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  1. It's just a point of view...!!! There are a lot of small parks without big coaster... where TPR crew could find something to do for a funny day all together...!!! The essence of TRP trip is probably made by ERT but not only...!!! So I think Robb or Elissa could help me for explain this!!! Staying together and having fun is quite cool like riding a coaster...!!!
  2. I know the coaster is rough!!! "Side to side dance" is a Zamperla's invention... ahahahah!!! I'm joking of course!!! Unfortunately this coaster was probably designed by a not very experienced team...!!!
  3. Hola Elissa!!! I'm not shure this is the right topic... so... ehm... Is it possible to change my TPR surname "I Love Donkeys" with something that sounds more funny like... THE ANGRY DRAGON This thing remind me... something cool that happens during our last night in Ling Bao hotel...!!! Robb, Lou, Chris, etc... know this... ahahahahah... Thanks...
  4. Yeah... this is the Maurer Soehne tower but also Zamperla's Shot & Drop towers now works with 4 different cycles: shot, drop, shot & drop, and finally panorama cycle!!! You can take an aerial view at the top... and than the gondola comes down at a low speed!!!
  5. Kernie's Wunderland!!! Eheheh... The powered coaster is a Zamperla's "Super Express", the log flume is a Zamperla's "2D Cross Flumer Ride", and... etc...!!! So there are tons of Zamperla's credits there!!! Eheheh...!!! Thank you MrMorgan for sharing your pics with us!!! This park is small but awesome and very nice!!! Maybe we could suggest to Robb & Elissa an extra stop for the 2008 TPR European Trip (here there is also a nice hotel with good prices... and free icecream!!!)
  6. Lou??? Bouncy Bouncy Vs Sex - The winner is "Bouncy Bouncy"...??? Are you shure??? I think you have to try the Italian version...!!! (ME!!! ) Ahahahah...!!! OK I'm joking!!! I mean... the Italian version made by Zamperla because it is completely different from others (including Larson - A.R.M., Sartori, Fabbri, Safecto, etc...)!!! ...but finally you know... starting from IAAPA 2007 that will be held in Orlando you will become more famous... (you are already part of the brochure!!!) Anyway... my preferred big flat ride is the "Giant Discovery" - Zamperla in cooperation with Soriani has realized one extreme version similar to maXair by Huss (@ Cedar Point) but it goes a little bit higher and faster!!! Yeah!!! A big challenge for your stomach...!!! Another good family flat ride could be the Mega Disk'O 40 seats!!! Giant Discovery 40 - Dinosaur Park - Changzou, China
  7. Hey Super-Robin!!! I have spent more than 1 hour on your pics and only at the end I have discovered the worng thing that is present in a part of them...: ME!!! Ahahah... anyway... according to Lou request I think we need all a downloadable version of most of the pics just for "desktop purposes"!!!
  8. Hey do Jimmy??? Thank you for posting Zamperla's credits (including the Armadillo at PortAventura!!!)!!! Note: I love the Templo del Fuego picture with the "tits'a'bounce girl"!!! WOW!!! You know Italians are addicted for big tits...!!! Ahahahah... -
  9. Super Hanno!!! I am not equipped with ADSL super fast line at home... so I am forced to take a look at your pics during the day... at work...!!! I have to check all the 3885 pics just to download my credits... OMG...!!! During the next days I will try to start this hard job just thinking that behind these pics there is your big passion and your time spent more with your camera than on the rides with us!!! Thank you Hanno!!!
  10. Take a look at the Hector and Lou faces during the amazing "air jump"!!! Ahahahahah!!! Hector seems to be one of the A-Team guys or maybe Mc Gyver after a malfunction of one of his strange tricks !!! Ahahahah...!!! No comments for Lou!!! Hihihihihi!!!
  11. Alpengeist and Montu could be considered milestones in B&M Inverted Coasters!!! - Katun was "only" the next step or maybe the next generation...!!! Eheheh!!!
