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  1. Finally I will enojoy the mini-Europe trip!!! - See you soon!!!
  2. Wild Mouse - Twister Coaster - "Compact" - made by Zamperla... right!!! Mark? Who is this guy? A "floorless" coaster enthusiast? Nooo! It's a woodieman!!! ...and probably a next generation salesman... Hihihihihi...
  3. ...really really cool pics!!! ...thank you!!! is it possible to collect or download these pics in high resolution?
  4. I think the best selection of food (and related restaurants) in a themepark is now available at Europa Park, Rust bei Freiburg - Germany!!!
  5. A record breaking (11!!!) Intamin AG looper with wing walker trains... Just a little bit crazy...
  6. Hi Guys!!! Here there is another great short video!!! Enjoy it!!! It's quite different from Vekoma Motorbike!!! Not boring... Very cool... motocoaster_altavilla01.wmv
  7. As an italian joke... "Stevie Wonderful" (Stevie Wonder + Wonderful)!!! A real banked curve!!! Very nice!!! Ciao
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