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  1. I think almost every Cedar Fair park's locals (with the exceptions of CP, KI, and Caro) will believe their park will be getting a coaster in 2017. Growing up with KD as my home park I'd love to see something new but I feel for the older non-Paramount parks like you guys, Valleyfair, and Dorney.
  2. Great news! I always wanted a flat ride like this at KD and I really liked Maxair.
  3. Wait a second... Do people at KD really whine about getting Dominator?!?! Because if so, that's crazy! I mean, whining about Thunderhawk at MiA is one thing, because at best, it's an "okay" coaster. But Dominator is an awesome coaster! I'd have a season pass for MiA if they'd have received that instead of Thunderhawk! I don't think any KD folks have been complaining about getting Dominator. At least, I never have and welcomed it with open arms. Edit--Just noticed that we're on page 1305 of this thread and of course that reminded me of a certain sumpthin sumpthin that resides in Doswell.
  4. Speaking as a larger guy who last year rode Bizarro, Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, and was made to do the walk of shame from SFA's S:RoS (although I've ridden it in the past), CP's Intamins definitely have the right idea in the restraints department. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on what happens with these new trains.
  5. On the subject of trains and restraints--does RoS currently have the exact same type of trains/restraints as SFA's Superman: RoS?
  6. Compare the markets and you'll see why CF is investing in Carowinds. The Charlotte area has a greater population and one of the fastest growth rate for cities in the US. Not to mention, the Raleigh-Durham area is only a couple of hours away and also has one of the fastest rates as well. Outside of KC, where is WoF going to draw its visitors? Worlds of Fun pulls visitors from Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Northern Oklahoma, and in some cases, Colorado. You'd be surprised at all of the tags you can see in the parking lot at Worlds of Fun. As I said, it has the potential to draw from St. Louis as well, Six Flags St. louis exists, but if WoF can give people a reason to come there, then that pays off in the end. The areas you mentioned are vastly less densely populated than what Carowinds could pull from (DC/VA, TN, SC, and GA). I was just checking out some stats and Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham are in the top 5 of fastest growing metropolitan areas. St. Louis was actually in the bottom 5. Cedar Fair is definitely looking at these trends and decided to invest in Carowinds.
  7. Compare the markets and you'll see why CF is investing in Carowinds. The Charlotte area has a greater population and one of the fastest growth rate for cities in the US. Not to mention, the Raleigh-Durham area is only a couple of hours away and also has one of the fastest rates as well. Outside of KC, where is WoF going to draw its visitors?
  8. I don't know how the WoF locals feel but I think their next big coaster should be a dive machine. Something maybe longer than Krake or Baron 1898 but shorter than Sheikra/Griffon. I was looking at a POV of Baron today and it looks fun as hell.
  9. Oh crap. I thought they were open next week. Guess I'll be looking at a weekend now.
  10. I'm planning on visiting the park for my first time next week. Any thoughts or tips? I will be going solo so if any locals want to meet up let me know in this thread or PM me.
  11. I doubt Kings Dominion's announcement is going to be for a second-hand SS.
  12. I get the feeling that most of the Cedar Fair park announcements (other than Cedar Point) will be.
  13. I ended up going to BGT in 2006 but I'm really looking forward to a return trip to ride Cheetah Hunt. I was thinking it might be German but I also had heard that French and, to a lesser extent, Italian are also spoken.
  14. It amuses me that someone would think that because ACE plopped down a plaque in front of a ride that means it's sacred or something! lol Yeah, it's not as if their plaques qualify the rides to be put on the national register of historic places.
  15. Nice report! Made me think that I need to get back to Florida sometime soon. Wish you'd been able to take pictures of St. Augustine--I went to Flagler College for my freshman year back in 1996! Which reminds me, I missed out on a possible trip to Busch Gardens back then. Could have ridden a 3-year old Kumba and a brand new Montu! Quick question--what's your native language?
  16. I don't know why anyone ranks Intimidator at Carowinds very highly. It drags through the entire course, and the MCBR might as well be the end of the ride. The only B&M hyper I have experienced that is consistently exciting to the very end is Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia, with Diamondback at KI coming close to being as good. Both insanely more impressive than Intrimidator. Weird how people can have such different opinions. I rode Intimidator and then Diamondback only a few days apart recently and preferred Intimidator by a long distance. Didn't find it to be trimmed too badly and it had bags of that lovely B&M floater air. I'll admit that the section after the MCBR did feel a bit pointless though. Diamondback on the other hand I thought was pretty average and a bit of a let down tbh. Was expecting a lot more from it. Haven't ridden Intimidator yet but I agree with you about Diamondback. My conclusion-- B&M hypers can be fickle. When I first rode Nitro in 2008 it was about noon or 1pm and I was underwhelmed. I came back later in the day and it instantly became my #1 steel coaster. I've had similar experiences with Apollo's Chariot where it was slogging through the course one day and booking like crazy another.
  17. No. It has a trim near the end of the ride (though I believe for a short time it did have a trim on the drop in it's debut season). Personally I think the ride is absolutely insane and the only other coaster I've ridden with those types of out-of-control transitions is Maverick. "Controlled" and "Predictable" don't come to mind for me with I305. the trim that is currently on it (near the end of the ride) has always been there from day one and is pretty minor. there were temporary trims on the drop that were removed once the first turn was slightly redesigned. in my opinion it's the most intense coaster on the planet. it's a whole different kind of experience from almost anything else. When the trim was added to the first drop in the first season the one towards the end of the ride was taken off.
  18. I do think how a coaster feels is subjective to each rider. That said, I found Vortex to be "the worst" out of the big Arrow loopers I've ridden. Definitely worse than Viper and GASM. Whenever I look at pictures of Vortex I only see prime real estate for what kind of awesome coaster might replace it some day.
  19. Nice pictures and reports! Quick question-- so the Cylon portion of BSG is basically a Vekoma SLC?
  20. Somewhat related to Shockwave being up for sale, but is anyone surprised that no park picked up Hypersonic back in the day? I was no fan of the ride but the GP seemed to like it and I could see it as having been a good attraction for the right park. That said, maybe the asking price was too high and it did have its share of maintenance issues.
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