park entirely, I do not think the latter sentence would be part of the trailer, no matter how many people disliked the ride. I find it hard to believe that any park, especially Cedar Point, would openly suggest that *everyone* wants to see a particular ride removed. If we are to assume Mantis will remain at Cedar Point, but as a new experience, be it new trains, paint, buildings, etc., then goodbye would be easy in this case, since it's not truly a goodbye. The teaser text makes a lot more sense in this context. Just my two cents.
  5. The thing with Valleyfair is that Wild Thing's turn is already right there by the park entrance. That said, it would still be cool to see a big coaster on either side of the gate. I've never been to Valleyfair, but I do think the path to Route 76 could use something to hide the fact that it's right up against the parking lot. Maybe a small games building or something for that small section between said Wild Thing turn and the front spike of Steel Venom. When I went to Dorney Park last summer, I did not particularly like the exit area of Steel Force precisely for this reason.
  6. My sentiments exactly. I bust out laughing when I saw the picture...glad I'm home alone at the moment.
  7. What if they decided to turn the trains around? Does that put any of the existing stations in an awkward place on an uphill (currently downhill) grade?
  8. Even so, let me re-introduce a pic I edited a while back... Everything is a perfect, exact fit...I'm guessing the issues CF had with the Windseekers has kept Dorney from getting theirs.
  9. Sorry guys, but it's going to be another one of "those posts"... Some friends and I will be visiting Darien Lake on Sunday, July 20. What can we expect in terms of crowds? If we arrive at or before opening, do you think it will be possible to ride everything we are hoping to ride? Aside from all of the coasters, I'd like to check out a lot of the park's unique flat rides. Two of my friends have been to the park before, but I have never been there. Thanks!
  10. On a similar note, the log flume at Six Flags New Orleans was an exact duplicate of Thunder River at Waldameer.
  11. Oh believe me...they're still there. At least as of opening weekend anyway.
  12. I'm having trouble picturing...where is this? Clearly Cornball is above it in the foreground and Steel Hawg is in the background...is this perhaps in the old boneyard space?
  13. I've only been on Vortex once, and it was in the front seat, and I loved it. So maybe it isn't just the fourth car. Opinions vary, but I found it to be quite enjoyable.
  14. I was at KI on Saturday and Diamondback didn't seem to have any real delays due to seatbelts. We were able to buckle the belts and then pull the bars down ourselves, and the ops checked both in one go each time.
  15. Kennywood: Potato Patch, of course. I highly recommend the pepperoni rolls from the Pizza Pavilion in Lost Kennywood...nobody ever talks about them but I think they're delicious. Deep-fried Oreos are also really good, and if you're still hungry, we've got good Philly cheesesteaks at the Midway stand and hot sausage at the Pagoda. Hersheypark: The Spring Creek Smokehouse is expensive, but has some pretty good food. Also, there's a new Chickie's and Pete's stand in Midway America which I must recommend. Dorney Park: Chickie's and Pete's. Other than that...it's pretty standard CF food fare. C&P, plain and simple. Loved it and highly recommend it. Knoebels: Eat wherever you want and enjoy your awesome food. My personal favorites are the cheese on a stick from Totem Treats and the Sicilian pizza at Cesari's. I'd be here all night if I mentioned everything I have tried and enjoyed at the park, though.
  16. All the coasters open at 11. If I remember correctly, the following rides open at 12 unless otherwise noted: Raging Rapids Pittsburg Plunge Whip Musik Express Noah's Ark Auto Race (11:30) Ghostwood Estate Some Kiddieland rides (12:00 or 1:00) If you want to get all the credits before 12:30, go straight to Exterminator at opening. From there do Phantom, then Thunderbolt, then the other three in any order you so choose.
  17. I see what they did there! Small new areas such as this, the boardwalk at Knotts and the new Gemini midway at CP make me intrigued as to how CF intends to continue this trend at other parks. Route 76 is looking pretty good so far.
  18. The former location of their Pirate ship ride is still vacant. I personally see a Star Shape fitting better there than replacing an existing ride, but that's just me. It'd be pretty visible up on the hill.
  19. If you could see the bolts, that would mean the wheels would hit them like on NTAG.
  20. While I'm guessing this may be a Cedar Fair-specific thing...there is also Shambhala at PortAventura with the split-rowed trains. Guess we'll know for certain if that ends up getting seatbelts.
  21. Forgive my ignorance, but where did that photo come from? I haven't really been following along other than the webcam and the occasional picture CP will put on Facebook.
  22. If I'm not mistaken, Leviathan got them too, so that theory's no good, unfortunately.
  23. There's still one that is at least standing at La Qua, but I'm not sure if it still operates or not.
  24. Exactly how far back is Steelhawk from the bridges leading to it? If it isn't right up by them, I could easily see Cedar Fair turning the remainder of the old go-kart land into a new section of the park in a similar vein to what Cedar Point and Valleyfair are doing this year (and, to some extent, Knotts from last year). In addition to Steelhawk, the area would ideally be home to a Disko Coaster and possibly some flyers. I've never been to WOF myself, but looking at Google Maps, the circular patio next to Patriot's gift shop (old Rockin' Reeler location) looks like it could easily become a second entrance into this area. The way the land is situated, such an entrance could pass right under the hill in the center of the Disko. It's just some nonsensical ramblings of mine, but after the fine jobs CF seems to be doing with Route 76 and the Gemini Midway, I wouldn't be surprised to see more parks in the chain adopt a "family ride" area with a Disko Coaster...and with the vacated land from the go-karts, WOF just seems like a likely candidate to me.
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