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  1. That's depressing to hear. I wish they just went with a B&M Hyper. Legend has it, MM wanted B&M for Goliath but B&M was reluctant to build coasters that high at the time. If true, that's pretty lame. They built Nitro at 230 ft a year later and Silver Star at 240 ft in 2002, which is 5 ft taller than Goliath.
  2. I rode Sierra Sidewinder for the first time last year and it really took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting too much. Now my expectations will be a bit spiked for Cobra's Curse! Can't wait to get back to this park as obviously this, Cheetah Hunt, and Falcons Fury will all be new to me. Plus I need rides on old favorites, especially Kumba!
  3. I rode Apocalypse last summer and I wouldn't call it "crap" exactly. It certainly wasn't as bad as Wildcat or Roar East. Is this just relative to how it ran when it first opened?
  4. The only GCI I've ridden that really blew me away was Kentucky Rumbler last summer. So at just around 10 years, that ride has managed to keep its "greatness". Based on this I think it is possible based on what kind of treatment the park is willing to dole out. I've never ridden a new GCI so I'd like to try out Gold Striker ASAP. Edit to add: I'm sure GCI isn't "over" and they may have some tricks up their sleeve for the US. They seem to be quite busy overseas.
  5. Flight of Fear can also be dicey for larger riders. Good luck!
  6. I'm looking forward to this! Should be able to make it! Can't wait!
  7. ^Great pics as usual, pkd! Sure hope I get to visit KD on a trip back to Va this year!
  8. Yep. Getting psyched for this one. I'd love to be there for the opening.
  9. I know he heads up the American division of Intamin, IntaRide. What part does he play in actual roller coaster design though?
  10. And who gives a crap if it is a clone? Most people going to BGW won't know the same ride exists in Germany, Mexico, and Northern California. The ride will be pretty unique compared to what's in other parks in Eastern United States. Edit to add: Also, at this point, what's really original about any of BGW's coasters except for maybe the theming and terrain? I guess Verbolten's drop-track and indoor component and maybe Griffon (since there's only one other dive coaster in the US). Even Kings Dominion (an hour away) has a family multi-launch coaster.
  11. I tried to temper my expectations for Verbolten because I understood what Busch was going for when constructing it. I enjoyed it and don't think it's a bad ride. I did ride PowderKeg in August though and I think that kind of retroactively increased my disappointment
  12. Gotta say that I was disappointed a bit in Verbolten. It was fun but a bit underwhelming for a $50 million attraction. I wish they had put something in more akin to PowderKeg if Busch was trying for the exciting family ride thing. I know a lot of enthusiasts are upset about the capacity issue but I think Diavolo looks like a lot of fun. It's obviously not trying to vie for attention as the new flagship ride in the park and looks like a great complementary addition.
  13. Eh. One of those high metabolism people I abhor. So is the tour different everytime or does he keep to the same three pizzerias?
  14. After only having ridden one, I think the main reason I didn't like it was how claustrophobic it made me feel.
  15. That stinks about Thunderbolt ,well, uh... stinking. After I left you guys at Dorney I thought about going either to Coney Island or Rye Playland. As I had been to Coney Island pre-Zamperla days, I went with Playland. I still got to ride a Volare. Lucky me.
  16. I never learned to ski or skateboard so now that I live in Colorado I feel obliged to at least take a lesson. I'm a huge college basketball fan so I'll be watching as many games of my favorite teams as possible during my spare time. As far as coasters, I typically haven't tried to do much during off-season. I've never gone to Christmas Town at BGW so I may try it out this year if I head back East for the holidays. I also might credit whore a bit in my new home state. I'm also thinking about a possible SoCal trip for Knott's, SeaWorld, and possibly Disney.
  17. If I could get a little kid to ride Great Pumpkin/Taxi Jam with me I'd have this plus 100% of every KD coaster present and past.
  18. Yes. Everyone is manipulating "this" splendidly.
  19. Us Elitch Gardens folk can't stand those redneck jerks over at Frontier City.
  20. So I recently moved from my hometown of Richmond, VA to Fort Collins, CO. I grew up with Kings Dominion as my home park. I sort of disowned it in the early 2000's as my disgust with how Paramount was running things grew. I adopted Busch Gardens Williamsburg as my new one. When Cedar Fair took over in 2006-07 I returned to KD kind of like a prodigal son and claimed dual home parks. I was hoping to get another visit in after this one and before I left RVA but what follows is the last one on Thursday, August 14. I arrived at 7:00 PM and KD closed at 8pm. I only rode Grizzly (a nostalgic favorite) and I305 (which just happens to be my #1 steel). Edit to add: I really don't like taking too many pictures when I'm at a park and that's why I've never posted a photo TR before. I included a bonus (not from KD) coaster pic taken during a little detour during my drive from Virginia to Colorado. Hope you enjoy! Dominator was a great front-of-the-park addition in 2008! Never seen before! In case you didn't know-- 40th anniversary and stuff. I don't think I've been here since it was Days of Thunder I really hope Cedar Fair reconsiders its Go-Karts strategy. I rarely see folks riding these. Put a Giant Frisbee or Screaming Swing here I really love the ivy tunnel for some reason No Hypersonic = A-ok in my book! Whoa! Rebel Yell is roughly the same height as I305? Sorcery afoot I think they should have gone one step further and Wonka-ed this place out I mean they're just a few more additions (white rabbits? pink elephant?) away from making this area some sort of drug-induced weirdness wonder marvel But enough with the flashbacks! There's a coaster to be ridden! No not you, Condi! Leave! Your photobombing is not appreciated! That's the one! I'm not a shutterbug by any means but I really like this picture. Would have been even better with the top of the lift hill in frame Hmm... I leave KD as something seemss really portentous... On my way out Colorado I stopped and rode this with my buddy (He's on the left, I'm on the right)! 14 hours of driving, little to no sleep, adderall, caffeine, and guarana make us look healthy and candidates to be in every park's promo pics!
  21. Oh wait! I have those as well! I also have all the Vekoma flyers and B&M Superman flyers... in North America.
  22. I've got too many "almost's" for now so I'll come back again in 2015.
  23. He didn't say. It came about from an interesting conversation where Ed brought T2 up and I think Elissa and some other folks suggested scrapping it. The back and forth between Elissa and Ed was pretty entertaining. The conversation ended with Ed saying the new trains wouldn't be Vekoma's.
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