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  1. They have it at this site it should work http://www.vodhin.net/RCT3Community/download.php?view.125
  2. It was very blah and slow in some parts and did not keep it's speed but i give you a 7/10 for it's smoothness and you took my color suggestions!
  3. I would destroy Texas and put in the biggest theme park in the world!
  4. Yes i'm 13 I research my home park you know. pave that over and bring back the 2007 park.
  5. You can make part of the train silver too. Edit: Kinda like this. Sprite3.bmp Sprite2.bmp Sprite1.bmp
  6. I'll kill Run-A-Way Mountain but keep the mountain facaide and put in a launched looping intamin in there.
  7. Sprite also has silver so try to mix silver or white into the ride.
  8. I want to kill Yosemite Sam ride and put in a small GCI to make up for the loss of the Texas Giant.
  9. Blind Date about a year ago it was 2:00am and nothing was on. Anyway when was the last time you went to an ice cream shop?
  10. This is really funny, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5HP8H-Jvoc&mode=related&search=#
  11. Well if you ever need someone to meet up with........ I mean I live around 5 to 7 miles away.
  12. Only to find that Elissa was there to stop him and she has power over him by using the one thing that could stop him and that is......
  13. ^ Apparently loves Maverick. < Be quiet Care Bears is educational. v Has no soul.
  14. I feel like killing right now oh well i'll just play gears of war. ^Not really. Oh and your lucky i've only been to Carrabba's once and my mom says it costs too much so I can't go again until I get a job.
  15. All of the animal lovers went on a Rampage which killed many people so after the rampage they went on Rampage at Visionland and oddly enough while on Rampage the PTC trains instantly..........
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