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  1. Wow that ride is astounding I'll need to improve my scenery building fast!
  2. I went on everything early then just kind of walked around.
  3. Sfotfreak said I could add photos I took here today as well. Found this old painting at old south The Texas Chute Out Shack Flashback Log Flume Now here are some walkways to nowhere Ok this was the creepiest scarecrow I have ever seen! Superman Old Tractor The Wii Zone A Crane too......... TONY HAWKS BIG SPIN! They're I hope you all enjoyed!
  4. Ok it's been awhile and vertical construction has already began. http://www.sixflags.com/overTexas/rides/constructionphotos.aspx And as for the opening day it has been declared May 17th as shown on SFOT's home page. http://www.sixflags.com/overTexas/index.aspx
  5. Wow your park is looking really great! Keep up the good work. 400 POSTS!!!
  6. $3.43 and that was last week so..... I bet it's like 20 cents more.
  7. yeah I was going for the TOGO stand up look I figured there wasn't a lot of TOGO stand ups so I made one, It's kinda all of their stand ups combined.
  8. Wow those inversions just look insane, this is like the best Eurofighter I've seen!
  9. ^Has an awesome avatar and sig. vIs sick (like flu sick)
  10. Roller Coasters, Comics, and Building stuff.
  11. I liked your organization Dbru so is it ok if i use the style?
  12. It's finealy here! Will add more later on this month. Inspired and based on DBru's layout. Real Woodies: Judge Roy Scream Real Steelies: Arrow Shuttle Wiener Looping Custom Wood: Texas Shaker Custom Steel: Afterburn Anaconda [/img] Afterburn-riccoaster.TD6 Diamondback.TD6 Arrow Shuttle Loop Judge Roy Scream-riccoaster.TD6 Anaconda-riccoaster.TD6 Texas Shaker-RICCOASTER.TD6 Wiener Looping roofed.TD6
  13. Ok me and a friend are planning to make a water slide in his backyard so we need some ideas. this will be a contest for the best design and a poll will be made to see the winner. Ok here are the rules. Must stay inside template. can use custom scenery provided but will probably not be used in the real design. Must stay under 20ft. Must not go threw the beige fence. Can't go underground. Can't be very long think realistic! Water slide can't be continuous and doesn't have to work but can be hacked to work. Participants: 1.riccoaster 2.upside down 3.pufferfish 4.DBru 5.HEADCHEEZ 6. Have Fun! TEMPLATEFOWATERHOME.SV6
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