  12. The most insane and shaked steel roller coaster ever realized is the Pinfari RC50!!! I do not want to ride it again in my life...!!! Footprint: m 50 x m 21 - 164' x 68,3' Max height of track: m 16,5 - 54,2' Track length: m 465 - 1.525' N° of trains/cars/seats: 3 trains with 3 "four seats" cars No inversions needed for this near-death experience!!!
  13. Yes, I love both Nemesis and Black Mamba but these coasters are completely different from Katun!!! I think Black Mamba could remain the "real" n° 1 due to strong theming reasons...!!! In my opinion these two coasters are a little bit "flat" compared with Katun!!! So finally Katun has an incredible mix or G-forces, air times, high banked turns and obviously a good selection of inversions!!! I love this cocktail!!! Please note that inverted coasters are not my preferred ever so... my review could be partially wrong...!!!
  14. Here you can find 9 fresh shots of Katun @ Mirabilandia - Italy - taken yesterday!!! I hope you enjoy it...!!!
  15. Hey Robb... could you take with you a T-Shirt for me... for a live delivery during the Europe Mini Trip...??? "M/L" size...!!! Is it possible??? Eheheh...
  16. "Nemo" - "Crush's Coaster" - Toon Studio, Disney Studios - Disneyland Resort Paris
  17. Thanks Jeff for this totally cool selection of pics!!! I love scream machines!!!
  18. I will post a video of "Cars" in the next few days... - For a video of Crush's ehm... I think you may ask to Disney staff a ride with lights on... or maybe we need some Robb tricks...
  19. Two extra Nemo's vehicle pics!!! Unfortunately I was not able to take nice pics inside!!! - Anyway, the ride is good, amazing, with a deep first drop, a couple of 90 degrees and 85 degrees banked turns, etc... but what comes first is the impressive lift speed - but... take care, sharks ahead!!! Ahahahah!!!
  20. Crush's Coaster - Un Tourbillon d'Aventures and Quatre Roues Rallye - Cars, are the two novelties of Toon Studio, the new Disney Studios Park area!!! Here you can see some pics taken yesterday during the special "pre-opening" (the first one ever for the public!!!) for Disney contractors and vendors. Toon Studio is now complete and works very well. Some adjustments are planned before the official opening that will be held there the 9th June 2007. The coaster is a partially customized Maurer Soehne indoor spinning coaster. It confirms the German manufacturer as a leader in spinning coasters!!! The other ride is a Zamperla double Demolition Derby 2. "Cars" is the 9th ride realized by the Italian manufacturer for Disneyland Resort Paris, so this confirms again Zamperla on the podium as a family rides market leader. A nice and sweet cast member at Disney Studios... with me!!! The Castle ...equipped with... special candles and a big "15" sign Double Demolition Derby 2 in action Mc Queen has never seen tons of cars together... Mr. Mc Queen? Could you check my tires pressure please? Mr. Mc Queen? What's about our oil??? We need a check... Yess... I'm the official top sign!!! Do not miss the opportunity to take a picture when the ride is in motion!!! Anyone wants to take a picture with this backwall scenery??? Due to dark "inside"... also a backward POV could be considered a mission impossible!!! Studio n° 5 - The new Nemo's home... Yes these 2 crazy guys are Italians like Luigis '500 I'm Mc. Queen - I'm the Speed!!! Cars - a general view...
  21. Underwear + Daemonen Red T-Shirt (Tivoli Gardens Floorless Coaster with a nice Devil!!!) + jeans + Puma sneakers + Europa Park cap
  22. ALTERBRIDGE - Find The Real FOO FIGHTERS - Best of You INCUBUS - Southern Girl NICKEL BACK - Someday GOO GOO DOLLS - Iris
  23. I will be part of the TPR Mini Europe Trip!!! I waiting for a lot of ERT and Expedition GeForce airtimes...!!! Yeah!!!
  24. A PortAventura tour could be the good reason for a full immeersion of San Miguel Premium Lager taste!!! This could be considered the right beer for beach parties (...till morning!!!)
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