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  1. or even better you could do a thing where there is one day and its just a vip thing at six flags great america for people to pay you them u send them a ticket where they meet u there and its likre a trip with one park i would love that
  2. hey rob about the trips i cant aford them so could you do a smaller trip like comsisting three parks like sixflaghs great america cedar point and mt olympus with all the behind the scenes but not a begilion dolas
  3. ok heres how this form goes so you list a ride that you think should be replaced and the type of ride to replace it _______________________________________________________________ ok well i hate the wizer but its super rare to find those roller coasters so i have to say to get rid of deja vu or the demon and replace it with a euro-fighter u know like typhoon
  4. my first rollercoaster ummm. oh! u guys know pepsi piswa at mall of america well i rode it at like 5 or 4 ...i think
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