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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but the first Arrow Multilooper was Viper (Darien Lake) but that was in 1982 so your a bit off.
  2. Mine really sucks, -SFOT, -Sandy Lake Amusement Park, (Only Dragon Wagon and Little Dipper ya I whored them both .)
  3. The stacking is not that bad it olny stacks 1 train (on test run) and it's only stacked because it's closed.
  4. Here is my entree mostly Schwarzkopf's except one vekoma suspended coaster, well on to the download and pics. Idylwild Beacheroo contest.SV6 Here it is enjoy! ContestM.bmp Ahhh Magnum Force, yes it is the recreation of the real Magnum Force but I added my own scenery to it. Contestw.bmp Wired, it's a massive Schwarzkopf and I stayed up untill 4:20am to make this. So you better like it!!! ContestL.bmp Looping Stat, Well it's a compact SLC with A BONUS HELIX!!!!!!!!
  5. At Six Flags Over Texas I always keep it one click up because the operators don't push down when they check it they just pull up on the safety bar. But I only do that on the Judge and the Shockwave.
  6. Meteor, Millennium Force, Mayan Mindbender, Mr. Freeze, Mine Train, Mini Mine Train.
  7. No ^no they aren't sadly, and you got the resaon straight on. First off it's not an AE ride. I got it from http://www.rctmart.com some where on there, you have to be a member to download or search the subforums, luckly membership is free. I found out where it is it should work http://www.rctmart.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4706
  8. I actually have a picture from the Skyride at Six Flags Over Texas, I know it's not on your list but if you ever need it just to let you know I have old pics from Six Flags Over Texas.
  9. 3 months and 7 days When was the last time you rode a Intamin?
  10. LOL "Half camera half man." How do you hold on to a camera while ridding Gwazi? Duct tape!
  11. I hope it's built soon because i'm going there next year.
  12. Only 7 counting my own state, I have a long way to go. Texas Arkansas Oklahoma Nevada California Minnesota Florida
  13. Oh well I understand I mean I've made at least 4 and almost all of them suck. Nolimits just takes tons of practice. Edit, A few note shockwave does not have tires starting at the bottom of the lift belive it or not it has a lift chain were the tires are, the 3rd turn around is more banked and closer to the station, and finally the trains are white.
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