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  1. The reported accident is not the first of its kind for this sort of ride!!! In the past stress analysis and calculation report on the arms of this ride where find not correct with a couple of manufacturers...!!! Sometimes behind a cheap ride... there are too many "missing reasons" including calculations, quality of steel, etc.!!! Having an inspection 7 days before is not enough in this way because a crack on steel (...or bolts) is not viewable without an ultrasonic and/or magnetic inspection of all critical welds...!!!
  2. OMG this is the best selection ever posted on TPR!!! Hey... Hanno (one of the official TPR Trips Photographers), this is a big challenge for you!!! Race for the Sky... NO!!! Race for the Pic!!! Ahahahah...
  3. Hey my "Sticky Nicky" friend, the screamscape.com pics are the same pics here published!!! It's a little bit strange because this time I have not spoken with Lance Hart (and I have not sent to him anything)!!! This means that someone play a not correct game here!!! I am a little bit disappointed!!! Anyway...
  4. Just a note for all of those discussing a little bit about the selected colours: "not so dark" brown supports and "not so light" orange track is the final colour scheme (Red...? Where is it? Due to flash light I think the picture is a little bit overexposed, sorry for the inconvenience).
  5. Oh (my) sweet Lou!!! I wanna see you on Turbulencia!!! Do you have any pics of this incredible coaster with you on board??? Ciao from Italy!!!
  6. Pony Express mini update - This is a very small gift that I promised to Robb and all TPR forum readers (just enough to well begin the 2008 season). Brown supports, orange track...!!! That's all!!! Due to technical reasons I am not allowed to post any other image. Other updates could come in the next future only by Knott's press office (...or eventually by any other local spy...!!!) Note: I respect the BlackHole2005 post/comment but... I hope he knows the amusement industry is not based only on steel giants and titan investments. A good family oriented ride with the right thrill factor for a park that needs to capture and entertain not only teenagers and thrillseekers; a custom deisgned ride with a mid hourly capacity, a good launch, a couple of banked turns and hills; that's it!!! Sierra Sidewinder could be considered as well... and the market is moving on this way... since 2006!!! OMG!!! The final orange track section of the straight launch!!! Maximum speed at this point!!! Wow, a little bit curved section of orange track!!! Oooh, look!!! Orange track with two kick-off!!!
  7. Hey my fantastic friends, happy new year to all of you...!!! First pieces of Pony Express flywheel, launch system and recovery track will be shipped during the next few days... from Italy!!! Stay tuned!!!
  8. Hey my great friends!!! Ladies and Gentlements, please, start your engines!!! Put your hands on and... try to drive with your legs...!!! Ahahah...!!! Anyway, I will be part of the competitors as soon as my laptop comes to life again (I'm burning a DVD but it seems the DVD has burned... or crashed my pc!!! Have you ever seen a laptop that makes also fireworks??? Cooooool!!!). So, my rough video is almost ready. Talk to you soon again. Have a great and fabulous 2008 my dude thrillseekers!!!
  9. Hey my big "dude-friends" !!! I have received 3 different e-mails with strong good reviews from some guys (including the Super Hero Robin Schroder ) that I met during the 2007 Mini Europe Trip . I have also red all the above comments/posts and... argh!!!, urk!!!, sob!!! I would like to be honest... !!! Yeah !!! Finally I was forced to buy one (yesterday)!!!!!! So now I'm waiting the double dvd like a child is waiting to suck a big & bounce tit !!! I will post soon my review!!!
  10. How many girls are signed on the East Cost Trip...??? Lou has already confirmed her presence...???
  11. I'm a guy who likes girls but... a lot of girls... all at the same time... ahahah...
  12. Hey Robb... more Lou pics please!!! Ahahahahah...!!! Have a wonderful trip!!!
  13. Thanks for the posts!!! Note for Natatomic: Wicked Twister is really phallic!!! Don't you think so? Ahahahahah!!!
  14. Ahahah!!! I love this crazy pic!!! Hot-Dog take-away!!! During the lift hill you can select the sauce and order the HD... and than during the first drop you may pay (cash only!!!) and open your mouth for an immediate "pick-up"...!!! The first real Hot-Dog Coaster!!! We can launch this new incredible business... ahahahah...!!!
  15. A couple of hours ago I have seen a UPS track!!! flying and rolling over Zamperla Headquarters in Italy...!!! Are you Mike the crazy-super driver ...or maybe Santa Claus preparing for Christmas? Ahahah...!!! I'm now thinking about "Ralph Super Maxi Hero"...!!! Do you remember this '60 crazy "soap"???
  16. Big Mike pics tribute...!!! The king of random pics...!!! Special thanks to Mr. HANNO!!!
  17. The best taste and emotions of past "milestones" wooden coasters well combined with good design, speed, new high-banked turns and new comfortable trains is the right mix that only GCI could offer today!!! A small/medium sized wooden coasters company with a sort of "family approach/managing" could be considered the best way for a friendly relationship with customers.
  18. ...coasterforce... in the past... ...than thrillnetwork, coasterbuzz, tpr and parksmania... duane marden with rcdb and lance hart with screamscape are always at the top of my list (daily visit!!!)
  19. Legoland Deutschland (aka Legoland Germany) and Europa Park in 2 weeks!!!
  20. Great pics... expecially Superman at Parque Warner Madrid!!! The "Superhero" flies over the nowhere land (...instead of a parking lot... that is more common in the USA...!!! eheheh)!!!
  21. TODA JOIA, TODA BELEZA - Roy Paci & Aretuska This is the hit of the 2007 Italian summer!!!
  22. OMG... what a strange thing... MOTOCOASTER is the name used by an Italian manufacturer... oh yeah... now I am able to remind the name... Zamperla!!! Ahahahahahahah... So, I think Dreamworld creative minds were busy during the motorbike coaster name "contest"!!!
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