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  1. Brazil trip???? Not until they become a first world country! Hah. I remember there was some talk about a possible TPR Brazil trip some years ago. I'm guessing upon further investigation, Robb and Elissa thought better of this.
  2. Word. I barely remember riding Galaxi but I definitely remember KK. I was 8 and it was my first looping coaster. I was totally freaking out up until I finally rode it and got off.
  3. So does anyone in this thread have 100% of the credits at KD (including defunct and relocated ones)? If there were only a way for me to ride Great Pumpkin Coaster...
  4. My friend rode it and seemed to like it. I probably won't get around to it until next weekend. Keep the reviews coming in!
  5. I don't know if I expressed it to the Alveys at the time (I'm sure I said something) but when we pulled into Stricker's Grove during the Mini New Hotness Tour, that was one of my pure delights and surprises of the trip. Sad that the extra stuff like that went unappreciated or people just expected these types of bonuses. Has to be soul-sucking.
  6. ^Yeah. I feel like it's the park that most makes me feel like a little kid again.
  7. Whoops. Forgot to count Little Dipper at SFGAm so I'm actually at 47. I'm also trying to figure out the discrepancy in my personal count this one. Between defunct and counting coasters like Rebel Yell and Racer as two, I still seem to be off by one. Oh well.
  8. A little late but nice pics, Chuck. I think my friend was in one of them. She was there because she works for the Greater Williamsburg Chamber and Tourism Alliance and was sending pics to me throughout the day. I thought to myself, "I bet Chuck's there too!"
  9. I have 45 out of 126 Other than InvadR, I'm not sure if I'll get any other new woodies this year. Ideally, this year would mark my first trip to Dollywood but I'll have to see on that.
  10. I really enjoyed the free cookie after the announcement? We got a little Snoopy plushie as well!!!
  11. Attending this announcement was kind of hilarious. The mental meltdown was strong and and palpable in the air.
  12. Anyone know how early I should get there to be one of the first 500 passholders? I needs my beauty sleep.
  13. Well, it's a pretty small park with attendance so they kinda need the money. Pretty big investment for lightning rod. I think 1 day passes are ok at 60$ but no more. i usually compare them to snowboarding ticket prices. Why does it say I wrote that? I would never say that about Dollywood. Nicman, you're not using the quotes right and putting words in my mouth. This was too funny. I don't understand why people are giving DeafetistNation crap about being let down by Dollywood. I'm sure Dollywood is a great park. I haven't had the chance to visit yet, but I've been to Silver Dollar City plenty of times and I know the parks are similar. I believe Dollywood, like SDC, lacks a large collection of great thrill rides. They have some great coasters, but you can ride everything thrilling within a matter of 3-4 hours. It's not going to stop me from visiting every year and riding the coasters over and over again, but as someone who doesn't go to parks to see shows, visit shops and watch parades, I can see how he was disappointed. SDC and Dollywood have incredible atmospheres which add to the experience, but people call it "Steal Your Dollar City" for a reason and I'm sure Dollywood isn't too far off at $70 per ticket. The price hasn't deterred me from visiting SDC, but I think in 5-10 years, as the parks continue to expand, $70 for a one-day ticket is much more easily a justifiable price. I'm not a big show guy, especially a show themed to country-western music. That said, I still look forward to my first visit to Dollywood (hopefully in September). Food and atmosphere mixed with the right theming are more than enough to make up for what I don't like. I loved just walking around SDC and I'm sure I'll feel similar about DW.
  14. So I'm moving back across the country from Colorado to Virginia and I plan to stop off at Worlds of Fun for my first visit. Because of time restraints and traveling with a pet, I'll only be able to do the park this Saturday evening. Park calendar says that the park closes at midnight. If I get to the park at 6pm will I have to get a Fast Lane to do all the coasters? Thanks!
  15. So it looks like I'll be moving back to Richmond either at the end of this month or beginning of June. Will be great to visit KD and BGW again!
  16. New France is on the other side of the park away from the brewery. This stuff on the left anyways, is going to be really visible from the lift and turnaround. Could be. Depends on how many trees get taken out.
  17. I'm not thrilled about any of those names but I'll go with Battle Klash. If it weren't for KD already laying claim to the name, I think I'd like Berserker as a possibility.
  18. I haven't come out of my winter hibernation to being in roller coaster/theme park mode but this news perked me up some (and also being a former Va resident). I'm not a huge GCI guy and haven't been following this project at all (except for what was announced today). Are we thinking something like White Lightning but in a more woodsy setting?
  19. 1) Youtube-- everyday 2) Facebook-- everyday 3) Twitter-- rarely 4) Instagram, Snapchat, etc-- I'll sign up some day...
  20. I just want to finally be able to ride the dang thing after not being able to after two visits!
  21. Dear God no not again. I thought this thread had finally become tolerable for a bit. Let's not ruin that in April (or right now). Well, maybe there will be some sort of land clearing or activity to actually justify the speculation Anyway, it looks like I'll be moving back to Richmond in early 2016 so I look forward to returning to KD next year. I've missed I305 and I'm looking forward to Delirium!
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