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  1. Looks like I missed that shot. It was actually Dominator on June 15 Last coaster was X2 at WCB on Sept 7 Early prediction for 2015 is Cannibal.
  2. I think I have to go with order of most likely to ride: 1) Cannibal 2) Fury 325 3) Batman 4) Twisted Colossus
  3. Well, it's not as if people are saying anything bad about it. Just not too many people have ridden it, capice?
  4. I rode Banshee, Lightning Run, and Goliath this year and prefer them in that order. Banshee-- I just had a whole buncha fun riding this thing and don't really have anything else to say (except I hate this new style of restraints). It's probably my favorite "big" B&M inverted (over Alpengeist, Montu, and Raptor). I rank it behind Afterburn and Fire Dragon though. Lightning Run-- Really enjoyed this one as well and I would love to ride again when my thighs have slimmed down. I have small hopes that a ride like this might come to Elitch Gardens now that I live an hour from there (something of its ilk is probably the only thing that could get me to go back to that heap of mediocrity). Goliath-- While fun, I don't prefer to have that much hangtime on a woodie. Still probably a top 10-15 woodie for me. Like one of my many new riding buddies from Cedar Point and Mini New Hotness, RubySparkles, I too rode Outlaw Run for the first time later this past summer. Unlike her, I'd say Outlaw Run craps all over Goliath. RMC has me intrigued though and I look forward to possibly trying out NTAG, Iron Rattler, Steel Medusa, and Twisted Colossus in 2015!
  5. The reason I suggested something like Full Throttle is that other people were fantasizing about Intamins, B&M's and Macks on here amongst rumors of CF making a huge investment into the park. Again, I have no insight into this, but based on what CF has put into the park, I think the next "big" coaster isn't going to top $10-12 million.
  6. I'm only guessing, but based on size of the park, I think a slightly longer version of Full Throttle might work great at Valleyfair. It would be awesome to see something like FT at WoF or VF. Granted, I haven't visited either park but I hope to make up for that in 2015!
  7. So, assuming I don't get anymore this year (I probably won't), I'll have gotten 116 new credits in 2014 (I'll update OP). Doubt I'll ever get close to that number again. I probably rode my first coaster somewhere between 1979-81. Through 2000 I only had about 20 credits spread out among KD, Magic Kingdom, and BGW. I didn't get real serious about things until 2006, which was my next highest year with 37. Didn't do much traveling outside my home parks 2011-2013 although I meant to go on TPR trips in 2011 (Northeast) and 2012 (Leviathon) but had to bow out eventually. 1979?-2000-- 20 2006-- 37 2007-- 22 2008-- 17 2009-- 27 (mostly from TPR Texas trip) 2010-- 23 2011-- 0 2012-- 1 (Verbolten) 2013-- 0 2014-- 116
  8. Hey Valleyfair peeps-- I'm thinking about making my first trip to this park in 2015. I'd like to do the Mall of America as well. Is there a specific time of the year I should look to do this? Are there any other parks in the area worth doing as well? Thanks for any help given!
  9. They did a massive amount of re-tracking on Twister... I really don't get how anyone thinks it's rough but then again enthusiasts always complain about Batman the Ride, Maverick and Kumba being rough too so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised. Yeah--I thought Twister was running awesome on this day, especially compared to my other visit in 2010. Blasphemey that I might say anything negative, I know, but I thought Phoenix ran better on that visit four years ago. I just remember the airtime being a bit more extreme. Regardless, it's still a top 3 woodie for me and night time glow ERT was one of the most memorable times I've had at a park. Excellent day at an excellent park! I'm amazed by how many people I meet from Pennsylvania who have never even heard of it.
  10. Same. Except it was King Kobra at Kings Dominion when I rode it.
  11. I hate living so far away from I305... I'd love to see a GCI replace Hurler. But if RMC can do to it what they did with Thunder Run at KK, that might be almost as good. Does RMC have a non-compete clause or something with Six Flags where they won't work with Cedar Fair parks?
  12. Chuck aces Photo TR's again! I rode Skyrush a week or so after you guys' trip and felt similarly, Chuck. I don't think I had felt that frightened on a coaster since I was 8 years old. I tried to marathon and just couldn't--too much pain on the thighs, while my friend had hardly any issues. I maxed out at about 6-7 rides. I'd love to try it again after slimming down some. As much as I wanted it to be a top 5, it probably fell somewhere 6-10. I liked Goliath as well (after being slightly underwhelmed during the first ride of the day). I did ride Outlaw Run a month ago or so and Goliath definitely pales in comparison and I'm left wondering "damn, Six Flags, what could have been?". As for Six Flags Great America, the park didn't offend me as much others but I also have never been during better (and more TPR accommodating) days. Raging Bull did disappoint and I think my other favorite rides were V2 and Whizzer (which was my 200th credit, btw--sorry, no shameless picture of me riding with a sign).
  13. Great report! Two parks I have long pined to visit.
  14. Awesome--thanks, Chuck! Still, that won't be as awesome as when I finally experience the single greatest roller coaster feat in modern times.... Prowler! (are we still making Prowler jokes?)
  15. That's the one! It's also reminding me of the VHS covers on some 80's B-horror movies... funny how the mind works! It seems a bit sub-par for Cedar Fair, but the simpleness works in this case. Don't forget the sort-of attempt at bringing Surge back... VAULT!
  16. This might be a silly question but if I renew my Kings Dominion Platinum do I still have to go to the park to get it processed or do I just keep the same card from this year? I recently moved to Colorado from Richmond but still want a Cedar Fair pass for 2015. I plan to go to Worlds of Fun next year so I guess I could just do it through their site
  17. Maybe because I attended SFMM during West Coast Bash my opinion is skewed, but I actually thought the park was fine except for horrible train dispatches.
  18. Volcano in 2000. I don't think I rode my second until SFA's Superman in 2006.
  19. A bit early perhaps, but I hope there's some sort of media event for the opening. I'd love to partake!
  20. "Next, we headed for "4th of July" land, the most patriotic place on Earth! If you're an American. Not if you're, say, Lithuanian." I agree. While I was in that section of the park, the 1/8 part of me that is Lithuanian kept yelling at me to burn flags and type up a proposition to ban the "Pledge of Allegiance". ERT on Mammoth and Wildebeest put me back together again.
  21. Banshee Bash definitely was a highlight of this trip and I really enjoyed my first trip to KI. A few notes on what's been discussed... --I rode KD's FoF a month before KI's and was surprised by how much rougher KI's seemed. --I rode Batwing in 2006 and 2008 and liked it a lot. Firehawk seemed slightly more rough but I enjoyed it overall. Nighthawk remains my least favorite of the Vekoma flyers by a country mile. --So happy to finally ride the Beast after growing up hearing about it from relatives. I did make the mistake of putting my hands up during the helix of death. Rookie mistake that caused me some pain. --Vortex blew. I rode GASM in 2008 and I thought that might be preparation enough. Rookie mistake = pain once again
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