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  1. Heres mine! It's a Gravity Group Coaster that I tried my best to make realilistic, it keeps a fast pace throughout the whole ride. And it's my best attempt at a GG coaster. TEMPEST Excitement= 8.19 Intensity= 9.53 Nausea= 5.36 -------------------------------------------- Max Speed= 60 MPH Average Speed= 23 MPH Ride Time= 1minute 33 seconds Ride Length= 4,216ft Max Positive Vertical G's= 3.90g Max Negative Vertical G's= 1.63g Max Lateral G's= 1.73g Total Airtime= 6.90 seconds Drops= 16 Highest Drop Hight= 101ft 35x35Coaster1.SV6 hidden brakerun.
  2. Could you get a picture of the scenario where that spot is on the regular Six Flags one so I know what spot it's at cause a rarely open that one.
  3. Don't you think the contest people should get the park so we could work it in it's surroundings?
  4. This Sucks!!! I'm drinking it right now and it tastes horrible.
  5. Elementary-Parrots Jr. High-Stallions Future High School-Trojans
  6. Fire Storm would be A great name for A Intamin Launched Coaster, or Spin Master for a Spinning Coaster.
  7. So does SFOT Mr. Freeze is really unique with only 2 of them, Titan is really unique for a semi clone, and La Vibora is the only Bob-Sled coaster in Texas.
  8. I got one yesterday that said. You will be involved in many humanitarian projects.
  9. My only problem with this is the name it doesn't really fit for the boomtown area, it should be more like mine themed or something. Only if they had room in the Tower area or Goodtimes Square the name would fit better.
  10. The Beast because everyone in their group likes it, while riding the beast derailed and sent all of the members of Fattyfatfatfat.com. flying into a big...........
  11. I'm excited maybe because it'll be my first spinning coaster or because it's a new coaster. But anyways I'm kinda sad because Wildcatter is a really good ride to me.
  12. For me I'm just goanna wait until Christmas I'm really excited but I just don't have any money to pay for it.
  13. Wow it's really good only problem is that the year 2000 park one doesn't work.
  14. Mine started 2 days ago, my 8th grade periods are.... 1st Math 2nd Art 3rd Science 4th Computer Apps 5th P.E. 6th U.S. History 7th English
  15. Busch Gardens Tampa- Gawzi Lion. Six Flags Fiesta Texas- Joker. Six Flags Magic Mountain- Batman The Ride, Colossus (Left). Islands Of Adventure- Dueling Dragons, Hulk, too little to ride them . New York New York-Manhattan Express, to young to ride thank god.
  16. Wow it's been awhile since I made a NL coaster well this is my second woodie and my first major tarained coaster. By the way I had to remove some supports cause they went threw the track. Oh and the name comes from a character from a 90's show. Enjoy! Exile.nltrack Exile NL2.bmp
  17. The only time I take my shoes off at a park is to ride Superman Tower Of Power.... And I only do it because it feels comfortable.
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