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  1. If people use their real names, that could make Fraud much easier (At least that's how I see it)
  2. Cloverfield: 8.5/10 I think this is a very intresting movie. Only thing that made me deduct 1.5 points was the close up of the monster's face. Just anti-climactic.
  3. My list of favourite anime. One Piece (FUNimation dub and original) Naruto (Dub and original) Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Viewtiful Joe Katakyo Hitman REBORN! (Not dubbed yet and not announced for dubbing.)
  4. Wow. How sad. It'll be sad for an actor to not attend the preimere. My wishes go out to his family and Warner Bros.
  5. While I understand where this guy is coming from, I'm on the proverbial fence for euthenasia. I understand that it's the only way for a terminally ill person to die peacfully, but the thought of it sounds terrible. I, however, support abortion. I understand if some people disrespect my opinion, but it's their choice. As long as it isn't abused. I only belive it should be used if the child has an ailment which either causes the end of the child before he lives properly, or it ends up with a disability. Again, these are my choices and no-one should be allowed to change them. I don't let advertising suave me. I choose my own belifes. So please don't flame this post because I have certian belifes which someone doesn't agree with.
  6. Because adults will always go their way to impress. Why do cinema ticket prices keep incresing?
  7. Ack! Cineworld Boldon has The Good Night on limited days. I'll shoot for P.S. I love you. Opinions on movie? WDW'In the garden of Eden'liker
  8. Going to see THE GOOD NIGHT next week. What are your opinions on that movie?
  9. Well, I would first either retrofit any Pixar-style attraction and turn it into something more fitting about the world of tommorow. Restore Mission To Mars and update Innoventions. Then, about the Peoplemover tracks. I would put it back in operation with cars with the metal bars and a sensor that detects motion and stops the ride if it does.
  10. Watch out! I'm ranting on a certian UK Movie Theatre (Cinema for us UK users) company. One thing that cheeses me off is ODEON. I mean, ODEON opened a whole mess of Art Deco cinemas, and yet, this new ownership is trashing it's art deco approach and towards Multiplexes. I say, if they have family roots, STICK TO THEM! Well, that got a lot off me. Cineworld and the rest ain't so bad. ODEON is sour milk in my eyes. But I understand that this is for modernisation, and I understand that clearly.
  11. For me, well, the fear is in my head. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting on the roller coaster. Once I'm on, even though I still have a bit of nervousness in me, I'm fine. My excited side kicks in once the car is at it's max speed in the drop/launch. My body also quivers a bit still, but hopefully not for long, when the car enters an inversion. I'm still in an early state of roller coaster riding. I still have a long way to go before I hit 'Pro' roller coaster rider status.
  12. Here would be my choices. 1. Delorean DMC-12 2. Smart fortoo 3. Vauxall ESPACE 4. VW Astra twintop 5. Ford Fiesta
  13. This rant isn't really strong. The After Burner Climax arcade machine at the arcade I usually go to has a dodgy sensor that'll go off at random times. But I managed to survive. The machine even worked, albeit with the dodgy sensor going off randomly
  14. LOL on the latest comic. That is really funny. Yay, great ride, whoops, ride ends
  15. Shangri-La (Togenkyo)-Amasia Landscapes. From- Viewtiful Joe anime soundtrack
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