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  1. Yes all expansion packs are allowed, and 6 different trains. Edit: Handy-Andy-If you want
  2. Yes a track and theming and you post the ride on here becouse other people have to vote.
  3. I voted for Six Flags Over Texas, and Fiesta Texas.
  4. It looks ok except for the loop but good job on the other parts.
  5. It's summer again and guests need a way to cool off, so it's time to build a Water Coaster who is up to the challenge? No more then 5,000ft of track, At least 6 cars, 2 or more splash areas, Must have a theme to it, Due date July, 1st. 1-riccoaster 2- 3-CoasterNut17 4-LOVE SFKK 5-handy-andy 6-stealth2006 7- 8- 9- 10-
  6. Thanks I modeled it after the 30's-40's twisters.
  7. Here is mine! Contest 100% done Riverside Park.SV6 Rct Contest8.bmp Rct Contest7.bmp Rct Contest6.bmp Rct Contest5.bmp Rct Contest4.bmp Rct Contest3.bmp Rct Contest2.bmp Rct Contest1.bmp
  8. Jurassic Park, it is the best dinosaur movie I have ever seen it always got me when the T-Rex came out of the of the rain and started to attack those kids.
  9. Could I have the Titan, Shockwave-The SFOT one, Mr. Freeze, Batman The Ride, and The Judge Roy Scream circling around the Six Flags Over Texas logo?
  10. Man I can't wait to see more of your park. You always make great parks for RCT3.
  11. Wow thats a pretty good coaster plus the station looks nice.
  12. whats weird is my 6th or 5th grade math book had a few problems about Six Flags Over Texas and Cedar Point.
  13. Oh I have another question which K'nex coaster box has those launchers?
  14. How do you make coasters run on the track when its not completely finished?
  15. Ok but here is a pic of what I want it to do. will it take more then 1 Screaming Serpent box? and is it capable?
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